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  1. It was a booking promotion . Oh well , just hoping it might carry over . Thank you for the information !
  2. Hey folks, This may have been discussed already but I haven't seen it . Can the OBC ( Mine is $125 for Mariner 4 day April 27th) be transferred to my next cruise( Freedom Sept.27th) if RC cancels my cruise or does it just disappear ? Anyone know ? Thanks .
  3. Okay , thank you very much gentlemen . I will keep my fingers crossed .
  4. Does anyone know if RC cancels a already paid for cruise will they refund the money , give a cruise credit for what I paid or allow me the same booking ( stateroom , dining ect) at a later time . I was able to get great prices for two upcoming cruises in April and September of 2020 and I am pretty sure I won't be able to book the same category stateroom in the future . Thanks for any help .
  5. Okay thanks, l hope that is the reason and not permanent due to the expansion of excursions at the island. Anyone snorkel over the coral after the beginning of last month? We are heading there again in October and I would like to make other plans if that area isn’t available for snorkeling anymore.
  6. I have been to Coco Cay several times in the past . I love to snorkel on my own . On my last trip to the island in the beginning of May 2019 , my favorite area to snorkel was roped off . I enjoy snorkeling near the rock breakwater and over the rocks and coral ( to the far left if you are facing out to the water) . The only area available was the grassy area where a few manmade structures are . Has anyone else experienced this ? Is it permanent ? Thanks for any feedback .
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