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  1. As long as it does not actually transmit it is permissible per international laws. The big question is whether or not the inspection folks will let you through with it or confiscate it and return it at the end of the cruise because they do not know what it is. The risk is up to you.
  2. They do not want to pay the up charge to the cruise line. If they did it would cost the $84pp that the other beaches do. Glad they do not, at least for Nachi Cocom. I will take the $59 charge and pay the taxi fare for a real all inclusive exclusive beach, personal palapa and much better food. The best part is the bartender is super friendly and will fix our drinks exactly (strong) as we like them.
  3. There is a behind the scenes tour for D+ and Pinnacle but they have not restarted it that I know of. Can't wait when they do.
  4. Yes, we have a yearly plan that we use and it pays for itself on the second cruise within the coverage year. The one we use has the same coverage as the single plan and is barely over double the cost of the single. We are up in age and paid $460 for the $1M plan that covers us both. The single plan was more than half that cost.
  5. It's funny, we are higher up in C&A and Casino Royale but did not receive an invite even though sailing more than once a month. We have had issues receiving invites before and think they have not corrected it. When Liberty went on their "test" cruise we received no invite but found the cruise listed in our "past cruises" section for several months after it occurred. This was funny as we did not receive an invite so we went on another cruise instead.
  6. Royal has always had shuttle service from the airports (George Bush and Hobby) to the terminal. We have many buses coming to and leaving from the cruises we take and we pass many of them on the road. If you come in a day early you can book the shuttle and use ride share from and to the airport and hotel rather than take the expensive ride share from the hotel to the terminal which is quite a distance away.
  7. We use both. The wife stays up (my day starts at 4:00am) until the check in opens at midnight to reserve our arrival time, take her photo and scan the passports. I go in later on the website and complete the information and upload my photo and can see everything there but you cannot scan the passport or take photos. You must type in the data and/or upload. After that we use the website to reserve anything else on the cruise that is available prior to sailing. On sailing date everything transfers to using the app for the required muster and reservation on-board.
  8. For your internet, yes you can use each persons on one day and pass it around. You sign in with an individual sign in and code and if you give it to others they can use it, only one at a time. We do that all the time. The Diamond Lounge also has snacks in the morning and evening which you can take advantage of. The coffee there is much better. Your drink vouchers are not usable at Johnny Rockets. You do have discounts loaded on your card that will make them less but not free. Anything you can get for a daiquiris they can make as a mocktail. We have family that do that all the time.
  9. Wow, we will have to ask the Loyalty Ambassador about those when we get back onboard in a couple of weeks. They never mentioned those to us before.
  10. If you want your car to park in a covered lot then you need to look at the private lots. The parking at the new terminal is all uncovered and more expensive than the private lots for some unknown reason. We use Port Parking as they are the closest now to the new terminal and they shuttle you to the terminal. They are four blocks away from the terminal. https://www.portparking.com/
  11. We have a Navigator and Liberty block so far. The Navigator block was shipped and took around 3 months and the Liberty was delivered while onboard. Will be getting an Adventure block in December and hopefully they will have that onboard. We will see what ship we want to have after that so we can schedule appropriately.
  12. Had this come through on a Casino Royale offer this afternoon and will be a B2B to our December 26th cruise. According to the Royal attendant we got the last Balcony room available. It went from 4 available in the five minutes that it took for us to decide to go to only 1 when we called. Glad we did not wait another five minutes. Now the wife is in a quandary on what to take as she has decided to really dress up for the occasion.
  13. The last three sailings on Liberty did NOT have announcements on disembarkation. We figured out that you go get in line about 30 minutes ahead of time and were good to go. Yes, there were several Key folks that were placed in line when they came down but it was not an issue. Glad to see the facial recognition back in working order, it was not working in June, July and August but the CBP personnel really did not look at anything so it was quick. Look forward to it this next month.
  14. We fly from DFW to LAX for the Navigator cruises. We use the Royal transfer and have never had an issue. We have had large groups and singles on the buses and it is so easy. Was $70 per person.
  15. We did Liberty OTS this past Halloween and there were many that dressed up plus they had a "gathering" in the Star Lounge and prizes for the best costume. I was the one who roamed the ship all day in a big T-Rex mask with drinking straw (had to have my 5 D+ drinks) and everyone had a blast. Also did the Christmas cruise last year where I did my best impression of the Elf on the Shelf (complete with costume) and posed all over the ship. Brought many a smile and laugh and we all had a blast.
  16. You cannot use your diamond drinks for Ben and Jerry milkshakes on Liberty OTS. Those are considered separate and extra, just like Starbucks. I did use my Diamond drink for a chocolate milk with whip cream for one of the crew at Cafe Promenade (she was a friend of ours) and they accepted it.
  17. You can use the link below to access the Galveston Cruise Cam. It has been working not sure if it still is. https://www.galveston.com/webcams/cruisecam/
  18. You play for tier status from April until March of the next year. Every time you reach a tier level you are rewarded that level for the rest of that status year plus the next full status year. Points reset on March 31st each year and you must re-qualify to see what you get for the next cycle.
  19. We just did this with a Galveston trip, not with Liberty but with Grandeur. Same port folks. We had a suite but our friends did not. We were shown to the suite departure group but our friends were shown the regular staging area. You might be lucky if all of you go as a big group and they do not check every set sail pass but lately they have been checking everyone. Good luck
  20. The big issue may not be supply chain but availability at all. This happened several years ago with a sports venue I work with. Their jumbo screens had parts that started to fail and when they contacted the company that supplied it found out that there were no parts available for repair, only scarce used parts that "hopefully" would work. They limped through the remainder of the season with a screen with missing areas and replaced the entire screen at the end of the season at a large unexpected cost. As specialty items with very small production there are not a lot of parts actually made and when the company or subcontractor completes their build there are no further parts available. Like ordering a replacement computer board for my 2009 laptop.
  21. Wish everyone was told that. Maybe we could spread the rumor that if you do not use good manners you will be placed in "timeout" down on deck one in the brig.
  22. Hopefully it will be fixed by the end of October, otherwise my morning visits will be very short.
  23. Your list seems typical for most cruises. Some folks love the MDR, others hate it. Same with Windjammer. Chair hogs are a way of life on the cruise ship and I have seen it on every cruise we have taken except for the cruises right after they started sailing again with fewer passengers. Everyone has an opinion on how it can be fixed but there is really no way to cure it without some extreme confrontations which the cruise lines will never do. Royal on the WiFi is at least fixing that with the installation of Starlink which for me is a game changer as I typically work half the time I am sailing. Love my remote office view. There is really no dress code now. They have only suggestions and some follow them some don't. We personally do not dress up but do avoid the MDR on those night to not spoil the ambiance for those that do. For us it is about the relaxation and interaction with new acquaintances that we have met over the years so the sea days do not bother us as much but we do love our port stops and have explored some very unique places that we have never seen at home.
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