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  1. You're gonna love it. #9 for us, but talked some friends in to it for their first time.
  2. While I agree with the comments on here I was just relaying what he was told. I said the same thing. I guess I'm being optimistic!
  3. I can not officially verify this, but my brother just called after booking on Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston in October 2022 (his 3rd this year)..... they told him NO vaccination or testing. He asked 3 times. Maybe that will be announced tomorrow?
  4. Just got $73 on Wonder Dec 11th. Hoping it goes down.
  5. Has anyone used this private tour/taxi in St. Martin
  6. Do they store your luggage as a part of the excursion?
  7. Can anyone give their opinion on a departure flight out of Orlando International (MCO) from Port Canaveral? Sunday at 12:45pm. Looking at using goport.com for hotel/cruise transportation package. Will there be enough time? TIA
  8. They need to give a discount per Crown & Anchor level.... example 5 or 10% for Platinum. I know once you get higher, you get free drinks, but would be nice to have something for the lower levels. Costs are beginning to be unreachable
  9. Yes, mine did, but after we got off the ship, they were all gone from the account. I counted them the night before.
  10. The great thing about the cruise compass on the app is you can add the activities to a calendar on the app that organizes your day.
  11. How were you notified? I have one scheduled at CVS for Friday. Haven't received an email or anything.
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