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  1. Hi all My wife and I are booked into a Grand Suite n our up coming Harmony of the Seas 20th anniversary cruise. I have a question regarding the "free internet" that suite guest receive and was wondering if anyone could help. Is it 1 device per room, 1 per person, or unlimited devices? Also is it Surf & Stream or just the surf package? I've tried finding details about the offer on RCCL site with no luck.
  2. Dunedin (or Port Charmers) could also currently handle an Oasis ship. Ironically like Australia and Sydney New Zealand's largest city's port couldn't currently berth an Oasis ship (Heck, even Ovation has to tender in Auckland).
  3. Really looking forward to our next Royal Caribbean cruise and first out of the US. February 2nd Feb 2020 - Harmony of the Seas
  4. Thanks all., It sounds like UBER/Lyft might be the way to go. I had heard some drivers weren't keen on the long trip because they might not get a return but it sounds like that shouldn't be an issue.
  5. I am glad you enjoyed your time in Dunedin. The volunteers do an amazing job welcoming people to the city and giving them some local tips and tricks etc. If youa re ever this way again (or anyone else from the blog) let me know and w'll come and meet you and give you a locals tour etc 🙂
  6. I would also like to see the gym open 24 hours. I probably average 5 hours sleep a night and it'd be nice to pop to the gym at 1 or 2am get in a workout, spend a few minutes in the whirlpool and then head to bed. I find that there are a number of days I miss the gym because my day is packed and i never find time in the evening.
  7. My wife are book-ending our February Harmony of the Seas cruise with stays at Walt Disney World as part of our 20th Anniversary (If you are going to travel all the way from New Zealand you don't just do a cruise and head home 🙂). I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to get from WDW to Port Canaveral? We would prefer not to hire a car so are thinking shuttles, towncars or UBER/LYFT? Does anyone have experience with a company they have used or suggestion? Thanks in advance
  8. Sooo... If I have the Ultimate Dinning Package & Deluxe Beverage Package could I go into Johnny Rockets and just grab a skate... (Hold the burger and make it a shake :-). It;d feel silly to order a burger that I might not want only to get the milkshake.
  9. It's a real pity to hear the Chef's table is coming cookie cutter. The whole idea of a chefs table is it showcases the chef and their influences and the food that is in season etc.
  10. 2 hours in line for a water slide!!!!! Can you imagine 2 ships..... or 3..... This is not happy making
  11. I am the first one to say I think the "value" has decreased over time with more and more costs being added, some optional extras, some charging for what was once "free". Saying this I do not believe I have seen a decrease in the level of service I have received from staff and still feel like I get an excellent customer experience. Once or twice I guess I have had a "average to poor interaction with a grew member but those are outnumbered 1000 to 1 to the good to exceptional service I have received in recent years.
  12. Perfect, thanks Bob... NOw to decide if I can live with one device connected at a time 🙂
  13. Hi all, My wife and I will be on Harmony in February and have splurged for a suite for our 20th anniversary (I asked her if she wanted to take a cruise for our 20th anniversary and she was nice enough to bring me too). I note we get free internet. Do any of you know if that is Voom+Surf and is it for 1 device per person or multiple devices per person? We are really looking forward to our trip. It'll be the first time we've sailed on an Oasis class ship (Having done OVation, Voyager and Rapsody previously). Thanks for your help all. Emerson
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