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  1. Awesome - i wasn't looking forward to 6 days if him complaining about the beer!
  2. Hey there. Is anyone on Ovation or Quantum at the moment who can tell me what beer they have? Hubby is convinced they'll have Corona but I can only see one drinks menu on the App and it doesn't include Corona. Thanks!
  3. Hi fellow cuisers. If you haven't booked a shore excursion in Cairns (or if you booked one with the Skyrail) be aware that the Skyrail is not running on 21 November. I've been advised no partial refunds as shore excursion itineraries are subject to change. It's a pretty big change to swap out the Skyrail - presumably for a bus. Anyway, just a psa in case you were thinking of booking. 16 days and counting!
  4. Update: Contacted RCL - told shore excursions are subject to change and no refund. The other excursion we had our eye on is now sold out. So we will stick with what we've got. At least we didn't pay full price. Thanks for all the comments.
  5. Thanks for the advice. We are considering changing excursions.
  6. Today I was informed of a change to our booked excursion for Cairns Australia - sailing on Quantum on 18 November. Our Skyrail and train excursion to Kurunda is now Coach and Train. That's quite a change in my opinion. Should we expect (or ask for) a partial refund? In comparison the trip is AUD 401 each vs a similar trip for coach, train and army duck at AUD 261 each. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  7. Looks different to what ours scanned as - maybe you haven't been allocated a room yet?
  8. Hey fellow cruisers. Has anyone been able to find the shore excursions for this sailing? Keen to book but they aren't showing up for me. Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks
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