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  1. No, you don‘t select YOUR cruise, but the one currently running. That will show you everything a current paper cruise compass would.
  2. All the performers, games, entertainment is shown in the planner in the app
  3. You can switch to the current cruise in the app and see all the daily programs and dining items for esch day.
  4. When we originally boarded Wonder in Rome about 2 weeks ago, I was surprised how small the plants still were in Central Park. After a full growing season on the ship, I expected the park to be much more lush than it actually is. It looked as if the plants had only been put in maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago. Today, I did the guided tour in Central Park and Laszlo, RCL‘s head gardener, who started the parks on all Oasis class ships, explained that they had to pull out all the plants and replant everything only a couple of weeks ago, since most of the original plants had been chosen for the asian climate Wonder was originally supposed to go. However most of those plants would not be compatible with the Caribbean climate and worse, are considered invasive species by the USDA, so Wonder would not be allowed to dock at any US port with those plants still in.
  5. I actually meant to ask them, but didn‘t come around to do it yet, lots of things to do on the ship However, I went there and it really just is an empty, generic room. Sometimes, they even hold Friends of Bill W. meetings in there. There is apparently a sign for it at the entrance in the forward atrium, but it‘s still covered up.
  6. Going fast actually is the key, as at fullspeed, the back part of the ship sits deeper in the water, giving it a couple of ft. additional clearance.
  7. As said above, regular cabins just have a shower. However, the bathroom of non-accessible rooms have a doorstep that is higher than regular doorsteps. So if you need a completely step-free access to the bathroom, only accessbile cabins would fit your need.
  8. I always wear the bath robe when going to the pool, I thought that was the point of it. I'd feel uncomfortable walking through the ship just wearing my bath trunks and a towel. Also, if I wake up in the middle of the night, I sometimes feel like having a tea, I then put on the bathrobe over my pijamas and go either up to the all-night coffee machines near Windjammer or Cafe Promenade On Brilliance, where the Solarium pool was open all night, I sometimes even went for a 3AM swim, followed by a slice of Pizza from the 24h Solarium snack bar
  9. When we last boarded Harmony of the Seas in Port Everglades, except at Security, there weren't any lines at all. Once you cleared security, there were so many open counters that no line was even able to build. We just had to show the Set Sail pass, they checked the passport and the uploaded picture and that was it, probaly took about 20 sec. max per person and. Once done, we were directed directly to the Gangway. From stepping out of the taxi, dropping the bags, through security and documents check until stepping onto the ship I'd say it was less than 15 min. total. The check-in process is perfectly streamlined. Now, at other ports where they don't have their own terminal and visit regularily, the process might take a bit longer.
  10. Never mind any other bridge in the world, but in order to get to any of those ports (excluding ports in the baltic sea) she first will have to clear the Storebaelt bridge in oder to get from Turku on the Baltic sea to the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Storebaelt bridge has a clearing of 65m (213 ft). As I'm sure the designers took this into consideration, we can assume that the she will be able to pass under this bridge, possibly driven backwards, as this helps to lower the overall heights by a few feets as well. Verrazano has a clearance of 69.5 m (228 ft), so Icon should fit easily.
  11. The current rule for Wonder‘s TA cruise is having the test done 48h before the cruise. But what exactly is the cutoff time? Is is the assigned boarding time, so for our Sunday departure, we could do the test from 10:30AM on Friday, or is it departure time? That would move the earliest possible time to 6PM on Friday. Or do the consider full days. So anything on Friday would be fine?
  12. And milkshakes and malts at Johnny Rockets, yummy
  13. Just a heads up for people flying to Barcelona via Zurich with Swiss. the Swiss pilots union announced possible strike action for the weekend of Oct. 29/30, 2022. Our friends who were booked on the flight from Zurich to Barcelona on Sun morning now switched to Vueling on Sat evening and then staying in a cheap airport hotel overnight.
  14. You can give your cabin no. to the guys picking up your luggage pier side and they‘ll put a tag in and add the no. by hand.
  15. Thankfully, this doesn’t affect our group. We already board 4 days prior in Rome, and shorter Med cruises are exempt of the testing rule. According to RCL, the same is supposedly true for B2Bs. Regardless, even if we need a test, since we are already on the ship 48 prior to the TA, they‘d have to provide the test for us on board. The rest of our group who joins us in Barcelona are checking in their luggage at the airport the night before flying to Barcelona snd will do the test then.
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