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  1. I have a similar issue. Purchased the refreshment package and the amount is pending in my account but the item doesn't show as reserved. Any ideas?
  2. I have just noticed the cupcake decorating class on our cruise. I have tried doing a quick search on this forum but not much about it has come up. Just wondering if this is new or if anyone has done this class before? Its currently $60 (NZ) which seems steep for not knowing exactly is involved.
  3. Some of the specialty restaurants have a lunch and diner option. Is the menu the same regardless? Is there any real difference aside from price?
  4. Hello I wanted to find out more about the drinks to see if the refreshment package will be worth it for me. For the drinks: I don't drink alcohol but definitely want to try out mocktails. I have read you can order a cocktail on the menu and ask them to hold the alcohol. I assume this means I will still have to pay the full price of the cocktail rather than a lower price of a mocktail? I have also read that there is some sort of limit to buying drinks in that if there is a $12 limit and my drink is $13 then I have to pay that extra $1. My question is where can I find this information? The section of the drinks package details doesn't indicate anything about this. Edit: Would buying an alcoholic drink and asking to hold the alcohol count as an alcoholic drink, as in paying for it because I wont have the alcohol package?
  5. I understand the windjammer has a rotating menu, or at least mostly, but is there a way to know what they are offering each meal time? Do they have a menu outside their entrance or that can be seen from the app?
  6. Hi all, new to cruising. Just wondering how the drink packages, speciality dining ect works? I know it can be bought and canceled for reprising but how does this work exactly? Am I buying it for X price and pay that right there? If I cancel and rebuy at lower price, do I pay Y amount and get X amount back at a later stage? Thanks in advance
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