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  1. As far as the room service coffee, a carafe has two cups of coffee. So order 2 carafes so you can sit on your balcony and drink as much as you want -FREE! Try to clear a spot on the counter or coffee table to set down the tray.
  2. We did the Sting Ray City and Dolphin encounter in Grand Cayman. The dolphins are kept in an enclosed area which looks pretty disgusting to me but it didn't seem to bother my teenage grandchildren.
  3. My opinion is that it is refundable for goods purchased that you are taking back to the US but not for food/ beverages and I assume services like a tour that are consumed or used. But I could be wrong. It's a royal pain to try to get it back anyway.
  4. Does the price of the coffee card ever change? Does it matter whether you buy it on cruise planner or onboard and where do you buy it onboard?
  5. High!!! And the early boarding has gone up for our flight to $25.00 pp. I remember when it used to be $7.50! I better get A boarding for that price.
  6. Yes, we booked a Transatlantic onboard and received the $100.00 pp deposit instead of $900.00 and also received $200 OBC. BTW the price of our cruise dropped after booking and we were able to get the price lowered $325.00.
  7. My flight was only available through April 12. I got the last two at the lowest fare.
  8. The room service carafe hold two cups of coffee, so if you want more than that just order 4 coffees and you will get two carafes. I do not like the Windjammer coffer-it always tastes burned. I do however like the coffee from the MDR-don't know why the difference. I plan to buy a coffee card for our 12 night Transatlantic on Anthem. Does anyone know when the coffee shop is open in the morning and also does the price ever change on the coffee card? Right now it is $31.00.
  9. A notarized letter stating the ship, itinerary, dates along with permission to sign waivers for activities and give permission for medical treatment is REQUIRED. If the child's parents are divorced, it is best that both sign although I believe only one is required. We did this in June when we took our grandson. They asked for it and made a copy at checkin. What if I’m traveling with a minor and I’m not their parent or legal guardian? A Adults who are not the parent or legal guardian of a minor traveling with them must present an original, notarized letter signed by the child's parent(s) authorizing the adult to take the child on the specific cruise, supervise the child, and allow emergency medical treatment to be administered, if needed. This is necessary even when the adult traveling is part of the child’s extended family (i.e. aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc). To make it easy for you, we have a sample letter you can use. The letter can be downloaded here. DOWNLOAD THE FORM
  10. Yes they do on that particular excursion.
  11. @JohnUK @Lovetocruise2002 I don't get it! John asks the concierge EVERY cruise to make a reservation for him but I shouldn't ask a clarifying question? I didn't mean I was going to ask the concierge to make a reservation for April, just ask if the policy had changed. Strange! I think if he/she doesn't answer, then that's ok but what is the harm in asking? BTW I did send email to C&A but the confusion seems to be on the individual ships.
  12. Please don't fill your bottles directly from the water spouts onboard. Sometimes the bottles are too big and I have seen people push their bottles under and contaminate the spouts. You are supposed to pour the water into a glass and then into your bottle. I have heard the Freestyle machines are different. Thanks.
  13. @JohnUK Exactly how do I contact the concierge for the ship we will be on in April? I am going to follow up on this. We will be on Anthem. .
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