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  1. Thank you Andrew. Unfortunately, I just noticed that the unlimited is not what is being offered on my sailing. my sailing has an 'up to 100 pictures package and the terms and conditions I was referring to read:
  2. Thank you! I find that reassuring because in the terms and conditions it says that specialty dining photos are not included. Since we are doing the unlimited dining, it would have cut down on our images by a lot
  3. I am considering buying a photo package for my next cruise. It will be just my husband and I but we are both celebrating big birthdays I sure would appreciate any thoughts, tips, examples, etc. that you would be willing to show me. We did order the Unlimited Dining Plan and I fear that any photos taken in the specialty restaurants are not included on the photo package. Can anyone confirm? Thank you in advance.
  4. Thank you very much for this:) We will be mindful
  5. Hello All! I have a big birthday coming up in March and booked Ultimate Dining on Harmony I have been looking through the menus, because my husband wants to make sure he will still be able to have escargot whenever it is offered. I have only seen it in the MDR menus, though. Is escargot offered at any of the specialty restaurants on Harmony and I am just not seeing it? Is it possible to order from the MDR while at a Specialty (I am also thinking lobster tail) Is it possible to have a standing order at the MDR for a plate of escargot that I would pick up at the entranc
  6. I am on Ovation in about 3 weeks. We got our cabin assignment at 30 days out, but I knew what floor I was on as soon as the edocs were available. I did not get an upgrade, but I am actually more pleased with the location of the room than the original cabin I had booked. I do not regret at all switching to GTY for a few hundred dollar savings. FWIW, I am still receiving Royal Up emails asking me to bid for an upgrade. I hope you also get your stateroom assignment in the next two weeks and I hope you have a fabulous cruise! I also have had Mother/Daughter cruises and I hope your experience
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