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  1. We were already booked on Ovation for next May but now I’m trying to decide about switching to Quantum? I was excited to go to Skagway so I’m not sure I want to give that up. I need to do more research on Sitka and Icy Straight Point.
  2. Neighboring Seminole County just did the same 14 day self quarantine for cruise travelers
  3. When I was looking into cabins in that same area I found this video about cabin 6682 on Ovation. I’m not sure how much smoke goes up to the 7th deck?
  4. We stayed at the Best Western Plus Oceanside Inn on Seabreeze Blvd. It's a minute walk to the beach, very reasonably priced, and breakfast was included. It was great to take a walk on the beach both in the evening and before heading to the port in the morning. 🏝️ About a 10 minute walk up Seabreeze Blvd, there were restaurants and shops.
  5. I’m not the original poster but this is a great thread! I had no idea that you could call and add to your insurance at a later time!
  6. I've been looking into these 2 excursions as well, looks like one is much longer and offers food, but they look so similar. Hopefully you'll get some responses from someone who's been on one of these excursions!
  7. We had the same experience with the Kummelweck on Harmony, it wasn't very good at all.
  8. I see, thank you! I've been reading the Alaska Cruise Handbook and trying to plot out our route on the map 😀
  9. I was looking at map and I have a question about the route Ovation takes on the round trip Seattle/Alaska cruise. Does the ship actually go northbound east of Vancouver Island? Or does it go northbound on the west side of the island? And which way does it go on the southbound return trip?
  10. Interested in this as well even though our Ovation cruise isn't until May 2021 😀
  11. Here’s a picture of the map I received last week which shows Breezy Bay. The snorkeling area is the regular Chill area, not the newly named Breezy Bay area.
  12. You’re welcome! We have gone searching for local freestyle machines and have found Fanta Zero in all the fruit flavors at Firehouse Subs, BurgerFi and Five Guys 🤗 my son loves the Fanta Zero Fruit Punch flavor.
  13. Our local Publix and Target carry cans and 2 liters of Fanta Zero but only in Orange. It looks like Fanta Zero Strawberry is only available through fountains and freestyle machines. https://www.coca-colaproductfacts.com/en/products/fanta-zero/strawberry/fountain-drink/
  14. On Harmony there were no vegan desserts at the Windjammer buffet but they offered to make one.
  15. I’m currently on Harmony and the bottled water included in the refreshment package is a brand called ‘True’
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