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  1. I can see cruise ships getting bigger than Oasis class. however, it looks like Oasis class will be the largest ships for foreseeable future.
  2. I mean.. what is the purpose of this article? why even write about it? even my dog knows this is impossible.
  3. Harmony of the Seas September 29, 2019
  4. yeah. Bliss and Seaside are comparable to Anthem of the Seas or Liberty of the Seas.
  5. my thoughts exactly... I am guessing they are unable to travel the day before for some reason.
  6. Who is going to Western Caribbean with me on Harmony?!
  7. I heard this too. I will try omelette for sure.
  8. hi all! I will be on Harmony in 197 days and...CANNOT wait. 😞 it is almost as bad as football week. I can't get any work done! 🙂 I have done most of research/study on Harmony of the Seas but still have couple more questions for experts on this awesome blog. 1. Do they show movie at night on Harmony? I love this "Movie under stars" when on cruise ship but I noticed screens are located at Aquatheater where they have productions shows nightly. 2. Which one do you recommend for breakfast if we want to avoid Windjammer crowd? Johnny Rockets or Park Cafe or Mini bites? 3. when is the best time to try Ultimate Abyss/Zip Line/Rock climbing? 4. pool deck chairs are GONE by what time on sea day? many thanks!
  9. so jealous! have a safe trip to Florida. I will be on Harmony in 197 days!
  10. mook1525

    Wave Pool

    oh haha hey even though it is "action" river you still don't have to do anything in the water! it just moves you very fast. it is SUPER fun
  11. mook1525

    Wave Pool

    I personally think action river is 1000000X better than lazy river. Roa's Rapids in Aquatica water park in Orlando might be best water attraction I have ever experienced.
  12. hello! I was doing a research on Cozumel excursion and came across this excursion which is Royal official excursion. it looks fun and reviews are great but I wanted to ask if anyone on this blog have done it. do you recall how much time we actually get to spend doing snorkeling and at the beach? there are beach toys/inflatables that my kids will want to spend at least an hour.. any less than that would be disappointing! thanks in advance!
  13. OMG I am so jealous now! living in Coco Cay!
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