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  1. I think there will not be a 1 rule for all cruises worldwide. Countries where either they have no (or very few) cases (Such as most of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific, etc) or where it is in retaliative control (Most of Asia etc) are likely to have a 0% threshold whereas where the virus is established in the community there might be more acceptance of having cases on board a ship introduced to a port etc For example take Fiji or Vanuatu both of whom have 0 cases currently (I think Fiji has 2 in isolation after being caught at the boarder). Both these countries have a 'limited' hea
  2. Looks like there won't be any sailings to New Caledonia until at least March 27th 2021: New article here Most of the 'South Pacific' cruises leaving Sydney have one or two stops in New Caledonia (About 30 of the 61 cruise departing Australia currently scheduled to sale from November 2020 to April 2021 have stops in New Caledonia from what I see. Not that I expect any cruises leaving Australia in November this year...)
  3. I think they are going to have to get it right the first time. Rightly or wrongly public opinion is not on the cruise industries side. If case are traced back to a cruise ship they could expect to face long bans from ports etc as governments deals with any backlash from allowing cruise in etc. I think all the cruise lines know this (I'm sure governments will be letting them know it) and they will be doing be all they can to ensure their long term future not just their short term
  4. Essentially it is like any other bar or restaurant so there are no problem taking a drink out with you or grabbing one for the road .
  5. While I haven't used MEI to book a cruise (yet) I have used them for many Walt Disney World bookings and have found them very good. Being on the other side fo the world I find they are responsive and willing to go that 'extra mile' (Funny we still say 'extra mile' even though we use km's). The good thing is they will be as 'hands on' or 'hands off' as you would like. Sometimes I'll just use them for reservations bookings and others the whole 3,342 step process that is booking a Disney holiday (Fastpasses, dining, tours etc etc etc). For those not in the US considering using MEI I can'
  6. Ensuring the crew were COVID19 free would be the big hurdle. I think if you made the cruise cheap enough people will get over their public perception of cruises (People have short memories or as someone told me they would never give bith more than once). Princess may have some (a lot) PR work to do and I would spend a lot if I was Royal on educating the public on how they will protect passengers and people in ports they visit.
  7. I was just thinking.... NZ is pretty close to be declared COVID-19 free with only 1 person in the whole country still suffering from it (I reckon when they get the all clear they should get a meal in any restaurant they want in the country), Australia is no far behind and could probably be down to 0 cases in a month if they keep on their current path. Given this could RCCL sail cruises from Australia with only Australian and NZ citizens on board who have been in their respective countries for 21 days? Would there be enough (a) customers to warrant it and (b) demand from those custome
  8. I could certainly imagine being upset if I was stuck onboard. I'm not saying it is Royal's 'fault' but if you are the crew member wanting to get home then your frustration is naturally going to be directed there. Many aren't getting paid and that means no money going home etc nor a chance to look for work at home etc (as successful as that may or may not be). While I am sure they are being well looked after on board again they have lost their freedom and can't get off the ship. I can certainly imagine how frustrated that would make me. What could Royal do about it? Probably not a lot but it is
  9. It would depend who you were trying to get damages from and for what. You wouldn't be able to litigate against a NZ individual or company as they would not be covered by the foreign jurisdiction. It would also unlikely you litigate against the activity carried out in a foreign country as that activity would be bound by the country it takes place (A NZ court can't rule on a murder in the US nor could a US court rule on a murder in NZ. When you travel to a foreign country you are bound by their laws... if you know what they are or not., ignorance of law is not a defense of law (except in some m
  10. Basically it means that since the ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) pays for all healthcare and rehabilitation from an accident (remember we have free health care) an individual can't litigate against an individual or entity due to an accident. The government can bring criminal charges against any company or individual that has found to be liable under out various health and safety laws (Or others such as various motor vehicles laws) and possibably manslaughter depending on the accident. If I was to cause a car accident my insurance company would pay for any material damage but not hea
  11. I agree with @F1guynz comments. Auckland has been home to a few ships over the years but doesn't really have the demand to keep one. New Zealanders are more likely to fly or drive around NZ and when we holiday it is often overseas (The pacific islands are 2 to 3 hours flight away as is Australia). With Australia so close it just makes sense for NZers to travel to Sydney and cruise from there. I can't see cruising in NZ this year to tell the truth or until there is a vaccine/antibodies test. The Ruby Princes saga has absolutely turned public opinion against cruising and if it is found
  12. No limit on cruise ship numbers apart from Milford Sound and Dusky Sound which limit the ships that can enter at a time (1 or 2) due to safety and environmental impact. Probably the biggest restriction would be the number of ships ports can accommodate at a time with some of the smaller ports only having facilities for 1 or 2 ships at a time.
  13. I agree Scrumps. The chances of NZ opening up ti's ports to any cruise ship this coming season (Aug 20/ April 21) is small to non existent. I think the Pacific Islands are likely to be the same situation (Or at least I hope they are, COVID-19 going through somewhere like Tonga, Samoa or Fiji would be devastating. We already saw what could happen with measles in Samoa last year). Until there is a test that comes hack instantly that shows you have either had it or haven't got it I can't see a lot of ports around the world allowing ships in.
  14. As of Monday 16th March New Zealand has banned all cruise ships form entering its ports until June 30th The reality is we are towards the end of our cruise season now with only about a month of visits left (There are some cruise ships throug the winter period but the big cruise lines like Royal tend to sale September to May. This will mean a lot of cruise ships based out of Australia will need to change itineraries (Most Pacific Islands have already banned cruise ships). New Zealand has also closed its boarders to all countries bar the Pacific Islands with all those arriving ha
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