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  1. 13 days until Harmony of the Seas! Question: Guest #2 wants to use a debit card for onboard spending account. Do you know how much they 'typically' put on hold? (trying to convince her to use credit card instead!)
  2. I have a problem. My daughter (aka Guest #2) has tested positive for COVID-19 and probably won't be going on the cruise with me in 15 days. I have another person that is willing to go with me on the cruise (gladly), but I'm not sure how to change the name on the reservation to the new person. Does anyone know how to go about this? And how much notice has to be given? We're hoping that my daughter will test negative in time for the cruise, but since she can't test any earlier than 2 days, we won't know until then if she'll be able to go. How much time is needed to make the reservation switch? (The replacement Guest #2 is ready to self-test 2 days before the cruise, so everything will be happening quickly once we know about my daughter.) How much time will be needed and who do I contact for the switch? I'm trying not to cancel this trip because it's been two years in the making and I don't want to postpone it again!
  3. I'm 16 days from Harmony of the Seas and I'm torn as to which method is correct for COVID-19 testing. I'm nervous about taking the at-home test (already purchased the Binax test, so that's not the problem). I don't want to mess it up, so I was considering getting the test done at either CVS or Walgreens. I'm fully vaccinated (and boosted), so I think I'm supposed to take the antigen test. I've seen that both offer what they describe as 'rapid' testing, but both descriptions include the caveat 'not accepted for all travel'. What exactly does that mean and how do I find out if RCL accepts either of these tests? I'd hate to take the test at CVS/Walgreens and find out on embarkation day that I took the wrong test and my results are not accepted. (btw...they don't offer testing in the terminal on embarkation day do they?) I'd hate to pay out all the money that I have only to lose it. (i think RCL doesn't offer refunds due to incorrect paperwork, but I could be wrong) I'd appreciate any help provided as my date draws close.
  4. Thanks so much to everyone that replied! I'll keep an eye out for my luggage tags as my cruise date gets closer.
  5. 43 days until Harmony of the Seas! This is my first RCL cruise and I've done as much 'pre-travel' stuff as I can (minus the Muster Drill and COVID test), but I'm lost as to how to obtain my luggage tags. How do you get them to print out? Where are they located? I'd appreciate help from any of the seasoned pros out there!
  6. I purchased the Key package for my cruise in May and one of the perks was a welcome luncheon (Chops menu) and a disembarkation breakfast, but then I saw that due to COVID, this was changed to 'complimentary' room service throughout the cruise and a 'grab bag' breakfast on the last day. Then I heard recently that was changed once again back to the original plan (welcome luncheon and disembarkation breakfast). I'm totally confused. Does anyone know what the Key includes anymore? I originally purchased it for the internet/stream package, but my head is swimming.
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