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  1. So Matt do you know what happens to my $5750 non refundable deposit if I don’t make final payment because I sure don’t. This is not RCCL making an itinerary change this is demanding that a 12 year old child be subjected to a vaccine that they don’t need as the science and empirical evidence shows COVID is not really a threat to children and if the adults are vaccinated then the unvaccinated children are not a threat to them. The requirement is unreasonable and irrational. This is my third attempt at this cruise and I’m getting a little tired of making interest free loans to RCCL whether it’
  2. Matt, I have no problem with the rules changing, I have a problem with not effectively communicating the changes, and failing to provide information about the implications, alternatives and remedies. I have a final payment due on Monday and RCCL has effectively cancelled my cruise without telling me what the remedies are (e.g. refunds). This was a family cruise for which I booked 5 grand suites and three of the five are negatively affected by the rule change and I will need to cancel all 5 because I don’t intend to cruise without 60% of my family. I have no insight as to what remedies are b
  3. You’re overlooking the fact that many impacted were already booked before this change!
  4. Click on the RCCL home page link labeled Health and Travel Alerts at the top of the page and see if you find any mention of the change to the vaccination policy! Where is it buried you ask? In the FAQs for what you should know before you book. I guess they don’t think it’s worthy of an “Alert.” Particularly if you’re already booked. They have truly botched this on a major league level. I am personally furious and I’m rethinking whether this is a cruise line I would ever consider using in the future.
  5. They weren’t shy about changing their vaccination requirement to include 12 year olds on cruises out of the US after 1 August. And shame on them for burying that change in the FAQs of what you should know before you book. Well what about those of us who have already booked. There should have been a flashing banner on their home page with this change. My TA was furious because she had received no notification of this change and found out about it from me. I wonder how many passengers who are affected by this and who made final payments still don’t know about it! RCCL screwed up big time a
  6. Matt, any further info from RCCL? I have a 22 August family sailing and I feel like I’m right on the edge.
  7. Thank you Matt. The posts needed some adult supervision.
  8. Are you on the Oasis out of Cape Liberty? If so how are you feeling about whether RCL will sail out of Cape Liberty in August? I’m concerned about NY/NJ/Murphy.
  9. Once we get past the frivolous legal gymnastics, does anyone believe that the CDC has any intention to “mediate” in good faith? Many of the demands they are making through the CSO might have been viewed by some as legitimate at the peak of the pandemic but are surely nonsensical overreach based on the facts on the ground today.
  10. Thanks for clarifying that. Looks like I may be making my third interest free loan to RCL in less than a year. I’m in for five grand suites.
  11. In reviewing the mediation order, one could conclude that the order requires that the mediation must be scheduled to begin on or before 1 June. I know that’s an interpretation that none of us on this forum would like to be true but i believe it’s a viable interpretation as it is listed under mediation scheduling. Unfortunately, the mediation could also take weeks or longer. I hate to throw cold water on the parade and I hope I am wrong. P.S. I’m not a lawyer.
  12. I don’t see any expediency. It took nearly a week from the hearing to issue a “fill in the blanks” mediation order. Looks like there will be more foot dragging until the clock runs out. I hope I’m wrong.
  13. Did they also change the due date for final payment or is it still due 90 days out?
  14. So if you embark on day four after exposure you are infected most of the time of your four day cruise. And if you are exposed on day two or later while on the cruise you may disembark infected and undetected. I have a serious issue with the reliability of testing… I know numerous people who were tested and received false positives.
  15. Why would the length in time of the cruise matter? More pure nonsense from the CDC! If it’s not required for a four day cruise it shouldn’t be required for any length cruise. What am I missing?
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