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  1. For our cruise out of Port Canaveral in March, we dropped our bags at about 9am and then had breakfast with some family at Grills next to the pier. We had an 11 am check-in and had no problems.
  2. I just did a mock booking for a 3 day out of Ensenada in June and with 4 people in the cabin (4 adults or 2 adults/2 children) it only gave an option for category 3B. With just two adults, it was a 3B or a 4B, but the 3B added an extra $100 or so to the price, presumably to make up for the lost revenue on the higher capacity cabin.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, the $114.18 for taxes and fees must still be paid, even if the fare is free. Adults: $784 x .7 (30% off) = 548.8 x 2 = 1097.6 Taxes and fees: $114.18 x 4 = 456.72 1097.6 + 456.72 = 1554.32 1554.32 - 76 - 146 = 1332.32 (rounding error?) I think as someone else pointed out, the 2 person vs 4 person room are priced differently. I'm assuming they would actually be different categories.
  4. On my last cruise, I had a bundle of magnets stuck together in my carry-on through TSA at the airport. I got pulled aside for a check and when they pulled it from my bag, they thought it was a puzzle. As soon as I said "hooks for a cruise" they laughed and let me on my way.
  5. Maybe the Mariner OTS incident has them on edge and they don't want to take chances.
  6. Going solo on a cruise, sleeping solo on the couch... Hmm... tough choice.
  7. I think I was loyal to the same Brand. Had a lot of "fun" on that line for 5 or 6 cruises. And I do agree with you about the desserts. Of course, when I started cruising they were still doing a midnight dessert buffet one night. And I used to order multiple desserts in the MDR because I wanted to try them all... Now I'm struggling to get rid of all that weight... Ooh, maybe that's just Royal taking better care of their passengers - fewer choices, fewer temptations to overeat! Seriously, though, now that we've switched to Royal, we won't be going back... I agree with 1st mate, that one minor thing was the only thing marginally better.
  8. For our cruise in March, we dropped our bags at 9am. We then met some family who live in the area for breakfast at the restaurant next to the pier (Grills) and then boarded at 11am (our assigned time). There was no problem. The porters were ready and waiting for luggage drop-offs.
  9. I was there in March. I weigh in at 260 and had no problem on the scale. I can't tell you if they are completely accurate or not, since they are a red light/green light setup (presumably so you're actual weight isn't displayed for the world to see).
  10. As I understand it, they were being very strict due to the pandemic protocols as a way to keep vaccinated and non-vaccinated at separate dining times/dining rooms. I will say, on my last cruise, we were on mytime and scheduled the times for each night in the app prior to the cruise. I was very thankful we did, because the line for "reservations" on the mytime was short and we got straight in every night. The line for those just showing up was around the corner and down the passageway, so I'm assuming 45 minutes to an hour wait, in some cases. With the recent announcements lifting mask mandates, maybe they'll change this up a bit and make it more flexible, but I'm not speaking from a place of knowledge at all.
  11. These look like the standard gratuities that automatically get added to each guest's sea pass. Below is from my upcoming 3-day cruise confirmation. I always have my TA pre-pay these, so I do see the $43.50 already on my confirmation. Also see: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/onboard-service-gratuity-expense.
  12. I think they treat positive covid and close contact differently from other quarantines. They quarantined my niece for about 24 hours in her stateroom and performed multiple covid checks. Since she came up negative for each check, she was allowed back out. Yes, if there is a reason to move someone to the actual covid isolation area, things would be different.
  13. Yes. The short version: I will be diamond after only 4 cruises with Royal (instead of the 10+ we expected to do). Long version: One was pre-covid (7 days in a star suite) - regular 2 pt per night, so 14 points (also our first cruise on Royal). Then we did an 8 day suite at double (32 pts) and then a 7 day suite (technically a 3/4 day back to back - I'm counting it as one cruise, 28 pts) also at double. We are currently at 74 points. I'm doing a solo 3-day in May to get us to Diamond. Inside cabin, low cost (about the same cost as a drink package for one person on a 7-day cruise). That way we won't be buying the alcohol packages going forward. Diamond was our original goal pre-covid and we thought it would take us about 4 years, minimum (ten 7/8-day cruises with the first one in the suite). We didn't expect to be in suites again, but we keep justify the extra $$... I think the star suite changed how we cruise forever.
  14. We sailed in March and my niece got quarantined. It wasn't Covid, but she was running a fever so they ran her through the protocols. We had a great head waiter in the MDR and when he found out she was quarantined he ordered up a Sorrento's pizza while we were eating to take back to the room. I would imagine that you could order a "to-go" plate from the MDR while you're eating and just bring it back to her. I know people have ordered desserts to go, in the past.
  15. Hmm... sold out and yet I got a bunch of RoyalUp offers yesterday. I bid minimum on a bunch, but on a sold out ship, the only way to get one would be cancellations, people coming up positive for Covid (I would rather the ship be full!!) or the 95% vaccinated thresholds causing empty rooms.
  16. I travelled internationally weekly for a number of years (admittedly, not 23!) and I still get just as giddy getting onto a plane as I did every time then. Interestingly, since I no longer have any status with the airlines, when we fly it is likely to be in the cheap seats at the back, instead of the 1st class upgrades I came to enjoy before. I still enjoy the experience. I am glad, though, that cruise status doesn't reset! Similarly, I did six years in the Navy, but I think I enjoy the cruises more because those years on board a ship got into my blood. I still get the knot in my stomach crossing the gangplank and have to fight the urge to salute the Ensign (flag). Some habits die hard. So, for me, at least, the answer is no I don't think I can go on too many cruises or too many flights, either.
  17. We've only had two genies (Hannah and Israel), so far, and both were exceptional. However, Marla was the Genia in the cabin next to us on Odyssey when we had Israel. We did interact with her since this was in October and the ship was only around 30-35% capacity. I will say she did impress us and even though she wasn't our assigned genie, we felt like we could rely on her as much as on Israel!
  18. I personally find it to be a matter of expectations (and managing them!). If people are chasing D, D+, Pin, etc. because they *expect* better ____ (service, food, experiences, etc.) then they will be disappointed. The benefits should be like add-ons. My wife and I enjoy the cruise experience. The idea that we don't have to cook, clean, etc. just by itself is wonderful, especially for a vacation. Our other vacation go-to is a timeshare where we do have to do those things. Never quite feels like a vacation to me. But I get a lot of relaxation in, anyway. That said, having a waiter remember my name, drink order, etc., makes the cruise exceptional and I can ignore even mediocre food with great service. I don't go hungry on a cruise, even if the MDR quality is subpar. We enjoy the suite lounge when the regular crowds get to be too much, or the extras the genies provide, or the early boarding, etc. But we are not cruising for the perks. We find that if we set our expectations at "we will enjoy this come what may" then the extras just ratchet it up to "we really enjoyed this immensely."
  19. You might want to look at this thread. Lots of discussion on options there.
  20. Yup, I'm on this one. Flying solo (my wife and I need 6 points to Diamond and she can't get away again until 2023). Checked with my TA a couple of days ago and it is sold out. Also they are not allowing any more price adjustments.
  21. My rule of thumb has always been: Stairs down are always an option, stairs up 2 decks are an option, stairs up 3 decks or more will depend on my mood, destination and time available. Save the elevators for those who need them. Also allows me to indulge more at the bars and restaurants...lol
  22. Look at the schedule in the App. If I remember correctly, the schedule included those shows so you could set a reminder.
  23. We were on the Indy and can confirm both the 70s and 80s parties happened. I recommend getting to the pub or Vintages early and getting good seats! And a Dublin Ice Tea or two will help the curmudgeons in the group enjoy the shows...
  24. So what I'm hearing you say is that Royal encourages us to log in and check on our upcoming cruises daily.
  25. We did the B2B on the Indy just before you (Mar 11-18). Our MDR service was excellent. Most of the food was good, except the Prime Rib. It didn't look like a prime rib cut and my "medium" was just shy of shoe leather and, also, very thin (like 1/4"). That was really my only complaint quality-wise. The server made up for it, though, by bringing us extras of stuff we didn't order that he knew was better. We definitely didn't go away hungry.
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