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  1. I'm still going. I'll take a little noise as long as I am on a cruise! And for the noise, a drink package will help me sleep
  2. We are going to take a four day cruise as a way to ease back into cruising. We were moved to the Freedom of the Seas from the Navigtor. I noticed that our room is under Chops Grill, splash academy, and all of the fun stuff. Can anyone tell me if the room is noisey? I'm not a light sleeper, but I would like to know what to expect.
  3. Ok, I got a question. Our first Star Class suite was cancelled on the SOTS in the 4 bedroom villa suite. HOW DO YOU RECOVER FROM THE SADNESS?? I tried to find a new cruise to book, but I am still so sad. I am thankful the ability to cruise like that, and I am saddened for all of people who have suffered much more then I have with this. Just SAD
  4. We in Michigan are on a stay in place for the next 3 weeks. Essential places will be open. We are not the only state that have this. Experts, how do think is this going to impact the Aprill 11 start sailing cruise dates? Requardless if we sail or dont on the 11th, I will still cruise when we are allowed to. Cruise fan forever!!!
  5. Do you mind me asking, which cruise?
  6. My problem exactly. We paid the fare for my brother and his family. I would want the money for that. Not that I dont love him, but the money is mine. So, I am watching everyday to see what happens. It's a double edge sword, my group so wants to go, he cant medically.......soooooo unhappy if its canceled, screwed if it's not. I will make lemonade out of lemons for which overwatch it goes.
  7. We have ours in April. I would love to go, but medically some in our group shouldn't. I just want some direction sooner than later. There is so much more involved logistically then just the cruise. I have hotels, flights, and taxi cars for 15 of us.
  8. So, they got a refund for the 4/11 cruise?
  9. I have a cruise on April11. I think August 1st, if it is true that some ships might be used as hospitals. ( dont know if that is true, heard a rumor).
  10. Do you think with the 14 day quarantine, that RCL will cancel more cruises? 14 days puts a new spin on cruising.
  11. We are on the SOTS on April 11th. We just barely made it. I'm excited that we were not cancelled, but I know in my heart this isn't over, and they are canceling in waves. I dont see this being better until July. With that being said, I am more saddened for all the people in and out of the cruise industry whose livelihood is on the line. We are worried about being on a ship and others are worried about rent and food. Either on a cruise or not, I'm thankful for what I have, and hope all goes well for everyone.
  12. That might be a plan. There is a $3000.00 dollar difference. That is the price of a cruise in a balcony!
  13. That is why I am so confused, what qualifies as severe. I have asthama. It has never stopped me from doing or trying things. I have kayaked, moution climed, ran a 5k, and skied. All those activites are not advised for people with asthma, so I dont think a cruise will stop me. Hell, I joined the military at 18 (lied of course about it), but served my country proudly with no issures. I am at risk every flu season, so I wash my hands, cover my mouth, and go on about my day.
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