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  1. When we got off our Alaska, we waited at least 20 minutes, probably more for a taxi at the pier. Add that into your time allotment.
  2. I am sure this is a punctuation issue. It should read: “fully covered; shoes and shirts required. “ 🤣🤣🤣
  3. And last cruise I was on, I saw a woman in the Windjammer in her bikini carrying her coverup. I didn’t notice her shoes 😳
  4. @Lovetocruise2002 I was able to book the hotels under the old website but now it is nowhere to be seen. Try calling customer service or your TA. We have also used them in San Juan and Tampa and maybe some others that I can't recall right now. The hotels are usually more expensive than booking yourself but they include transportation to and from the cruise port. If you are a long way from the port like in Rome or London, it might be worthwhile.
  5. We booked ours on Nextcruise in June and transferred to the TA. The Next cruise agent onboard also told us it wasn’t available yet. 🥴He said to wait 30 days and that was 6 weeks ago. Guessing I better rattle her (TA) cage.
  6. We had a table for 2 in the MDR at the 8:00 seating on the Jewel last October. I prefer it. No offense but some people can only talk about how many cruises and how many points they have. We are D+ but enjoy avoiding that if possible.
  7. We had a pre and post cruise hotel last October in Rome. This time we are looking for London- (Southampton). We actually have booked a hotel but want to compare to Rccl with transportation from the port in Southampton I guess I will ask TA to check again.
  8. I was on LOS last month. There definitely was a burger station. I can't be positive it was every day but I assume so!
  9. Approximately how far in advance should I be able to get information about a pre-cruise hotel package? The cruise is in April and my TA says it isn't available yet. I hate to keep bugging her so when is a reasonable time for the information to be available?
  10. These are passengers dress for 70's night on the Vision last March. On the Liberty in June, we had a Caribbean night. (Isn't that every night???)
  11. Keep in mind VAT is added to drinks you purchase on Mediterranean cruise. So maybe buying packages ahead are the way to go.
  12. Find the deck that muster is held on. There are chairs under the lifeboats and no foot traffic. On the LIBERTY it was deck 4. Just be aware one side is smoking and the other side is non- smoking. We sit there, watch the water and read- super relaxing. If you are on Brilliance it’s our favorite class of ship- big enough but not too big. The Schooner Bar is usually almost empty during the day. Dont try to do everything. The port shopping at Cozumel can be stressful as the vendors accost you and try to entice you into their stores. Don’t make eye contact and keep walking to your destination. Better yet, enjoy the ship while everyone else is on shore. I have only been on one ship when the Solarium pool was crowded. There is every body type on display male and female so whatever yours is will not be noticed.
  13. Liberty of the Seas. MDR- June2-9, 2019 French onion soup Warm chocolate cake with ice cream Royal birthday cake
  14. What do you think of the Crowne Plaza- Kensington?
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