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  1. Thank you all. It worked. In the app it seemed that nothing was linked but then when I was able to check in all the names showed up.
  2. I checked in this morning on the app and went straight to check in. Keep trying. At midnight I tried but it wasn’t available. Then tried at 4:44 am
  3. Thank you. How did you link them on the app? I have everyone linked on the website where we make dinner and excursions but the app just shows who is in my actual room.
  4. I am checking in tomorrow (whooo hoooo) and I’m wondering if a reservation is linked to mine on the website can I also check in for them on the app? otherwise I’m checking in for only who is in my room correct?
  5. Does anyone know if the floating mats comes with the cabana? In some videos it looks like they are in a closet in the cabana but I’m not sure if those were purchased? #veryexcited!
  6. So nice and generous of you! Hopefully we have a great cruise!
  7. Have you been on oasis before? My traveling companions are my sister and our kids (12,17,19) First time we are doing this. I’m sooo looking forward to it. I’ve watched so many videos I think I know the ship by heart! Can’t wait to get on
  8. Yes we got the drink package too. I was on the fence about it since I could get something at the lounge in the evenings but I wanted freedom to go wherever and whenever. I have habachi and Giovanni reservations. Otherwise winging it. I’ve only been on Anthem before and I’m really excited for this!
  9. We are on that same cruise. So excited. From my understanding the suite lounge has free alcohol for an evening “happy hour like time”. I was under the impression that it was only during that time. Snacks are all day. Coastal kitchen is the restaurant that we have for suite members only. Whoo hoo
  10. I’ve been diving deep into coco cay content. I just read that they don’t allow Rashguards on the slides? Or water shoes. For me I don’t care, but my sister needs to wear shoes (don’t ask) and my son is self conscious without a water shirt on. Has anyone experienced this recently? Or are they allowed to wear either of these items?
  11. Now I’m kicking myself for not getting the BP at $65pp
  12. July 8, 2022. NJ to Bahamas and coco cay. Whooo hooo
  13. How do we know if, or when, the cruise has formal night? Or theme nights etc.
  14. I know I agree completely. Our issue was that there were no suites at that time that accommodated 5 people because there were no two bedrooms left. Junior suites don’t count. But…..The 2 bedroom grand suite and the aqua 2 bedroom became available today so now I have options .
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