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  1. We use Port Parking in Galveston. It is the first large building on the right when you drive in and their shuttle drops you off in front of the terminal. It is easier to get in and out of their spot. Already have it booked for our next cruise from there.
  2. Cadiz is for propulsion and navigation equipment updates and maybe even a new paint job. If they were doing the next amplification, which they were supposed to do last year, then they would have done that at the facility in Freeport, The Bahamas. The video shown was the first amplification.
  3. Seen the tantrums other sites are having. I hope Royal will wait until their Thursday test results on the various cruises to see if they are having an "epidemic" of outbreaks on-hand before they break out the mask rule.
  4. Hope they wait until next week to implement. That way we are already on our ship and can enjoy the last week of freedom. If not, oh well, we are still on a cruise and it beats having to stay at home locked down for a vacation anytime.
  5. Matt has a list on the homepage that lists the ships that are scheduled to sail and from what port. Will they? Hard to say. We will also be on Adventure this weekend, I know they will be sailing!
  6. Finished our Antigen test, all negative, and the test took 25 minutes for an answer. Did not have to wait around, they called us. Scheduled on their app. Will get an "official" report from the clinic later this evening. Had to find a CVS that was giving the antigen test, all do not and no Walgreens in our area were. Now we are ready to fly and sail!
  7. The CVS antigen tests are viable. We are getting ours today for our Friday Adventure of the Seas sailing. Wait and get the documentation from them. Only takes an hour or so. Have fun on your cruise.
  8. We lost our September 26 Liberty sailing since they are not starting until October 3. So there will not be a sailing that week other than a charter cruise that we were bumped from.
  9. Received notice from Royal that we were cancelled from this cruise. Since the Texas Country Music Cruise is still showing that they are going and shows all sold out we figured we were bumped to open up more cabins (Junior Suite) for them. Bummer as this was to be the first sailing of Liberty.
  10. We received this email yesterday.
  11. Have a bid waiting on Adventure this Saturday. With the new requirement announced today for ALL to have a negative test to enter The Bahamas starting Friday it will be interesting to see who drops out and opens up a suite for us. Had to have it for getting on the ship anyway so it probably will not matter.
  12. If you are flying to a country that requires vaccination then you must present documentation that you are during check-in, no asking, a requirement or you don't go. AA uses VeriFly where you upload proof of vaccination to fast track through TSA. If you do not use it then you must show proof or you don't go to that country. Royal has already determined that they will continue to visit USVI and have informed their customers that if they are not vaccinated then they will be offered a different itinerary or refund. They decided to not visit St Kitts due to the restriction that only 700 passengers may visit from any ship and they did not want to play gatekeeper and tell some passengers they cannot get off.
  13. We have a 7 day booked in October for Grand Cayman and Jamaica but I know it will change. Figured they would tell us right before we go as everything is in flux.
  14. The CSO is also dependent on the Public Health Emergency declaration also being in effect. Couple of weeks ago the PHE was extended so I would expect the CSO to also be extended unless they lose their appeal and it becomes only a recommendation. Even so I really do not see RCCL changing their protocols any time soon since they have invested so much into the Healthy Sail Panel and their recommendations.
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