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  1. You should get your tests done where all the thousands of domestic airline passengers get theirs. Oh wait, airline passengers don't have to be tested. Do they have to show proof of vaccinations? Nope. Strange, isn't it.
  2. It's close, short walk. We used it in November
  3. And you only can pee in the peeing end of the pool.
  4. Exactly the same for us. The whole straw thing is one of the most stupid yet.
  5. If no adults can board the ships unless they have been vaccinated, what is the purpose of the satin arm bands? I asked an officer on the Harmony, he looked puzzled and said ":good question"
  6. I agree with you. We were on the Harmony in Nov. The mask thing did not make the cruise more pleasant, for sure. But now they've tightened the requirements. So we canceled our March cruise and are going to spend that time at the beach in an oceanfront hotel. It's in SC so no mask requirements. Hopefully things change before our Dec cruise on Oasis.
  7. That rule has been affect since July when cruising first re-started. I'm sorry someone in your group did not review all the protocols before booking. I'm guessing that as soon as they begin requiring kids to vaccinated, this requirement will be eliminated for kids 5 and older. Under 5, know knows.
  8. If you sail on Sunday, test must be taken Friday or Saturday. Any time of day is OK
  9. Glad you could get 6 packs. They are out of them now, only 2 or 3, and, fo course, more expensive.
  10. If I may ask, what was the expiration date on your test ?
  11. Wow, how underwhelming ! Stop the testing, stop the masks, do something the folks who keep you in business would love and appreciate. Maybe I'll buy a car warranty instead.
  12. And that 'nothing burger', Lelepa, would benefit very few folks, none sailing from the US. I love smokeybandits idea: "No more masking or pre cruise testing" and also add in the lobster plan.
  13. Good to hear. We are 32 days out today, so maybe ours will show up Friday or Saturday. Happy sailing
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