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  1. I did some searching and it appears that the Legend's mid to late summer sailings are in the Med. Although I knew cancellation of my June Rhapsody sailing out of Venice was likely to happen, this is the final nail in the coffin as I'm sure Royal will follow suit. Guess I will reschedule for next June.
  2. i just heard about the cancellation extension that runs through May 11th. Wonder if I will be lucky enough for my June 6th Rhapsody cruise out of Venice to escape being cancelled? 90% sure it will cancel but hoping for the best.
  3. Prior to an operation a few years ago, the Dr. told me to wash my hands really good for the length of the "Row row row your boat" song
  4. Is it normal for Royal to extend final payment dates? ( I'm new here, so sorry if this is a commonly asked question) I went into the Cruise Planer for my sailing yesterday and noticed that my final payment date has changed to April 7 instead of March 8th. I also received an email from Royal with the PDF of the fee breakdown that also has the new final payment date I'm on a June 6th Rhapsody sailing out of Venice, so I guess Royal is giving extra time to see how the Coronavirus shakes out. Hopefully in the 3 months prior to the sailing this virus situation will have subsided enough to wh
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