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  1. Just wrapping up our cruise on Odyssey after enjoying our RoyalUp to a grand loft. Gotta say this was thrilling beyond belief. We truly enjoyed every aspect and the suite was awesome. I got many a good nap on the balcony this week. Enjoy and congrats!!
  2. I’ll confirm that. I saw the notification from my card about the charge and about 10 minutes later the confirmation email from RoyalUp. This happened on Tuesday before our Saturday sail. Since we went from Grand Suite to Grand Loft, I think we were one of the first dominoes because the other people in the Facebook for the cruise started reporting successful bids shortly after us, with the latest confirmation, that I know of happening, the morning of the sail.
  3. We sat at Playmakers sports bar last night watching the Chiefs game while eating and drinking and talking with many other people on board the Odyssey. All of us had masks off once we sat down and had food and drink in front of us.
  4. @CHRIS WONG Do they at least have the full range of sizes (XXL, XXXL) for the shirts?
  5. Cabin 8324, right next to the Royal Loft (which we also bid on and obviously didn't get). We bid about 15% above minimum on the CLS and the OLS. We bid minimum on the RLS (which was still way more than the other lofts and we really didn't *need* that much space... ). We also bid minimum on some of the other suites, but we really wanted a loft, especially since it took us from sky to star class.
  6. We just got notified a few minutes ago of our bid being accepted for this Saturday's sailing on Odyssey OTS (GS -> GLS). Oh, the excitement is palpable in our house right now!
  7. Oh, I misread that when I was scanning topics... I thought you said Velocity is addictive... For some reason my brain went straight to the bionic bar and thought maybe they renamed it... Alas, no, it's about running...
  8. I was on a competitors ship once and there was a rumor of a dad/daughter missing the ship. The way the story went, the teenage daughter brought her teenage boyfriend and the two of them rented scooters in Cozumel. They wrecked the scooters and the rental place wouldn't allow both of them to leave. So the boyfriend left the girlfriend and came back to the ship to get the dad. Dad took the passports and went to get the daughter. By the time he'd cleared things up, the ship had sailed and they had to catch it at the next port. I can't confirm if it's true, but I've certainly heard enough of these to believe it. And, I've stood on the balcony many times watching people run down the pier to get on as ropes were being pulled up. I once witnessed a couple literally getting pulled across about 3 feet of open space between the pier and the ship as it pulled away. And I've seen a few couples expressing frustration that the ship was too far away for them to get aboard. There's an episode of Might Cruise Ships (on Hulu+, I think) that shows two passengers getting left behind. I think it was the Clipper Ship episode. Fun watch.
  9. Awesome! There's an informal sailaway meet, quasi-organized from the Facebook Group for the sailing. Meet at the Lime and Coconut about 5pm for sailaway. If you want to attend, you might want to jump on the Facebook group first. Oh, and wear mardi gras beads to the sailaway meet.
  10. N95 under the mask... cheapo blue mask on top of the costume mask?
  11. Oh, I hope you're right! But I did just check and her check-in is still 12:30. Of course, if we get the Star Class upgrade... I can just let the Genie take care of it.
  12. So I was able to get an earlier check-in time than the original (1pm moved up to noon). However, I didn't realize it was doing it per person, so I moved my time, but not my wife's. By the time I realized, the only time available for her was 12:30. I put her in that slot and I figure we'll show up together and see what happens. Not sure why the app doesn't move everyone on the reservation together... Or maybe I screwed it up on my end... I do work in IT, after all...
  13. Agreed. That's how I was able to do it before. However, that ability is no longer available. The only thing I can think of is that, because we are so close in, they've started assigning cabins (as evidenced by the other bids I put in that are now expired) and this one no longer has the button to modify or cancel.
  14. I just logged in to mine, too, and it does seem like they've removed the ability to update the bid. Previously there was also a link below the bids to manage them and it's gone too. Instead I can't seem to get rid of the "This site uses cookies" popup at the bottom. Makes it look like maybe a browser issue, but I tried a different browser with the same results. I know the RoyalUp process says it can be modified up to 54 hours before sailing, which should be 10/2 for a 10/4 sailing ( @Kkmadden) or 10/7 for my 10/9 sailing. Maybe they stop it once they've started assigning bids?
  15. Quick update: Wife ordered a new passport on August 27th, expedited service. Updated to "In Process" on September 1. The passport arrived today (9/29). We were worried with the updates to the system, but no problem... we don't leave for another week <whew!>.
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