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  1. Can adults (e.g. grandparents) get access to just watch (not participate) their grandchildren without paying the admission fee?
  2. My daughter has two children under the age of twelve who are not vaccinated. We are booked on the Oasis 8 July cruise. Every 3 - 5 days she gets an email inquiry from RCCL for all the people on her reservation asking for the vaccination status of everyone on her reservation. She and her husband are both vaccinated and have provided proof of vaccination that has been validated. She responded to the email from RCCL the first time it was sent and provided the requested information but continues to get regularly harassed with the same request. Has anyone else had this annoying experience? If so, how did you get it resolved?
  3. @Stelkp We haven’t made any specialty restaurant reservations… we have 10 in our traveling group (4 kids ages 8 - 13 and 6 adults) so I don’t think we can get a consensus for the group and I’m sure we can’t find a choice that the kids would be happy with except maybe the Hibachi. We’ll probably stick with the Coastal Kitchen unless there are smaller groups that want to split off for a specialty evening.
  4. @Stelkp Staterooms that we’re previously showing that they were sold out are no longer showing that status and are available. I guess there could have been cancellations but I think it is more likely they are throttling availability to maintain the 95% vaccinated status. It’s a head scratcher.
  5. Is there any simple way to find out the number of passengers booked on this cruise?
  6. What do you feel is the best location on the Oasis of the Seas as it departs New York harbor from Cape Liberty?
  7. Observed the same thing… after a few minutes, the vaccination status/requirement returned.
  8. How long does it take for RCL to validate vaccination records once it has been entered at check in through the app? On my last two cruises on Celebrity it took about 24 hours. It’s been around two weeks at RCL and it still indicates that it is being validated.
  9. This is our fourth attempt at booking this cruise for ourselves, our four daughters and their husbands, and our nine grandchildren… previous attempts: July 2020, August 2020, August 2021… all cancelled! Unfortunately, two of my daughter’s families can’t join us because of the requirement for kids 12 and older to be vaccinated.
  10. Grandpa (me) has been trying to host a cruise for the entire family since 2019 only to have every attempt cancelled. Even though it looks like we will finally be sailing on 8 July from Cape Liberty, unfortunately two of my daughters, their husbands, and their children won’t be with us due to the requirement that kids 12 and over be vaccinated. But my other two daughters, their husbands, and their children will be traveling with Grandpa and Nana! I have booked them all in Grand Suites and everyone is exited to be going. Maybe we’ll see you onboard.
  11. We will be sailing on the Oasis of the Seas this summer (July 8 - 15) out of Cape Liberty. We have heard mixed stories about the availability of complimentary alcoholic beverages for Sky Class passengers. Can anyone confirm that there is complementary beer and wine available from 11AM to 11PM in the Coastal Kitchen lounge? Also, we are traveling with some unvaccinated children and we are curious about the requirement for onboard testing for cruises that are 7 days or longer. Can anyone describe their personal experience with that testing requirement? Thanks.
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