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  1. Agree! yes we need a vacation!! welcome!
  2. Looking forward to this cruise after 3 cancellations....who else on this sailing?
  3. I have recently used some points to pay on a cruise in april. i have been told they dont apply it till a couple of weeks before the cruise if that is the case how does it work with the cruise having to be paid off 3 months before the cruise. anyone had this issue?
  4. Is it true that you do not have to check out towels at the pool if you have a suite?
  5. Do they get pool towels in there cabins everyday? thought I read that somewhere.thanks!
  6. Trying to decide which are best....thoughts?
  7. The only one left on our cruise is 1702....the balcony looks a little smaller due to the curve...but thats ok....
  8. Thanks so much for pictures and info! What do you guys think about ocean view vs. the ones over the sports court.....i think ocean view would be better.
  9. Anyone that can give info on these suites and also the perks would be appreciated! thanks
  10. Way tooo......you should be fine in december....if they are not cruising then you might as well shut it down forever!! too much money lost to recover.
  11. I get the safety issues ...but do you really think if able they will go months and months with ships docked? I cant see it.
  12. We now know that canadian ports are closed till july 1.....but i think by late june there will be cruises. what will they do with iteinerary changes?
  13. Thinking of doing one of these cruises....always wanted to go there. only have done caribbean in past. can anyone give any info on these? looks very pretty! what about outside balcony with views? thanks!
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