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  1. Do they really wear shorts and flip flops at MDR???
  2. If you decide to go to Mahahual next week, can you tell us current seaweed situation? thanks!
  3. what?? They won't let you wear rash guard??
  4. I can finally check-in!! haha 🙂 Can we check-in using Royal app and then print Setsail pass online later?? thank you!
  5. Refreshment Package Offerings: • Fountain soda and refills at any venue • Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages • Coca-Cola souvenir cup • Non-alcoholic cocktails (mocktails) • Bottled still and sparkling water • Premium coffees and teas • Fresh-squeezed juices hello all! I am thinking about purchasing Refreshment Package and wanted to ask couple of questions before I make a decision. What are some of popular mocktails on board? all I can think of is virgin Pina Colada and virgin strawberry daiquiri.. what do you recommend I try? It includes "premium coffees" but this package won't work at Starbucks. so.. where can I get these "premium coffees" on Harmony of the seas?? also, what are premium coffees? like Latte? thanks!!
  6. This is confusing. My receipt following final payment AND cruise planner calendar shows following docking time Day 2 Perfect Day 8-4 Day 4 Costa Maya - 11-7 Day 5 Roatan 7-4 Day 6 Cozumel 7:30 - 5 BUT!! when I do a mock booking now it shows completely different schedule! Day 2 - Perfect Day 7-5 Day 4 - Cozumel!!!! not Costa Maya! 7-6 Day 5- Roatan 8-5 Day 6 - Costa Maya 7-3 what the..??!! I am CONFUSED.
  7. wow! I didn't know. my receipt following final payment still showed 7AM - 4PM thanks for checking!!
  8. Hello! I will be on Harmony of the Seas on 9/29 and will be visiting Roatan on 10/3. I was checking my itinerary and on Royal website we will be docking from 7AM - 4PM but on Roatan's official port schedule website our ship will be staying 8 AM - 5 PM. not sure what to believe/follow.. anyone experience this before? thanks!
  9. B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B cruise...or any free cruise... 🙂
  10. I heard there will be a 300,000 GT size cruise ship coming.
  11. someone posted a photo from last week and it looked really bad. nobody was in water. but poster said he still had a good time eating & drinking.
  12. My very first cruise was on Majesty! I will miss her
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