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  1. I had to assist someone with their test. It wasn't an issue, I repeated and explained what the proctor was saying and letting the person know how to answer. I even helped with opening the package too.
  2. Has the process changed to call in and work through the automated prompts to get my invoice emailed to me? I’m usually able to call and then choose options 4, 2, 1 to request confirmation but now it just says they are closed and to call back during business hours.
  3. Hi! We're on this sailing as well, can't wait!
  4. Do you think a trip to Mendenhall is still worth the visit for first-timers to Juneau?
  5. Ours took a little over 2 weeks (with the U.S. CDC vaccine card)
  6. How far is the walk from the ship to the kiosk area at the port where you catch the shuttle buses?
  7. Are food items marked gluten free at the buffet on CocoCay?
  8. I was checking prices for my Independence 12/13 sailing right now and there are plenty of non-suite cabins available. Maybe their website had a problem earlier?
  9. We got the email this morning cancelling Nassau for our 12/13 Independence sailing.
  10. I just got the email notifying us of the cancellation as well. I saw on a Facebook group that it might be due to port construction. Not sure though…
  11. We received ours last week. Box expiry date says 9/21/21 so with the 3 month extension, we’re at 12/21/21. Barely made it for our 12/13 sailing!
  12. I'm really hesitant to go to CVS for our pre-cruise Covid tests. We received our vaccines there but despite many hours on the phone with their customer support, our vaccines never showed up in the app. My concern is taking the test at CVS but not being able to access the results. For those of you who got the vaccines at CVS, do the results show in the same place in the app as the vaccines? We'll probably either do the home tests/Walgreens just for peace of mind.
  13. We'll be traveling with my "non-techy" elderly parents and they do not have mobile phones (and they wouldn't be able to figure out the app if they did), they also share an email address. Since I will be traveling with them and our reservations are linked, will I be able to complete any app-related items on my phone for them?
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