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  1. We’ve been to Ensenada before, so we don’t have anything booked either. We might not even get off the boat this time. We’re going to wing it.
  2. I just went through this process for our June 2022 cruise. For me, it was a super pain in the ass. I intended to use the points to pay for excursions. However when you go online to redeem the points, the OBC doesn't actually post to your account until a couple weeks before your cruise. This was not going to work for us bc by then the excursions we wanted would be gone. So i called...waited FOREVER to talk to an actual person. Was a complete cluster of an experience getting the OBC to show up immediately so we'd be able to apply it to excursions. I had $2000.00 of OBC, so for me, it was worth being on hold forever but if i had to do it over again, I would have called first and asked the customer service agent convert my points to OBC, rather than doing it on line and then calling. I had no idea when I did it, that my OBC would not post immediately. the whole process was such a pain for me, when we got home from our cruise, I cancelled credit card.
  3. Crazy how much the price fluctuates but that's supply and demand, i guess. I'm sure the experience is amazing!!! For us though- it will just come down to price.
  4. So, we have a cruise booked for August 2023 and I was just looking at the over the water cabanas. We are interested in booking- however the price is $3499! This is crazy in my opinion. What is the lowest discount anyone has seen? 30% off? I'm going to wait for black friday sale to see if it goes on sale for something more reasonable. I just can't justify paying that amount of money, but I'm sad because I want to try it out.
  5. Welcome to cruising!! Hopefully you have a great experience! We love cruising. Do you have any excursions booked?
  6. How far in advance do excursions open up? we are a lil more than a year out...
  7. FYI- Make sure you also have a legit luggage tag that will not come off with updated information (email/cell). Our bag was lost disembarking, and all our tags from RC were gone when our bag was finally found (days later). The lady at the port had no idea which cruise line my bag belonged to bc all the RC tags were gone. Thank God I had a legit luggage tag....still waiting on my bag to be shipped to my house. Bag was lost July 1st. Apple Air Tags for me from now on.
  8. Who's going? We just came back from the President's Cruise in Alaska and are excited for this quick cruise!
  9. yes, the ship docked in skagway, however we were not allowed to walk off the boat. instead, we had to ferry/ taxi off ovation using those emergency/rescue boats (yellow ones from mustard drill)Those boats ferried everyone over to a different area to dock...
  10. I am kicking myself about this bc we actually have apple air tags & talked about putting them in our luggage but completely forgot to do it before we left
  11. Can anyone else share their experience with lost or missing luggage? We got off the boat on Friday and 1 out of our 6 bags could not be found. We filled out a paper at the dock. We were hoping maybe someone grabbed it by mistake or that it was found still on the boat. But it's been 2 days and we've heard nothing. What is the process?
  12. For sure! I just know some ppl including myself like to know about theme parties ahead of time!
  13. I 100% would NEVER risk my vacation, or more importantly the health of others, our group is doing everything by the book. I was just curious. I’d be kinda annoyed if I spent money on testing, etc & they didn’t even check.
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