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  1. But even if you have a visa, entry is never guaranteed, the border officials always can decide to turn you away. But chances are certainly higher that they let you in.
  2. If I remember correctly, Traveller is from Israel. Israel is not included in the list of countries which can use the 144 hour visa waiver program. Though I heard from someone currently onboard Spectrum who was in line for the 144 hour visa exemption and got through fine. According to him, it was mostly people who had stamps from Turkey or some arabian countries who were refused entry. Based on that, we quickly got visas before leaving for Shanghai next week, as we have turkish stamps in our passport, just to be on the save side.
  3. Thanks for the information. I guess I will just preorder the Refreshment package to be on the safe side. I expect to mostly use it in the morning for fresh squeezed OJ (or is that free of charge at the Silver Dining place?) And I don't mean the concentrate stuff... 🙂 And in the Bionic bar of course, love to mix new creations. Our Junior Suite is a cat. J4 Did they mention anything on board that a lot of Non-Chinese passengers missed the boat due to not have been let into the country by chinese immigration? There was an article in our local newspaper that for the cruise after yours around 100 people had been denied access into China because they were planning on using the 144h Transit rule, where no visa is needed. I was actually planning on doing the same. Then, this evening, RCL sent a mail saying that China currently is being very restrictive with the visa exemption because of a trade show taking place soon. So in the morning, I will have to run out to the chinese visa application center and hope they will process it in time. Should be fine, they say it usually takes 4 work days, so keep your fingers crossed for me!
  4. Do you think the drinks package discount was a one off for Golden Week or maybe the anniversary? My friends booked 2 packages for the regular price and now are unsure, if they should cancel and rebuy onboard. Usually, it is said to pre-pay the drinks packages, not getting them on board. Also, were there any discounts for the Refreshment Drinks package and the soda package? Did your Junior Suite only have one bathroom? We are also booked in a Silver Spa Junior Suite at the back of the ship and the floor layout as well as the room description say that there is a separate toilet room and the bathroom with a bathtub and a shower cabin. Marc
  5. Anyone has a map of the Muster Stations for Spectrum of the Seas? Ours is E01. As we have aft cabins, I suspect it will be inside Two70.
  6. Or they just weren't aware of the new option. I wonder what would have happened if they rang up the milk shake and the charged it to your card, if it just would have changed the bill amount to $0. Assuming the prices for the cash registers are centrally updated on land for all ships and then just uploaded to them.
  7. Try the Malts, they're even more delicious. But I ask them to hold the whipped cream, that's just too much.
  8. On Harmony, with the Refreshment and the Deluxe Drink Package, we were always asked to have a seat at the bar while they prepared our shakes and then we could either drink them there at the bar or take them with us, they were free either way.
  9. Oh, by the way, protein shakes are also included in the Refreshment as well as the Deluxe Drinks package at Vitality Cafe on Harmony.
  10. Second week on Harmony right now and happy to report that milkshakes are free at Johnny Rockets both with the Deluxe Drinks as well as the refreshment package. They swipe the card and a 100% discount is applied to the price.
  11. Was this with the Deluxe Drinks Package or the Refreshment Package?
  12. Sure, you could always do that. Can't remember how much it costs, though, $5 or so, I guess.
  13. This gets better all the time! On the website about the beverage packages, only the Deluxe package mentions the milk shakes, then a customer service rep and in the Facebook chat, they say it is included in both the Deluxe and the Refreshment packages. Today, I received an e-mail from RCL Germany, Reservations Dept. saying: "Unfortunately, the milk shakes from Johnny Rocket's are not included in any beverage packages."
  14. Are Johnny Rockets milk shakes included in the Refreshment Package?
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