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  1. Wow, I never have found one on Liberty by the night stand. I always had to ask for an extension cord. I’m onboard and I’ll have to look when I get back to the cabin. I need it for my laptop for which I have a European cord cord set.
  2. We have used the eMed proctored tests since last September for the convenience. The cost is a small price for not having to go to the local pharmacy or pop up rapid test facility, if you can get an appointment. I came down with COVID on our last trip and used the government tests to check early for verification and again before taking the “official” test this past Friday with the proctor to make sure I was clear. Now onboard and waiting to set sail for another fantastic voyage. Hope y’all have a great cruise.
  3. Congratulations!! We always look forward to them appearing on the website to put into our cruise folder. Then have the agonizing wait until COVID test time and boarding date.
  4. It seems that Royal's auto-generating luggage tags default to the lowest C&A level of your group. My wife who is a D+ sailed with our youngest son who is Gold and the tags both came out as Gold. She called Royal and the attendant generated a new tag with the proper level for her and emailed her the PDF. You are right, it really does not matter what level is on the tag, it is only used to get your luggage to the proper cabin.
  5. We sailed on Liberty this past October that left on Halloween. No real decorations but they did have a costume party in the Star Lounge with prizes. Some of the crew were dressed up but not many. After that, nothing.
  6. Just received one for July 27th cruise. Don't know if moving from a Jr Suite to a Grand Suite is worth the $250 total for a 5 day cruise and not knowing where the cabin is. We picked a great cabin location and have heard of some getting a bid only to find out the location is worse than the one they had, and we already get double points. We also don't eat in the MDR and the only thing we use in the Diamond club is the coffee maker so going to the Suite Lounge really does not hold much interest for us.
  7. They have envelopes available at Guest Services for those "additional" tips you might like to make. If and the amount is up to you.
  8. Yes, they allow you to assist in the test for those that require. Children, elderly and those that may require additional help to complete are eligible. Let the proctor know when you sign in for the test.
  9. We have found that even when we applied the taxes we could get it cheaper at home.
  10. Since we have the WIFI package we check our local liquor store pricing as we look on board. Have not found many bargains.
  11. On our last cruise three weeks ago in Galveston there was an issue with the facial recognition software and it was not working. The port folks told us it was an issue with an update that Meta (Facebook) made and it rendered the facial recognition useless. Not sure if that was the actual cause but that is what they told us and they were not happy. Sure hope it is working again on our cruise in a week. Thankfully we never travel without our passports so we went to the short line.
  12. If you can access your Guest Ticket Booklet on the website (eDocs in the lower right corner of your sailings page) then the next to last page is also your luggage tag. You can just print that page and you are good to go.
  13. We had the 12:00 boarding time on Navigator and did not have any issues getting onboard quickly. We had all our paperwork printed and out in our hands and breezed through the first small check in tent. Once past there it was really quick in the main building to get on the ship. There was a large group that did not have all their documents together that slowed us down only a little bit in the beginning but they let us go around them. Won't say this is normal but was what happened to us.
  14. When we first returned to sailing last August the ship looked a little "rustic". Not bad but not the pristine conditions we had prior to the "bug". Saw this on several ships during the first several months. As time progressed they started looking better and better. Our last cruise three weeks ago the ship, one we had previously sailed on, had fresh paint and appeared much cleaner than it was on its first restart cruise. Having more maintenance staff on board to maintain them and time to spruce it up is paying off.
  15. I thought the same but my wife is the opposite and has planned out to make sure we have the correct itinerary for the block award. She has collected Navigator and Liberty and the next one is scheduled for Allure at the beginning of next year. Three ships, three different classes. After that who knows.
  16. Here is the link on the acceptable tests from the Royal site. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/if-need-an-rt-pcr-test-before-i-cruise-where-should-i-go
  17. That is a yes and no answer. We have in the past taken very short extension cords with no surge protector with no issues but others have had them taken away. We quit taking the cords and just take a multi plug block with three outlets. These do not have an issue. But lately we have only used our three port USB plugs since all our devices but my laptop have gone to USB. For my laptop I request and get a ship extension cord from the steward so I can work out on the balcony.
  18. Didn't need the Gortex. The Toggs work great (use them on my motorcycle rides) and the layering keeps the cold out. Layering is important as stated above for the weather changes. Our trip in September was fairly consistent with temperatures in the 50's and overcast with only mild drizzle/light rain at times. Depends early August or late August. We panned for gold and had late Salmon Bake dinner outside and the rain gear helped with the cooler temps in the evening especially with the light drizzle. Remember to take a stocking cap and scarf, they help.
  19. For footwear some waterproof hiking boots would be good. I wore mine on all our Alaska Excursions last September and was glad I did with the temperatures and walking we did. Do not suggest tennis or canvas type shoes as they tend to get a might bit cold especially when wet. You can pick up Frog Togg rain gear on Amazon for a good price that is breathable and will keep you dry from any potential rain events. Folds up nice in a bag and will fit over your clothes.
  20. Liberty does not have reserved bookings for the shows. First come best seats.
  21. We have no problems with the motion of the ship and have stayed in pretty much every location, front, middle and back, top and bottom. We only had one "noise" issue that was very minor where we seemed to be located below one of the hallways where the crew were constantly moving carts but after the first day we hardly noticed and really did not care. We are at sea and only spend a minimum amount of time in the cabin. The only request lately is for a room "near" the elevator but not too near. The wife says it is easier to get to and find the room after a "late night" plus it shows off her door art although we lost one of her fancy butterflies last cruise. Guess they needed it worse than us.
  22. Wake up when I want .... sleep when I want .... lay out by the pool when I want .... eat when I want. Hmmmm I think I see a trend here. Vacations before I was the elected "activities" director and had to plan for everyone else with no one being happy about the choices. Now my wife is happy she can do the things she wants to do, so am I, and I can go off and do what I want to do. We still do a lot together but having choices with no pressure of time is what keeps us coming back, plus the free Diamond+ drinks.
  23. Don't count on it. They sell lunch at Chops so it would not be available for the Suite guests as a lunch venue.
  24. Any separate reservations can be linked as long as you have their sailing number and DOB. We sail sometimes with my wife's two best friends and we will link our accounts as they know how diligent my wife is on check in, reservations, boarding times, etc. We all coordinate our schedules but at the beginning they let us do the sign in as they know my wife will be up at midnight on check in day to get the earliest boarding time.
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