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  1. Has anyone had any problems with the shipping from the company RC recommended using, Optum, to order the at home Covid tests? I ordered 4 on April 29 and received the shipping confirmation the same day with an estimated delivery dates of May 2-4. The tracking information has been saying that it’s in transit with a delivery date of May 7 since May 2. I’m just a little worried that I won’t get my tests in time for my cruise on May22.
  2. ***UPDATE*** I checked the status this morning and it’s finally validated.
  3. Our names matches our passports, booking information, and vaccine cards. Everything is filled out on our vaccine cards properly. Perhaps they are short staffed or something. If there’s a problem with the cards it would be nice to know sooner rather than later since we’re finalizing our plans. I’ll check again Friday, it’ll be 30 days till cruise day then.
  4. Two weeks ago the online check in opened up. Immediately submitted all info required including vaccine card. My departure is on May 22, 2022. My vaccine card status for us is still saying “we are validating your record”. Does it normally take this long to verify vaccine cards? This is my first cruise since January 2020.
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