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  1. Are you august 6? I booked that while on my last July cruise. We are sooo excited and got a great deal for a suite. I am also looking for a place to stay prior as well. (From NY) so I’ll be hotel shopping too. Thanks for the thread.
  2. We are Aug 2023 deck 10 2 BR aqua. Can’t wait to see the blog. Have a great trip!!!
  3. I was on the same sailing. We got cruise compasses everyday and the cococay map 2 days before the cococay day. How was your cruise? I found it to be very crowded. I expected that though.
  4. We just booked this while on our July cruise with Next Cruise! So excited. And so excited to see Texas!
  5. After an afternoon at Playmakers-we stopped into ‘next cruise’ and booked for next summer! A little tipsy but we got a GREAT price for star class!!! So excited! I’m wondering why it’s literally less than half the price of other star sailings though. It leaves Aug 6 2023 from Texas. Could it be bc it’s not a refurbished ship? does anyone have experience with star class on Allure?
  6. We JUST got off oasis of the seas from Jersey and booked next year august 2023 Allure from Texas! So excited!
  7. I did drive but my husband dropped me off. We didn’t park-but I did notice the garage right next door was for handicapped only. Which wasn’t like that a few years ago.
  8. Hi all. I’m on day 6 of my long awaited cruise on oasis of the seas from NJ to Bahamas. Here are my take homes-hope it helps a little. Pros: the service is amazing. Even with all these people the employees make you feel special and will accommodate all! Food is great in Izumi and Giovanni's. These are our only two specialty places we ate at. Windjammer food is good but also crowded as expected. Costal kitchen breakfast is well worth it. Quiet and great service. I personally did not make my money worth with the drink package but I do not regret getting it. Cococay was our best day. The all aboard time was changed from 4:30 to 6 so that was a nice surprise. we did the floating cabana and it was the best money I ever spent! I was lucky to split the cost with my sister. Hurts less that way lol. In Nassau we got resort pass for Margaritaville and it was fun. I’m in the owners suite. The suite lounge is our safe haven of quiet and relaxation. The ship is very crowded which I expected. It’s very noticeable when on the decks 15/16. The pools are insanely crowded including solarium. The trivia would be so fun if in a larger venue. We need to get to the venue literally one hour before to get a seat and still not available sometimes. We stopped going. So basically the Cons are due to crowds and I know….it’s a cruise. if anyone has any questions about specifics I’d be happy to help.
  9. I’m on a cruise right now and I have a different last name as my son and there was no problem. Showed only passports.
  10. I will definitely pay it forward and give as much info as I can! And I’m sure it will be great!
  11. My cruise is coming up on Friday and I’m so excited. It’s a little bitter sweet at the same time. It’s fun planning and reading on the blog, watching videos. I feel that I got to know some people here and soon I won’t be on as much since the cruise will be over. Until next year I guess lol. But I just wanted to say this was a great find and I appreciate everyone’s input and ideas. Thank you to Matt and all the members!
  12. I’m driving from eastern Long Island tomorrow to stay at my sisters. She’s two hours to the port. I’m all packed and anxious to get on. I hope you have a great vacation!!
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