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  1. Yes 2022 price is very high compared to 2019 but we all expected it due to pent up demand
  2. I would never go to specialty restaurants to pay extra money for a meal. WindJammer, solarium, dog house, park cafe, MDR… all free meals are delicious enough to me.
  3. They approve 8 night itinerary but they still don’t approve sailing ? come on CDC throw away CSO and let them sail.
  4. Will there be any kind of outcome today? If so what time? thanks
  5. 2 weeks ago I spent 3 days at Great Wolf Lodge where they have.... in-freaking-door pool for guests. I never left the indoor resort for 3 days and still have no idea why entire cruise industry is shut down. just boggles my mind
  6. What makes you think they will use card that can be faked? i don’t know what it will be but I am sure they will come up with the idea/system to verify vaccinations have been done. no need to worry about something that hasn’t been decided
  7. Yeah I really like what/how they are doing it. hope We can cruise by September 2021
  8. I agree. I just don’t understand their hatred/ignorance/inaction against cruise industry.
  9. I just hope no mask mandate if vaccinated AND tested negative prior to embarkation. I spent many hours on pool deck and wearing mask there would be a deal breaker to me
  10. To me, absence of water/dry slide is a huge deal breaker. My two kids and I ride slides al most all day lol if Odyssey had any slides, it would have been my dream ship.
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