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  1. Thanks, I thought that was the answer
  2. I included prepaid gratuities when I paid for a cruise for Nov 2020, that RCCL has cancelled. I am taking the 125% FCC instead of a refund. Are gratuities included in the 125% FCC or do you get a refund of the gratuity amount like drink packages, etc?
  3. We're on Oasis April '21 too. And hoping all is working by then. And we're on her again Mar '22. Our favorite ship.
  4. I certainly agree with you. We're scheduled Nov 1 and I'm sure that won't happen. But it's just over 3 weeks and it's ridiculous that they keep avoiding making it official. And people with Thanksgiving cruises probably need to change their plans. It's very unfair and shows a big lack of customer consideration when I think Royal's customers are some of the most loyal in the world.
  5. Yes, almost a month ago, 9/13. But a lot of people got their Oct e-docs before their cruises were cancelled.
  6. That's my issue with them now. We're scheduled for Nov 1. We would really like to know as there are logistical items for us to handle. Are they trying to make us cancel so they save the 25% FCC bonus if they cancel.
  7. I surely hope it's sooner than that. We're scheduled for Nov 1. Only 28 days and they won't make a decision. I'm not happy about not being able to make final plans to be gone from home for 8 - 9 days. Maybe they are hoping we'll cancel before they do, to save the extra 25% FCC
  8. UPDATE: We took a chance and they gave us the cruise we wanted and a perfect cabin location. Good job RCCL
  9. I agree, very fast boarding at Port Canaveral. We were on Harmony twice last year. It's my favorite port and have also used Miami and Ft Lauderdale.
  10. If you submit a Lift Shift request, do you have to accept their choice of ship and cabin?
  11. I completely agree. We loved it 10 - 12 years ago. We ate in Chops last Nov on Harmony. It was overcrowded, tables very close together, our waitress had too many tables, service not that good, and the steak was very lacking in flavor. Less quality than Outback in my opinion. And at $50 plus 18%, extremely overpriced.
  12. I have saved a few times in the past by repricing, but I just repriced a Nov 2021 cruise on Harmony, and the price is exactly double less $70 of my booked fare. It's an outside balcony and they don't show many cabins even available. I guess it's the result of some many people moving this years cruises to next year.
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