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  1. My wife and I both work in jobs dealing with the public and have both had the vaccine. Half of my staff was out at one time with the virus or due to exposure and I also have my own issues so it was a no brainer. But since I am "immune" since that is what an immunization is supposed to do I will not be wearing a mask. I will continue to practice proper hygiene just like we did on pre rona cruises and we will be fine.
  2. Since we already had June 2020 then August 2020 canceled and Jul 21 looks like it's gone too. I just wish they would yank the band aid and let me get set for 2022. Of course I have already purchased all my excursions and drink package and will have the fun of doing that again.
  3. Serenade sailing 7/11/21 DBP was $40 last week. Snagged it!! It was even cheaper than the $45 I paid on the cancelled June 2020 trip.
  4. My son ate this every night for a week and was thrilled
  5. Perfect after a day of excursions and before the late seating of dinner. A quick snack especially if you have teenagers with you
  6. Rebooked my Alaska cruise to next year and had a remainder that I wanted to use for a cruise out of Galveston in Sept. Was told I can't use the remainder until after the cruise I used most of the FCC has happened. ?
  7. A similar discussion is going on over on this board
  8. Thanks @USCG Teacher That thread seems to fit perfectly
  9. So I opted for the OBC but received an email today saying the purchases were being refunded to my credit card. I don't want that since we rescheduled the cruise and will need to purchase the excursions et al all over again especially after I made a point to buy them at the lowest price at the time. Any one else have this happen
  10. RCL and Canada canceled our June sailing to Alaska but just got it rescheduled for Sept. Ready to go now?
  11. Thanks Chris. These are very interesting.
  12. Try to disinfect the ship before my June sailing please?
  13. We are going June 7 as long as the ship is going
  14. Any info on cigar smoking on Serenade? Cruising Alaska in June?
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