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  1. We're just like you and have researched this type of room and we've booked the same aft corner room on Deck 10 on Mariner for next November. Looking forward to it!
  2. After I saw your post I checked mine because I'm also at 107 days, and got my shows booked too 😀
  3. Is there a paved sidewalk the whole way from port to town?
  4. Thank you for sharing, your videos are awesome!
  5. If I've got the soda package where can I get a soda at CocoCay? Do I need to go to one of the bars or are there soda machines at Chill Grill (for example)? Someone in my family drinks a LOT of soda so I want to be set-up close to the soda source! Thanks!
  6. Here's a video of cabin 8392 I found on youtube which is the same cabin type right next door...
  7. I chose one of these aft corner deck 10 cabins on purpose after watching some youtube videos... room is big and huge balcony! 😀
  8. Are the self-serve soda machines on CoCoCay the Freestyle machines?
  9. I'm sailing Mariner in Nov 2020 for the 2 stops to Coco Cay and was just able to get back in to Cruise Planner this evening. I haven't received any emails regarding the change in itinerary.... I only found out from reading these message boards 😀
  10. The Key just became available today for our Feb 2020 Harmony cruise and the price is $37.99 😳
  11. The Key just became available today for our Feb 2020 Harmony cruise and the price is $37.99 😳
  12. Here's the link for the luggage tag holders 😀 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01E4SQNLS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. We did this cruise many years ago on Disney, the 14 day westbound from Canaveral to Los Angeles. It was amazing! I agree with the poster above, if you read about it ahead of time you will appreciate it a lot more. We didn't have a balcony on that cruise so we spent the entire day on the top decks. I didn't realize ahead of time that it actually is a whole day process to go through the locks. Very cool!!
  14. Right! 😀 You just need to carry it with you until you are able to access your room.
  15. There is an Evian water bottle package for $39 (+ gratuities) for 12 one liter bottles of Evian that is delivered to your room. I think you can also get 24 bottles for $69 (+ gratuities). The smaller size bottled water is included with the Deluxe Beverage Package and the Refreshment Package and those are available at the bars. But I believe you can also get the smaller size bottled water individually from the bars and have it charged to your account. I don't know how much those cost though individually.
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