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  1. I will always remember my first RC cruise where at the end of the week they had a "last chance" sale on tee shirts and there was a mob (of which I was a part) trying to get the great deals they'd have because the cruise was almost over. Felt like a moron when I got back to the room with a bunch of tee shirts and my husband said "you realize they will just bring out the same stuff next week for the next group." I don't know why in my head I forgot there was a next week, and a week after that... lol. It would be fun to actually have some interesting and unique items. I'd jump at jewelry from steel of the ship material, how fun that would be. Maybe some local artists from the ports could have a corner to showcase. It's the same old same old and it's a bummer.
  2. This is a difficult age to be on a cruise in my experience. I've cruised with both my kids in this age range, and your concerns are legit. As fireclan mentioned there may be a specific meet and greet for your age range, and if not, I believe you can request one. But it is hard... Too old for the teen club, too young for the bars. As Moby Dick mentioned it's probable you can get into the bars, but speaking for my own kids, they just weren't comfortable socializing with people that much older. For the cruises where this was an issue for our family, they ended up hanging out more with us, it's just the way it went. If that's not an option, definitely see about the meet and greets for your age range. Okay I just saw you're on the Odyssey... So in the Mediterranean I believe the rules are you can drink in the bars, but double check that. If that's the case, that's probably where your age range will go.
  3. You can get the booster shot at any point, even walking onto the ship as I understand it. The 14 days thing is for being fully vaccinated with the 2-shot series (or 1 shot if J&J).
  4. Does check-in open at midnight in the time zone of the departure port, or some other standard? Thanks
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