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  1. I know right? Complaining about complaining lol
  2. Well we are 9 days away from our first RC cruise and again they changed our itinerary. About a month ago they took Haiti and La Ramona out and replaced it with Bonaire without any explanation. Now I just received an email stating they cancelled Bonaire and are now going to Grand Cayman. We just booked and paid for our excursions in Bonaire. Anyone else dealing with this? And tell me about Grand Cayman.
  3. We are actually going to Aruba and curaçao
  4. Going on my first Royal Caribbean cruise on April 30th. A couple months ago they took Haiti and La Ramona out of our itinerary and replaced it with Bonaire. So we lost 2 but replaced with 1. We were quiet disappointed in the loss of Haiti as we had the best excursions for there but assumed it was because of the unrest there. Well found out today a friend who is currently on a RC cruise in is Haiti. We called RC and they had no answers for us as to why they took it off our itinerary, just said they have the right to change itinerary. No offer of any kind of refund or on board expenses. Just said they were sorry. Anyone else dealing with this?
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