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  1. Let’s have some fun debate! fingers crossed that Omicron was the last major outbreak and Covid becomes seasonal flu. In this case, which requirement do you see going away first? Vax requirement or pre boarding testing? I am fully vaxxed so selfishly I want testing to go away because it adds too much stress! what say you?
  2. So.. do we need to submit a reimbursement form to insurance company?? How exactly will they cover it?
  3. Yes 2022 price is very high compared to 2019 but we all expected it due to pent up demand
  4. I would never go to specialty restaurants to pay extra money for a meal. WindJammer, solarium, dog house, park cafe, MDR… all free meals are delicious enough to me.
  5. They approve 8 night itinerary but they still don’t approve sailing ? come on CDC throw away CSO and let them sail.
  6. Will there be any kind of outcome today? If so what time? thanks
  7. 2 weeks ago I spent 3 days at Great Wolf Lodge where they have.... in-freaking-door pool for guests. I never left the indoor resort for 3 days and still have no idea why entire cruise industry is shut down. just boggles my mind
  8. What makes you think they will use card that can be faked? i don’t know what it will be but I am sure they will come up with the idea/system to verify vaccinations have been done. no need to worry about something that hasn’t been decided
  9. Yeah I really like what/how they are doing it. hope We can cruise by September 2021
  10. I agree. I just don’t understand their hatred/ignorance/inaction against cruise industry.
  11. I just hope no mask mandate if vaccinated AND tested negative prior to embarkation. I spent many hours on pool deck and wearing mask there would be a deal breaker to me
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