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  1. We were on the Freedom in an owners suite. I was afraid the noise would be bad, but it was not. It could have been because of the limited capacity.
  2. Maybe not strange but just as entertaining. Years ago we had aft rooms. My 3 boys always had to be back in the room at a certain time. I thought nothing of it. Then one day I heard "Jessica can you put some clothes on! There are kids out there." Jessica like to air dry on the balcony completely nude. (Not completely, she had a towel on her hair). She apparently didn't care that she was flanked by 3 boys. Her room was in the middle .
  3. What is the earliest someone has ever got? I got the 1 -1:30 slot. I'm happy with that, but was just wondering.
  4. Other then the gratuities issue, how was the Freedom?
  5. Mine was in my spam email. Check there or junk email.
  6. Definitely. I got it 3 times for my Freedom cruise. I answered itb3 times. On my statement it now says vaccinated.
  7. I almost did not take our first trip on Royal because of customer service. They charged me for 4 rooms instead of 2 rooms (Don't understand how). After many calls they figured it out, but it took almost 10 days to get the money back. Once I was on the ship, I understand why we put up with the lack of customer service help. Then after the 2020 mess I now have a TA to deal with them. I'm a control freak when it comes to vacations, so it was hard to let go.
  8. I totally agree. It took her talking to a couple of Royal agents to figure it out.
  9. It doesn't help that Royal won't give you one refund. They give it back to you in random amounts. It makes it complicated. Our 2020 cruise was the same way.
  10. We were also moved from the Navigtor to Freedom. Our gratuities were not transfered. There was a separate refund for the gratuities that was given. It was hard to track because of the fare difference. It took the TA a bit of time to figure out. Good luck.
  11. I'm not a doctor, and I don't play one on TV, but 6 out of how many? Aren't my odds just as high if I go to Disney or Universal? At least on the cruise ship there is contact tracing and testing. I personally like those odds a little better.
  12. Inside cabin. It is to dark. I need light to wake me up. I would sleep the cruise away.
  13. 33 days until my next cruise. Feels like an eternity from my last cruise. NEED THIS CRUSIE!!
  14. I did the survey twice now. On the plus side, it does say vaccinated on my invoice.
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