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  1. RCCL hasn’t cancelled all of their Aug/Sept cruises (yet)... only a select few. More information to come next week. Either they are making progress with the CDC or this is Chinese water torture. I’ve lost track of what has been cancelled to date so I may be mistaken and they are just holding off their announcement until next week.
  2. And Oasis on August 16! We’ll leave it sterile for you!
  3. These are the behaviors of arbitrary, capricious, over empowered, bureaucrats exercising their new found importance. The beloved Dr. Fauci has admitted to deceiving/lying to the public regarding the use of face masks to achieve his personal agenda. I wonder what other lies have been told by these so called experts who were proven wrong on so many of their assertions. Do you honestly believe that they can be trusted? I don’t necessarily believe that they are vindictive but they have certainly demonstrated that they are in over their heads and are irresponsibly abusing their position and pow
  4. I’m surprised that they didn’t mention social distancing... six feet might present a problem for some guys.
  5. I always find The Onion to be very entertaining... sometimes even funny. Really, “wear a mask during sex” ... I’m more partial to the traditional brown bag. COVID-19 role playing?
  6. Can you take beverages out of the Suite Lounge? i.e. can you get a beer or soda in a cup that you can take poolside?
  7. I’m on the 16 August Oasis out of NJ and I am more confident that it will sail. I was originally on the 4 July sailing that was cancelled. We were never given the opportunity to check in on the 4 July sailing but we are able to check in on the 16 August sailing so I am viewing that as a positive. Fingers crossed!
  8. I’m with you 100%! It’s incredible how much liberty, freedom, and individual responsibility people are willing to sacrifice out of fear.
  9. Mike, I have the August 16th out of Cape Liberty... I wish I were more confident but I’m hopeful
  10. Have a 16 August 2020 Oasis Cruise out of Cape Liberty... I give it a 50/50 at best. If it goes, I’m not sure I’ll be happy with any restrictions that may be in effect.
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