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  1. To save and print the Set Sail Pass on two pages you need to click on print this page and select Save to PDF for the destination, and then in more Settings change the scale to 80% to reduce it to two pages. Save the file and print it out from the saved file. A little more work but I always save my cruising files on a thumb drive and take it with me.
  2. We minimum bid to a Jr Suite from a Balcony in August just for grins not expecting them to take it. We did and although the extra room was nice the extra cost was really hard to justify as we spend hardly spend any time in the room and we went from a very nice location to an obstructed view in the rear. Now we can say "Been There - Done That" although the better half is warning me she WILL be bidding on another Jr Suite for her birthday cruise in May.
  3. Use this link to see if you have a RoyalUp without having to wait for an email: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade We have sometimes missed the email or it did not come and we still had RoyalUp offers available. Have fun on your cruise!
  4. We are on the March 6th cruise on Liberty and just completed one with her on January 16th. Windjammer is definitely open and we saw many families there eating and enjoying themselves (we never go anywhere else when we have the G-kids along). You do not need reservations and the only advice would be checking for the line. It was long only at opening otherwise there was never a wait. They scan your ship card for number of guests present and typically scan it on the way out. The Washy-Washy check-in folks are the best! The staff serve the portions to you as you hold your plate typical to many buffet style restaurants currently. Our grand kids loved the pools and on Adventure Ocean just check for reservations and the protocols for the week as soon as you get onboard as they may change due to the number of kids for that sailing. Have fun and enjoy!
  5. Saw some folks checking in on our January sailing out of Galveston with this issue. They went back and forth with the embarkation "gatekeeper" and finally had to talk with a senior security agent to get approved.
  6. The Ovation balcony rooms are very nice. I took some amazing shots of the Alaskan scenery from ours this last year. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. Just came off Liberty of the Seas this past Sunday. The cruise was terrific and we visited each port with no issues. Due to COVID hitting the crew the main show, Saturday Night Fever, did not run but the singers got together and performed their favorite songs for us which was mind blowing. The ice skaters adapted with fewer skaters but you could not tell. Lastly all the performers put together a variety show which was again phenomenal. What this says is that you have to be flexible at this time and Royal and all the members of the ship staff are working hard to give us the vacation experience we are looking for. We are booked for another in March and are looking forward to another great time. Also, if a member of your family tests positive for COVID you will be moved as a group to quarantine.
  8. We took this cruise in October of this past year and everything was fine. Weather was great and we walked each port with no issues.
  9. Be careful of the link, looks like phishing to me, not proper name for the figure skater and not the correct You Tube website.
  10. Windjammer was open on Liberty OTS for January 9 - 16. I believe they decided to open it due to requests. It was not fully open but the choices were excellent and it was not overcrowded. The cruise was definitely not 50%.
  11. The ships listed are the only ones that are cancelled, all others are sailing.
  12. One of our Liberty OTS cruises disappeared but we sailed on time. Figured it reached the passenger load the Royal wanted so they took it off the site. We could still Royal Up so we figured it was going to sail.
  13. In the past the excursions and onboard items showed up far in advance in the Cruise Planner. Now they do not show up until closer to the cruise date (90 days). We have an August '22 cruise where only one port is displayed and only one excursion for that port. We have had it booked since last year but could not take advantage of Black Friday, Christmas or New Year sales. We also found out if you have an itinerary change not all shore excursions show up. We were presented with only a few excursions on a recent cruise where the stops changed and when we got onboard found out there were additional excursions available and were able to change to one we really wanted. Only suggestion is to keep watching as there does not seem to be any consistency.
  14. A screen shot is fine. As long as the worker can see the information they are ok and no one keeps a copy. At Galveston when we checked in the "gatekeeper" checked our passport (or birth certificate), negative COVID test result, COVID card and set sail pass. After going through the metal detector we then proceeded to the actual check in where they took our photo again (they did not like our professional made photo), checked our negative test again, took a photo of our COVID card and scanned our passport barcode for reentry. After that it was straight to the ship. Time was less than 20 minutes. We are old fashion and print everything out and they seemed to like that better but others were all digital EXCEPT for the original COVID card and passport. I also have everything on my phone and on a thumb drive just in case.
  15. December cruise on Adventure the tables were close but not on top of each other. We did not have an issue as Windjammer was open and the MDR was basically a ghost town with very few people there. Closest diners to us were three tables away.
  16. The December 24th cruise was easy for access on and off the ship as well as the ports. Ours was a 4 day so we only stopped at Cozumel and they are super easy as long as you do not try to bring food or fruits in your backpack (clogged up the line for a while with those folks). The activities were a little limited as it was a short cruise and the Omicron bug was just starting but we did not want for things to do. Have fun and enjoy!
  17. Royal typically raises and lowers their pricing on drinks packages, shore excursions, etc. on a rotating weekly cycle, IMO. This week it may be high and next week it drops. Keep checking the pricing and as @SpeedNoodlessuggested book it at what you think is a good price and watch to see if it drops in the future. You can always cancel and rebook it without penalty. Only exceptions I have seen to price specials are Black Friday specials and several holiday pricing enticements.
  18. Very sorry you did not get to go on your cruise and hope the family is doing well. Appreciate your upbeat attitude on the positive test. With one coming up this Friday we always are nervous until the results are in. With the virus spreading rapidly through the community we realize we might hit the negative button this time and although we would be disappointed we have others scheduled and several available to replace it if needed. We do not have as far to drive as you but are very close so understand your pain there.
  19. Royal or Celebrity, it does not matter as long as you are on a cruise!
  20. Second of four cruises scheduled so far this year and a Spring Break one with our oldest son and his family. A major defining cruise as we will reach Diamond+ on this one. Hello nightly D+ and Pinnacle events unless they restrict those even more.
  21. We are on this cruise next week. Got off of Adventure Dec 24 with lots of kids and masks required everywhere but outside. Cannot wait for this one as we love the reefs at Roatan, Cozumel's beaches and have Maya Chan booked for the second time in Costa Maya. Baring a negative test this Friday we will be there for the earliest check in and sitting by the Schooner bar with drink in hand watching the happy folks go by.
  22. This past cruise (12/20) we had the monthly casino offer in our room. We had two offers listed on the Casino Royale website besides our annual offers but they were from the wife's points earned on our two previous cruises. It appeared in our list when we returned home but thought it was unusual that they gave it to us when we boarded. Still only goes out until the end of June and we have multiple cruises already booked through August. Still waiting for that Fall list to come out.
  23. It is purchased once on board and it is for the duration of the cruise. Yes the $1.99 per day is a per device charge so if you have 4 devices you want to chat between it is $13.93 per device (4 x $13.93).
  24. On our last two cruises part of deck 8 was closed off with the fire doors closed. One of the staff told us that was where new crew was placed for their 14 day quarantine period. We saw several crew coming and going during embarkation and disembarkation and talked to crew that we saw on other ships that we have sailed on this year who said this was common. Whether guests would be placed there also would only be conjecture.
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