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  1. ugggh I have it for NCL but not Royal, will go in browser to see if I can find it
  2. As long as people pay the high prices then they will continue to be high
  3. Check your AMEX as I have an offer on mine for $150 back if you spend $500
  4. Do the files have to actually be sent? Could something like cloud storage and file sharing be used in this situation?
  5. Jumping the gun and joining the roll call, I will be officially in once @Sharla comes back into the office lol
  6. I will try to get the cruise compasses done today, sadly when I arrived home I had no power and it just came back on last night. This was a wonderful trip and I cant wait to do it again.
  7. For anyone interested, I kept my booking with bernards tours and I am actually posting this from the French bakery. We have not ran into any issues at all and our tour guide told us that the issues were pretty much in one certain area which we avoided. The tour has been great and we are now headed to the Dutch side.
  8. Happy birthday, I have been laying behind following along but me and the dx package have been going toe to toe since I got onboard. Hope to run into you one day before we disembark.
  9. The e-med tests are a godsend, I Am actually on another cruise right now and was able to take my covid test for this cruise from the ship, see you Sunday
  10. looking forward to your live blog as me and my wife are also on this sailing
  11. He must have a lot of guests to assist if boarding will not start until 11:30pm , enjoy your cruise and I will enjoy following along.
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