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  1. I have the Bank of America RC Visa ( i know there are better cards!) I want to apply my points toward OBC. I plan to use some to pay gratuities. That should be easy as they’ll just debit from my onboard sea pass card. I haven’t pre-paid them. I would like to use the rest to purchase drink and dining packages on the cruise planner. Can the Visa center i call apply the points to that? I’m confused that OBC is the same or different than cruise planner credit.
  2. Ashley, can you call ahead and get carry out? Specifically asking for sushi restaurant. Thank you
  3. Flying into Ft Lauderdale but We’re cruising out of Miami. Would you stay in Ft Lauderdale night before and Uber to the port in Miami?
  4. https://www.ncl.com/travel-requirements-by-country My mistake… it’s from Norwegian
  5. So the Bahamas won’t even let a ship dock if all the guests don’t meet their requirements? I thought the ship could dock but only those vaxxed could get off. Kind of like what RC is doing at Grand Cayman.
  6. Carnival has a great chart on their website that lists different ports and their vaccine or testing requirements. I wish RC would just rip the band-aid off and let unvaxxed be responsible for what ports require what when disembarking. Or just let me stay on the ship… I’m ok with that too.
  7. Why are you afraid of the unvaxxed? Follow the science, it makes no difference to you getting infected.
  8. This just posted by Michael Bayley with RCCL
  9. My kids are in a separate room with their own reservation. Our reservations are linked and i can do everything for them using the app on my phone
  10. Has anyone noticed that the cruise planner no longer shows the current price of something you have already bought? I regularly go into my cruise planner to check if deluxe bev package has gone down or thrill park passes. I have cancelled and re- purchased several times to save money. Now it says “You’ve already purchased this item” and I see no way to check current price. I even went into my kids separate booking number but it is linked to mine so still no way to see. Any advice?
  11. We were on Oasis 2 weeks ago. Here are 2 pics of balcony rooms deck 9. Seemed like new carpet and new couch. Furniture probably not new but it seemed fresh and clean to me.
  12. I too worried about that. We were able to pre- book Aqua show and Cats but in reality all the shows we could get into with ease in the stand by line, just get there about 30 min early. We were on Oasis with 6000 people. It never felt crowded. Don’t stress about it. You’ll have so much to see and do
  13. Also, the meal at Chops was excellent. As good as any upscale steakhouse at home. Giovannis was excellent too!
  14. With the 3 night dining package you will get $35 to spend at Izumi... more than enough. And Chops, Giovannis and 150 order whatever off the menu all included. Playmakers and Portside you pay a la carte but both are very reasonably priced. You’ll love Oasis. Be sure to make your reservations as soon as you get on the ship to secure the nights and times you want
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