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  1. We sail out of Vancouver in June on Serenade. I will keep looking for it! Thanks for the help
  2. Where in the cruise planner can I find the photo package?
  3. Attached the wrong St Thomas 2008 from balcony on MOS
  4. St Thomas from MOS 2008 Americas Cup sailing 2013 St Thomas crop.bmp
  5. We are scheduled for an Alaskan cruise out of Vancouver 2020. On our last cruise in 2013 (I know too long between) we had breakfast in the MDR before we left. Is the Key breakfast different? Can I still get breakfast in the MDR without being a Key user? Thanks
  6. I know you already sailed and I hope you saw the Northern Lights. For future reference here is a forcast web site https://www.gi.alaska.edu/monitors/aurora-forecast? We sail next June and I hope to see them.
  7. When we were on Freedom we had 2 rooms and the attendant was able to get the dividers opened for us.
  8. 256 on Serenade out of Vancouver. We are doing the train in Skagway but can't decide if we want the premium or not
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