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  1. 2 hours in line for a water slide!!!!! Can you imagine 2 ships..... or 3..... This is not happy making
  2. I am the first one to say I think the "value" has decreased over time with more and more costs being added, some optional extras, some charging for what was once "free". Saying this I do not believe I have seen a decrease in the level of service I have received from staff and still feel like I get an excellent customer experience. Once or twice I guess I have had a "average to poor interaction with a grew member but those are outnumbered 1000 to 1 to the good to exceptional service I have received in recent years.
  3. Perfect, thanks Bob... NOw to decide if I can live with one device connected at a time 🙂
  4. Hi all, My wife and I will be on Harmony in February and have splurged for a suite for our 20th anniversary (I asked her if she wanted to take a cruise for our 20th anniversary and she was nice enough to bring me too). I note we get free internet. Do any of you know if that is Voom+Surf and is it for 1 device per person or multiple devices per person? We are really looking forward to our trip. It'll be the first time we've sailed on an Oasis class ship (Having done OVation, Voyager and Rapsody previously). Thanks for your help all. Emerson
  5. 😀Thanks mworkman.... just what i wanted to hear
  6. Hi all, Does one go about booking Crown and Anchor rates? We are Platinum member (Diamond one day hopefully) but when I go to RCL website I can't find a way of booking using the Platinum discount for suite etc. Am I missing something or do you have to ring etc? Thank in advance. Emerson...
  7. Hi all, I've had a good search but couldn't find the answer so I thought I would just ask (I know they must have been asked so sorry in advance) I have a question about the refund policy questions. (1) If I book a grand suite using the non-refund policy can I upgrade that suite to a loft suit without penality at a later date? (2) Can I reprice the booking if I happen to find the same sailing and the same room at a cheaper price later? My wife and I are booking aWestern Caribbean & Perfect day cruise for Feb 2020 on Harmony (it'll be our 20th Anniversary). At this stage, we can't justify the cost of going from the Grand Suite to the Crown Loft but I could be very tempted (thoughts). To tell the truth, even the difference between a normal balcony and the suite is enough to make me go into shock but we thought we'd shout ourselves for the 20th (We are also going to bookend the trip with 2 lots of 5 nights at WDW where we did our 10th anniversary). Any help would be much appreciated. Emerson.....
  8. Hi all, Only 19 days until our next cruise :-). Rhapsody of the Seas 8th June - June 15th Nt Southbound Alaska & Hubbard Glacier. We are also on the land tour 3 Jun - 8 Jun
  9. You'll be fine. It is more of an issue if you plan on staying an extended period of time not in and out of a country in a day.
  10. Looks like about 200 people on Ovation have had a rather 'difficult' cruise. https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/38156826/gastro-hits-hobart-docked-cruise-ship/ I still maintain that cruise ships are cleaner than 99.9% of peoples homes and of course I've never seen so many signs or people reminding you to wash your hands as I have on cruise ship.
  11. Just noticed our cruise date for our December 2017 trip (I booked so long ago I didn't notice at the time). *** Dec 17 - EmersonNZ (Voyager of the Seas) Should change to... 28 December. 17 - EmersonNZ (Voyager of the Seas)
  12. IF this is the case then it is certainly poor customer service. It would be better for them to admit the error ("due to a pricing error on our website....") and offer to rebook the excursion at their best possible price (say what it is costing them) and maybe offering some onboard credit (Which again while they might give you $100 the actual cost to them is probably $33 due to markups etc). I've had a number of instances when on-line companies have mistakenly put a price on a site and in most cases they have either honoured it or admitted their mistake and made an offer I was happy with etc leading to longterm customer satisfaction.
  13. .... and Matt does... :-) ... and it is good
  14. Keep looking even if you don't see it now. From memory, I think it was less than a month out when the bookings opened up. For our cruise in late December the Waverider lessons still haven't opened up for booking. You can see them but you are unable to complete the "#guest+date+time" selections.... hopefully it'll open up soon.
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