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  1. We WON our bid!! We got upgraded from an Central Park Balcony to a JR Suite with only a couple of dollars over the min bid!!! So excited!!
  2. I am sailing on Symphony on Feb 5th and I just got an email this moring telling me that our Puerto Rico port is cancelled and to make up for it they are giving us a longer day in Labedee 8:00am - 5:00pm!!! So it looks like Labedee is BACK IN BUSINESS!! So excited to be one of the first people back there!!
  3. Thank you so much for all your very encouraging reply’s. We’re on Symphony on Feb 5th in a Central Park balcony. We have placed 2 bids for slightly over the min amount. One for a Jr. Suite and one for an bigger balcony room. I’ll let you guys know what happens!
  4. I was wondering if the lower capacity numbers during COVID would make it more likely that a Royal Up bid will be accepted? Does any who has sailed since the restart have any feedback/advice regarding thier Royal Up Bids? Do you feel the capacity of the ship had any effect? I feel like if they are forced to sail at 50%-60% then they would have to block off a lot of cabins across all classes. So, I assume there would be more availablilty for people to get thier Royal Up bids accepted?
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