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  1. this is the 3rd cruise cancelled on me in a year.. im pissed, because i keep getting jerked around, have not gotten any onboard credit from the first two cancellations and they say i can rebook but the same ship and itinerary is always different and they only give me 2 weeks to rebook or lose my option to "Lift and shift". but they want answer the phone to get it done and when they do, you get different info from every rep....every rebooking from the past , the price goes up if you dont rebook on the same ship. Tried to rebook for the next cruise and they wouldnt let me, said I had to wai
  2. only problem is depending on how many cruises have been cancelled( this is my second cruise in 2 yrs cancelled) the credit expires for me in oct, which gives you only 6 months to use and some may not have the ability to take a cruise in that time period. So you lose your credit. Also one of the many trap doors, is the credit is broken up between all persons in the party and cant be used for taxes , are port fees, so basically you never get the full credit and you get pressured into booking a cruise soon. Word of advice , you are better off getting full refunds due to the fact you may have to
  3. I think im done with rcl. We got cancelled last year same time due to Oasis damage. They gave us another cruise free except for taxes and fees...but we had to use it before April 5th now they have cancelled this one and we lose our free cruise, and they will not honor the previous discount which was no fault of ours...
  4. Rcl just cancelled all cruises out of USA ports thru April starting Monday sbight tonight
  5. Rcl just cancelled all cruises out of USA ports as of midnight tonight
  6. Cmaccullen. , You are lucky I wonder why they reduced your price if they already had your money that's unheard of
  7. Yeh. Maybe I'll run into you hope you have a great trip
  8. Are you on the Oasis of the seas or another ship. I will be on the Oasis
  9. Thank you all. Hey, Cruise Queen 44, I will be on the Oasis, on the 5th of April. Is this cruise the one you are on.. I personally think everything will be ok especially with so many people cancelling, we will much more room, less wait times and probably deals on drinks packages, and massages maybe. Hi Cruise queen ,, i will be on that cruise (if you are on the Oasis) with you outside anything getting worse,,, I dont think it is as bad as the media reports. I deal with tons of Doctors and nurses and they agree. Many people who die from any virus are mainly elderly or health compr
  10. I would like to request help from anyone departing any rcc cruises in the Caribbean in the next 3 weeks to report back to this site and inform others how it went and if you had any issues of passenger illnesses and if any port of calls refused ship passenger disembarkation. This would be so helpful to myself and many others. Thank you in advance. I have a cruise coming up in April, and I intend on doing this for others. Thank you.
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