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  1. The muster is now on the Royal Caribbean app and it is the easiest muster of all times. You download the app on your phone and link your cruise. On the day of departure at 8:00am, Royal activates the muster (Safety) part and you listen to the ship's horn and how to put on your life jacket. You have to do that for both of you, not just one so you have to have it each of your phones or two separate logins. When you get onboard the ship you go to your muster station (its on the app) and one of the crew there will verify you watched it on your phone (they scan your Set Sail Pass) and your are done! Even if you do not watch the videos, they will demonstrate it to you and then scan your Set Sail Pass.
  2. Unfortunately for Harmony OTS, it was built without the Rising Tide water show. What a disappointment when we first got on and I was waiting for the water works.
  3. Costa Maya is exposed to the open ocean while the Cozumel port is on the opposite side of the island facing the mainland so it is definitely calmer there. Our last sailing, Costa Maya was rough but able to dock. Have been on a couple where the Captain said not a chance and we either had a sea day or we went into Cozumel early. Expecting next week's sailing to be up in the air on the Costa Maya stop.
  4. On our Halloween cruises they have a lot of folks dressed up, decorations out and parties with best costume prizes and recognition. Love boarding the ship with my big T-Rex head on, strolling the promenade sipping a drink from a long straw and having fun.
  5. We sail exclusively on the Casino comp cruises and the offers come and go depending on the time of year and how often we are booking. Currently the wife has 7 offers listed but we have had only one or two at different times of the year. It was a few months since she booked a cruise so I guess they were throwing a bunch at her to try to get her to book another one. Guess it worked as she booked another the first of this week for a B2B in October. Maybe she will take me on this one.
  6. One of the reasons I use a third party insurance. They give me the cost of coverage without having to book any cruise as it is online. Less than Royal's insurance and covers a whole lot more. I then just factor that cost into my vacation plans.
  7. Have not seen or heard of that for our cruises booked so far this year. Will keep an eye out on our excursions and dining reservations.
  8. OMG. We are of age and still have to ask for the Cruise Compass. Maybe we still look too young to qualify.
  9. We had this happen on one of our B2B sailings. Be sure to talk to the Loyalty Ambassador on the first sailing (earlier the better) about your status upgrade and they can look it up and make the change. They were very nice and it was great to get the free drinks and Crown Lounge (Diamond Lounge back then) access as I do love their coffee machine and the snacks in the morning and evenings. They can also give you your Diamond pin on your second sailing, be sure to visit the Ambassador on the second sailing.
  10. Ditto on @twangster comments on the forward glass on Quantum class ships. Spent hours with lenses stuck between the panes of glass, heavy coat and gloves. Fellow next to me stuck his suction cup GoPro next to me and went back inside. Got lots of great pics but with suffering in the cold I envied his ingenuity and debated who had the best shots.
  11. Congrats! That is a fantastic room, especially with the kids. Enjoy.
  12. Can say that we have had a number of positive experiences with C&A reps. They have corrected our accounts, linked me and the wife, discovered "extra" linked people to our accounts that have wreaked havoc on our notifications and other issues.
  13. Here is the excerpt from our TREKKER policy: There is also a lost luggage claim form on their website.
  14. Congrats Patty! We are a ways off but are looking forward to our Pinnacle call up on-stage. The wife is ahead of me and will probably get there sooner as I send her on cruises more than I (she is retired and I am not). I am hoping you have the best adventures and wish you the best going forward.
  15. Wow, that really dates us with the Olan Mills reference. Hope your photos were great and enjoyable for years to come.
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