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  1. The Leupold I bought for my Alaska cruise in 2013 are wonderful. And they have, indeed, held up well. A nice thing about more expensive binoculars (these were in the $300 range back then) is the stability control they provide. When the view isn't shaking, it's much easier to zoom in.
  2. Following! We loved our Baltic cruise. Be sure to stop in Hell Hunt Pub in Tallinn. Great beer and food!
  3. We have had more noise from connecting rooms in the middle of ships than forward or aft for some reason. Aft cabins are my very favorite and I'd put up with a lot of noise before wanting to move. But I suspect you will not hear much anyway. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. I think it varies not just by ship but also by cruise/passenger makeup on same ship. Voom was fairly good on Harmony last week. A couple on second leg of b2b said awful the week before bc there were so many teens onboard for spring break.
  5. Same for us in 2013. Just remember that part of that land is Canada!
  6. Last week on Harmony, we felt the day one lunch was better than the night one dinner. The filet was not the best steak I've ever had, but the short rib thing at lunch was definitely up there. To your earlier question, we did make a standing CK dinner reservation ahead of time, but ended up on several nights asking the maître d' to adjust it and it was not an issue. One thing I wish I'd known, for our first time Oasis class sailing, is how much later entertainment skews than on smaller ships. You may already know this if you've done this class before. But I felt a 6 pm dinner would be as late as I could go, and I was so wrong. We ended up with very little to do until after 9. After a few nights of this, we adjusted to a later dining time and were much happier. Finally, you will adore that CLS! I don't think I can ever go back to a single bathroom, or to not being right by CK. Plus, the room was so blissfully quiet!
  7. Apparently test results name must match passport name. My husband is a junior but created his emed account with just his name. When he logged in to do the test, the proctor caught the mismatch, and had him log off and make a new account. I don’t know if it would have been a problem for boarding, but it was for verifying identity to take the test.
  8. Yes, have done this with no issue. We regularly walk around the ship with a glass of wine, most often that we have bought onboard but there is no way to differentiate.
  9. Just got back from our Harmony sailing. I stressed about the tests, too, and now feel silly. It was so easy to do the at-home proctored test! I played around with my phone and laptop cameras the day before and discovered it was easier for me to use my lap top. I set it a little more than arm's length away so that I did not have to angle the top down very far to see the test on the table. The instructions from the proctor were very easy to follow. The second proctor who came back to read the test was harder for me to understand because he was a native Spanish speaker and spoke veryveryfast. I told him I couldn't follow him and he (adorably) chanted to himself "slow down, slow down" and then he was very easy to understand. So it's ok to just talk to the people you are working with, which set me at ease. The test itself is exactly like many others I have done at home before going to a party or visiting vulnerable people, so that part was easy. I could see if you are not someone who has tested yourself much, it could be slightly more difficult, but honestly the proctor instructions combined with the images on the screen make it pretty easy. Anyway, OP, I think the overall message you are getting in this thread is that it will be ok whichever you choose. Happy cruising!
  10. Oh, Pooch, I'm so sorry! That is crazy!
  11. Oh I’m so sorry! When we’ve seen your group, y’all seem to be having fun. I guess it shows time with family can be good even if the outside stuff isn’t going to plan. I hope the last few days are better for you.
  12. We are two days in to our first crown loft suite. I’m not sure how we can ever go back to a single bathroom We started in junior suites. It’s a slippery slope!
  13. Thanks all! Can confirm they were ready to take our bags before 9:30. Now waiting to get on the ship.
  14. I know this has been discussed before but having a hard time pulling it up. How early is too early to arrive at parking deck at port canaveral? If we want to drop our luggage with porters on the way in, what time should we shoot for? we have a 10:30 check in so I’m not worried about too much wait time there. Just want to get a parking spot under cover without dragging bags
  15. Thank you for sharing the schedule! I. Glad you’re all together with negative tests in hand. Happy embarkation day!
  16. Emed also offers the option to pay with your hsa card if you have one. All but the shipping qualifies
  17. oooo can you share the schedule for us lowly sky class cruisers? Wondering if there will be a few more shows than it seems have been running lately
  18. This happened to us - we both got a pop up notice that it was time to check in. This was last week for our cruise this Sunday. We were in the middle of a thing totally ignored it. When I looked a few days later, all was fine. Glad yours is good too!
  19. If there's something we know we want, I book it as soon as I see a price I can live with. Then I do check for repricing. I booked a cabana on PDCC, and rebooked during Black Friday sale to save a ton. Drink package, I booked when Matt tweeted an alert about a sale last year, and I've never seen it that low again. If it's something we might want, I often book that too, and just have it in the back of my mind to cancel if it doesn't fit the budget. Never thought about it tying up funds. Either we keep the thing we booked, which just means we spread out the spending, or we cancel, and it's like finding money in a jacket pocket.
  20. Weird question but do you recall if the lamb Wellington had mushrooms? I know they are traditionally part of beef Wellington but hoping with the lamb twist they might be left off?
  21. If you can be happy with your current cabin, it may be worth waiting to check prices after final payment. They may go down if there is inventory left. Otherwise, if you want a better cabin and are willing to pay the difference, it’s always better to grab it, imo. Then keep watching in case prices do go down and you can grab the savings.
  22. I agree Aruba has best beaches in the traditional sense. Bonaire has amazing snorkeling. Unless you really hate to snorkel, I would highly recommend that you email Woodwind Bonaire and book a snorkel with them. They are a short walk from the ship, and take you over to a beautiful reef for a drift snorkel. Very little effort is required on your part as you drift with the current and the boat picks you up at the end. They provide all equipment, that even my snorkel snob husband likes, help you get set up, and a guide goes in with you to point out interesting aquatic life. After a couple of swims, they serve you wonderful food on your way back. Even if you are normally not a snorkel person, you will love this experience. We've always booked adventure guides through Edo with VIP tours Curacao and had amazing, very full, days on the island, but that doesn't sound like what you are looking for.
  23. If you bring on wine, remember to pack a corkscrew and a bottle stopper! You can ask your cabin steward for wine glasses. I like to bring a battery tea light so I don’t have to turn on the bathroom light in the middle of the night something to not pack is very many sea day outfits. You’ll end up in suits and cover ups then go right to dinner clothes.
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