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  1. Couple of years ago we purchased some jewelry onboard that was sold as "duty-free". Upon disembarking the ship we were greeted by a port employee who ushered us directly to the "special" customs room where they had an agent and one other couple. The other couple was tearing their luggage apart trying to find something and the agent asked us if we had the sales receipts of the jewelry items we purchased onboard. My wife, being the organized soul she is, popped open her backpack and pulled out the envelope where she keeps all large item receipts to put in our safe at home. The agent looked at us
  2. My answer is yes. My company moved us to work at home if we need/wanted to through mid January so if we had to quarantine for 14 days after the cruise it would not be a problem. Plus I could work from the ship. I reviewed the protocols and nothing is a deal breaker for my wife and I, it pretty well follows what we a doing now except for the taking your temperature several times a day. We have been through several rounds of COVID testing with all negative and both of us are healthy with no conditions. So if they asked I would have the bags packed, preliminary COVID test scheduled and ready to g
  3. It would be great if this was the new normal for all buildings in the future. I know all our air is recirculated and about the only fresh air that comes in is when we enter the building and that is through double entryways. And I can attest that we are not using MERV13 air filters or even MERV8.
  4. If it applies to all sailings in 2021 then it will make up for the four we have had to cancel already this year. It would be a nice perk even though it was not their fault for not sailing. It would be even better if they awarded triple points for those of us who still have a cruise set up for late this year and are still holding out to see if we can go. It is a short one to CoCo Cay at near the end of the year so maybe we might get to go.
  5. One late November, mid December and early January. Hoping for all three but really hoping December and January.
  6. Living in North Texas we usually drive to Galveston or New Orleans and fly to Florida or California for the others. We are scheduled with cruises out of Texas and Florida late this year and early next and do not have an issue with flying to the coasts.
  7. Was our second annual birthday cruise in January and we decided to decorate for others. Unfortunately we were in an end cabin and almost no one saw it. We will be back and bring it and others to change it up daily for the amusement of others.
  8. Still hopeful for 2 still booked for late this year and 3 so far for next year. As a strange year, I have moved almost all my vacation from this year to 2021. If the 2 this year fall through then we will move to late 2021.
  9. Our annual 2020 comp cruise that was to expire in March of 2021 was extended out to 2022. Extra time to decide when to take it. Not sure if they will offer another with the same expiration.
  10. Seen the new normal for boarding on our December short cruise. The earliest boarding time you can get is 2:30pm. Short circuits our getting on early and having lunch.
  11. NCL also put their ships in semi cold storage so it would take them weeks to bring their ships up to have reinspected. November would be really tough for them to sail even if they started reactivation today. Gambling that the combined safety panel gets approval by end of September it would take them at least 6 weeks to bring back up and inspect the ships plus bring back the crew. November for them is a no go. We have had word that some of the crew for Royal has been contacted to report back to their ships. So I am still holding out for our end of November & December cruises.
  12. Congratulations on your new upcoming cruise. We know they will have a great time and next year will welcome them into the wonderful world of cruising converts. Fantastic news on the repricing.
  13. I actually called Royal direct and worked through the associate there and found the information about our cancellation. They then call my TA and authorized our refund of the taxes, port fees and insurance while I was on the line. Went a lot quicker that way. Make sure you have all your information when you call; booking number, dates, amounts, etc..
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