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  1. Do you like to snorkel? We've had several excellent experiences with See and Ski in St. Thomas. For very reasonable rates, we rent a small boat with captain and he takes us to several good snorkel spots. There is always a cooler full of beverages onboard. It's no frills, but for serious snorkelers, it's awesome as you can go where the other people are not, and see exactly what you want to see. We usually bring snacks, but last year our captain took us by the Pizza Pi VI boat and that was an excellent addition to the day! For Antiqua, Gail at BeachLimerZ is so amazing. You can do a w
  2. Can anyone tell me if there is a place on Explorer to get fancy juices or fruit smoothies? I know the bigger ships have smoothie bars in the spa area, but wondering if we'll be able to get anything like that somewhere on Explorer? Thanks!
  3. Looking forward to your report! We are on this exact itinerary on the Feb 21 sailing. A little nervous with some of the negatives I'm hearing about this ship pre-drydock, but keeping my hopes up. We've done the ABCs before and I can't wait to get back!
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