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  1. I will preface this by saying YMMV. This was our experience. I was able to book testing in June for 4 people at Walgreens. One of the 4 was a European citizen with a European passport. All they asked for was for him to show his ID, no questions asked and no charge. This was in Florida but there may be Walgreens in Seattle as well. It doesn't hurt to ask.
  2. Well I can attest that the interior rooms on Ovation have magnetic walls . Thank you for the info on the Loft Suites!
  3. Woot woot! I am excited for you! Have the most amazing time
  4. I love hiding ducks. I hid about 30 on my last cruise and have 50 to hide on my next one. It is a big deal to those of us who participate
  5. I hope your 20th anniversary was amazing
  6. I just bumped the thread where a poster named Brandon said he was going to use the proctored iHealth test. He is most likely on his cruise now and hopefully will report back when he returns.
  7. Brandon, I hope you are enjoying your wonderful cruise and we are all excited to hear what your experience was boarding with the iHealth test.
  8. For those curious, we had our bid accepted on Wednesday evening for a Saturday cruise. So there does not seem to be a 'normal' time for bids to be accepted. Some folks on our cruise had their bids accepted a week ago.
  9. Hello! We just booked this cruise last weekend on a whim! We had just cancelled a land trip that I had been looking forward to and then I found this lovely cruise on days I already had off I imagine our sailing will not be as empty as others I have been on due to it being the middle of Spring Break. I am very much looking forward to Labadee! This will be our second time on Mariner. She feels downright cozy after having been on two Oasis class ships. :) What are you looking forward to most? Everyday the answer is different for me. Right now I am dreaming about Labadoozies.
  10. I noticed they changed my reservation to stay on the Harmony but sail out of Lauderdale. I wonder if that means they will not automatically change us to the Wonder.
  11. Is there a specific place you look? I can only find general information on Royal website. I appreciate any guidance
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