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  1. Passengers should be tested for COVID-19 between five days and 24 hours prior to boarding and share a negative result with the cruise operator. At embarkation passengers should undergo an additional health screening. Crew members should be tested between five days and 24 hours before leaving their home. After receiving a negative result, they should quarantine on board for seven days and take another test before beginning duties with a negative result. Passengers and crew should undergo a daily temperature check. Passengers and crew should wear a face mask or cloth co
  2. ....I'd gladly take nassau-freeport-Jamaica at this point.
  3. all things considered, I think there is a good chance it will never go away.
  4. 1. Wearing a mask 2. 14 day quarantine upon return
  5. You have some valid points but I am just saying I have seen many people say wearing a mask would be a deal breaker.
  6. With all due respect, real question should’ve been ”Would you cruise if wearing mask is required in public area including pool deck?” Because that is likely to happen in my opinion
  7. hello! we can be in Orlando from Friday morning to next Sunday... but I think I might be able to add extra day.. so from Thursday to next Sunday is not impossible.. I guess something like Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Universal + 7 night on Harmony is doable..
  8. Hi all!! really need everyone's opinion on this one since I am sure some of you had faced similar first world problems. I love cruising of course but I also love theme parks in Orlando area.. but I have limited days of PTO I am unable to take 2 week or longer vacation.. if you had 9 days would you do 7 night cruise + 1 or 2 theme parks or do 4 night cruise on Mariner + 4 or 5 theme parks? My kids are 6 and 11 years old and love everything lol they don't care. I love going to theme parks but then 4 night cruise sound too short... on the other hand 7 night
  9. Well, Disney didn't announce anything. that is just one analyst speculating... no?
  10. DO you have a link to this news?
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