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  1. still unable to check in. Frustrating!
  2. Check in is open - but when I click "Arrival Time" it says "Not quite ready for you" WHY??????
  3. Yep - got it to work! Phew! So many hoops to jump through!
  4. I tried to do it -said I'd get a notification at noon. At noon I get it - go to answer the questions and it says there is a "snag" close app - reopen - now "check in has checked out" and now the health questions are gone. Help!
  5. I wasn't able to find free testing anywhere so I got the at home. We just did it today - easy peasy!!! I am printing out the results AND saving to my phone!
  6. WE sail Friday - doing the at home covid tests tomorrow!!! It's getting so close! And yes! I love love love the idea of making this a tradition. The prices were so good I actually booked a 5 night cruise for me and the kids in July!! It will be their FIRST!!! I'm taking my mom too! I cannot wait
  7. Hi all! My boyfriend and i will be leaving Friday for a three day on Independence! i am SO EXCITED. I've only been on one cruise about 20 years ago - so this is huge for me! it's also our first real trip together!!! (Had a few road trips here and there). No questions - just ridiculously excited and ready for a well deserved vacation!
  8. Thanks for this thread! The free local testing spot closed near me so I broke down and ordered the emed ones....
  9. My mom and I are taking my three girls on their first cruise!!! Anyone else? Going to be so fun! Thoughts on July 4th events onboard?
  10. My boyfriend and I will be on the same ship! It's only my second cruise ever and our first as a couple (really our first "romantic" trip!) Really looking forward to it!
  11. Thank you all for your feedback!! I can't wait to get them on the ship! Going to be so fun.
  12. Hi all. I'm a single mom taking my kids (aged 11, 11 and 8 ) on a cruise for the first time. What are the benefits to the kids club thing? Would they be missing out on a lot if I keep them with me? Is it basically just daycare? ANy help appreciated.
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