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  1. Am I correct in assuming I will not get back the points I redeemed for onboard credit on my cancelled cruise? Anyone know?
  2. My SO and I would be fine using the credit but the 3 family members going with us would have been first timers and may not share a cabin if they rebook. It would just be easier if their money was returned.
  3. I did notice a couple articles saying people felt forced to go because they were not getting refunds so the bad press was starting.
  4. Sure hope this means we get actual refunds and not future cruise credit.
  5. #stillgoing 23 days....however, the more things shut down across the country I am beginning to wonder if we will get the chance.?
  6. For sure! Stephanie at mei just got us upgraded to a grand suite! So excited!
  7. We are going on Brilliance out of Tampa on the 4th.
  8. I called to redeem and asked to have it applied right away. It was there before I got off the phone.
  9. The coaster seems to be the only thing not showing in cruise planner for our November 2020 sailing. Could it really have sold out a year ahead of time? Does anyone know of scheduled maintenance for that time?
  10. Thanks for the welcome Waaaytooo! And for the info Marvin!
  11. Long time listener, first time caller. Normally we have no interest in a photo package. We hope for one photo to turn out well enough to purchase and call it good. We are cruising in April with 3 family members in another cabin for the first (and perhaps only) time. On black Friday I purchased the all digital packages for both cabins hoping that would mean we would get all the photos no matter who was in them including the photos of us all together. Hoping it works. I will let you know. Thanks to all for all the good info on this forum!
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