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  1. Update: The $15 beverage that I was charged on my final guest statement will be refunded back to me (They made a mistake and said I had wine). The Royal Caribbean person that I spoke to told me the extra $15 and $43 charges to my credit card after the cruise will drop off. They are shown as pending. So now I am feeling a lot better. I'll keep an eye on my online banking.
  2. Well then, don't give me a final invoice and add extra charges to my credit card days afterwards.
  3. If I have to end up paying $43.50 x 2 for gratuities, I'll never use Royal Caribbean again. I got my own food (buffet) and I got my own refills (drink stations) most of the time on the boat.
  4. I was charged the amount on my final invoice but my online banking also shows two pending charges of $43.50 and $15.34, getting really annoyed. I had dinner 2 nights at the fancy restaurants, so I assume I'm going to be charged $15 again for water and the alcoholic drinks my family member ordered? The $43.50 looks like it is another gratuity fee even though I already paid for it 4/16 SERVICES ONBOARD GRATUITIES 14.50 4/16 SERVICES ONBOARD GRATUITIES 14.50 4/16 SERVICES ONBOARD GRATUITIES 14.50 = $43.50
  5. When 2 adults are in the same room (same reservation number) and one purchases the deluxe drink pkg…the other adult also must purchase that pkg unless you call Royal to request a refreshment pkg. Did you ever look at your Royal app or the cruise planner? You probably would have noticed. Also not sure why your family member used your charge card only for your pkg because typically one reservation uses one credit card. Now…If you were in 2 different rooms then perhaps the family member linked both reservations in order to make purchases for both rooms. In that case…you really should have paid more attention before the cruise to what you had already purchased. Not saying your family member is in the “right” here but communication is key when you are traveling with others. Seems odd that you would have completed your cruise without ever knowing you had the drink pkg. It is listed right on your sea pass! No clue what that $15 charge was for. Very sorry you encountered this but I would not blame Royal for this! He told me with the drink package that he purchased for me that I could get non alcoholic drinks. He also gave me a sticker to put on my sea pass which says "Royal Replenish." He commented that he was able to get 50% off his package when he also purchased mine (I was charged BEVERAGE PACKAGE 120.36). The cruise was 4/15- 4/18. I didn't have internet on the cruise and I didn't realize they had a cheaper drink package. I saw everyone had cups, so I assumed I needed a package for refills? Could I have brought a water bottle from home and kept filling it up with soda?
  6. "Were you both in same cabin? If so, I would be mad at Family member not Royal." Yes "The deluxe beverage Pkg requires ALL Adults in same cabin to purchase. If one does not drink alcohol you can call Royal and get the refreshment package (pre-cruise)." He bought the alcoholic package and he bought me the REFRESHMENT PACKAGE EDIT: I guess I was forced to also have the deluxe package because it also includes non-alcoholic drinks, which he said I could have "Were any "premium drinks or wine ordered by somebody at the table. Even with the deluxe beverage Pkg you will be charged the difference for drinks exceeding $13.00." He ordered a few alcoholic drinks and I just had water.
  7. I went on a cruise with a family member and he was able to buy a drink package for me, without me even agreeing for it. I don't understand why they would allow him to make a purchase for me without asking me if I was ok with it. My credit card was charged (He bought the wrong drink package for me, I needed the less expensive one for water and soda). Also, after looking at my final bill, I saw a $15 charge for "beverages" dining room. I just drank water! Do you think Royal Caribbean guest services will be able to help me? This was my first cruise.
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