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  1. I'm really hesitant to go to CVS for our pre-cruise Covid tests. We received our vaccines there but despite many hours on the phone with their customer support, our vaccines never showed up in the app. My concern is taking the test at CVS but not being able to access the results. For those of you who got the vaccines at CVS, do the results show in the same place in the app as the vaccines? We'll probably either do the home tests/Walgreens just for peace of mind.
  2. Where did you get the mask lanyard from?
  3. We'll be traveling with my "non-techy" elderly parents and they do not have mobile phones (and they wouldn't be able to figure out the app if they did), they also share an email address. Since I will be traveling with them and our reservations are linked, will I be able to complete any app-related items on my phone for them?
  4. We’ve got our family of four booked in two rooms. One room is myself and 18 year old and the second room is my husband and our 20 year old (since the kids aren’t 21 and can’t have a room by themselves yet). The rooms are down the hall from each other and are not connecting. Will guest services be able to give us extra cards so we can all have access to both rooms?
  5. An airboat ride on the St. John's River or a visit to Kennedy Space Center are both good!
  6. Nassau... and this is probably an unpopular opinion, but I'm not a huge fan of Key West.
  7. We just picked our seats for our flight we booked the other day with Air2Sea. After I received the confirmation email, I went into the airline website and selected my seats. This was for Alaska Airlines and we did not pay up front for the flights.
  8. Yes... so relieved to have it booked!
  9. Just booked our flights from Orlando to Seattle on Air2Sea.... Hoping the price comes down!
  10. Thanks! I just booked our flights on Air2Sea so we're all set!
  11. I've never had to book flights for a cruise before. We would be flying from Orlando to Seattle in May 2022 for an Alaskan cruise. When would be a good time to book these flights?
  12. I'm trying to figure what we'd like to do in the ports. I've got my parents going with us. They are in the late 70's and have some mobility issues. They aren't in wheelchairs or scooters, but they move pretty slowly and can't do stairs, etc. So far I'm thinking of the railroad in Skagway. In Juneau I'm thinking either the tram ride or booking a Mendenhall shuttle bus on our own so we can take our time there and not be rushed.
  13. Is anyone else on this sailing? We lifted & shifted from May 2021.
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