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  1. We have amassed a significant amount of points on our RC Credit card that can be turned into OBC before our cruise in December. A couple of questions for those of you who have used it: 1) When you redeem it does it just get applied to your cabin for spending during your cruise OR can it be put on your cruise planner to purchase special meals, packages etc before sailing? 2) Can it be used to pay gratuities? 3) Can it be used to pay taxes/port charges - all the special things on your bill on the last day... Thanks!
  2. We have a connecting balcony room with my mother-in-law so we can split up the kids on Anthem. Question— will the balconies connect as well?
  3. We are booked in a cabin just a few doors down from the concierge club on deck 12 and I am wondering about noise and traffic associated with this area. Has anyone had any experience staying close to it? Also -- is this a monitored space or can normal people just slip in ? Thanks!
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