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  1. What night and times are the shows? thanks!
  2. Could someone post a recent one in the compass section on front page...Thanks!!!
  3. Really? the worst donut i ever had was wonderful
  4. It is just oasis class as a whole....NO ships compare to them!!
  5. Central Park at night....I have been on other cruise ships there is NOTHING like it!
  6. How does the suite lounge work? my understanding is you get beer and wine all day and all types of drinks during happy hour correct?
  7. Thinking about trying it for our upcoming cruise in ft. lauderdale.....any info appreciated!!
  8. Do you only need reservations for dinner? how does breakfast and lunch work? thanks!
  9. What are the reasons 150 is better? and what is lobster thermidor?
  10. Could someone please post one if available? thanks!!
  11. Do you have to have reservations for all meals or just dinner?
  12. Anyone tried these? are they worth it? and which locations are best? thanks for info!
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