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  1. Hello, Does anyone know when Anthem of the Seas will debut the H2O Zone water park with all the bells and whistles? I know right now it's the H20 Wave Pool. I'm just wondering because I have a 3 and 5 year old and I know they would love that so much better! I thought maybe it would be added when Anthem went to Drydock but I'm not sure if its Drydock has been rescheduled due to closure/COVID-19 ?? Thanks!
  2. Funnel Cakes at the Snack Shack then top it off with soft serve ice cream!
  3. On Harmony our waiter asked where our family is from. When we told him we were Filipino, he brought us delicious chicken Adobo from the crew cafe. Also by request, every evening he brought us a large spread of amazing Indian dishes. By the second night, on the table waiting for us were larger made up plates of shrimp cocktails, sliced fruits and cheese plates. That was a nice touch! We didn't have to order those like we did the night before. He also brought us entree's to sample that we didn't personally order. It was awesome!
  4. In Cozumel, we went to Playa Mia and bought a Beach Day Pass + Buffet. We traveled with young children and they had a really cool aqua park for kids. For the Beach pass it included chairs, use of the beach, pools, aqua park, lazy river, jacuzzi, kayaks, paddle boats, and food. It was a short taxi ride to the beach. https://www.playamia.com/tours-excursions/tours-for-cozumel-guests
  5. We traveled the week of Sept 22, 2019 Eastern Itinerary going to Cococay, St Thomas and St Maarten. As Tropical Storm Karen was making its way to that part, we were still able to go to Cococay (thankfully! It was the highlight of our cruise. LOVE COCOCAY!) and then we were re-routed to a Western Itinerary - Costa Maya and Cozumel. We knew traveling during hurricane season has it's risks and as others have mentioned, if you have an open mind and just go with the flow, you'll have a great time. We had alot of fun going to the unexpected ports and we loved being in Cozumel. We also invested in travel insurance for peace of mind.
  6. Hello, A few questions to ask... Cruising on HOS in Sept and we have traditional late seating. I was wondering, is it possible to order entrees from the dinner menu at MDR and take the food to go? Just in case for some reason we couldn't devote the entire time at a sit down meal or if worst comes to worst we weren't feeling well but didn't want to miss out on dinner, would that option be available? Does Solarium Bistro allow you to take the entrees "to go" as well? I understand Solarium Bistro is rsvp only and appetizers are buffet style, entrees are on a menu... is that correct? My next question is will they allow us to take bottled waters off the ship and on the ship when coming and going at Port? Btw our stops are Cococay, St Thomas and St Maarten. Thank you in advance!
  7. I've been watching those YouTube videos with my kids and they are just as excited as I am!!
  8. Thank you everyone for the menu and great suggestions!! 100 days away and it can't come soon enough!!
  9. Hello, We have a group of 10 (including 3 children under 5 years old) sailing on HOS in Sept. We LOVE sushi/sashimi so we are so excited to have this on the cruise. I wanted to ask if Izumi Hibachi is offered during lunch? If so, how can I go about making a reservation? I have only seen Hibachi for dinner on Cruise Planner. How much would it cost for the children? Also is Izumi Hibachi and Sushi open on sea days? What's your favorite on the Izumi menu? Thanks so much!
  10. Thanks so much!! We can't wait!! I hope you enjoy your next cruise as well 😀
  11. @SEQFamilyCruisers Thank you for the tips!! I appreciate it!! Happy to know my kids will have lots and lots to do on board!!
  12. @melski94 Thanks for the tip. I was looking at a picture of Splashaway Bay and I assume the area that you're referring to within SB ,where the not potty trained kids go, is the area without water slides (the smaller area). Is that correct?
  13. Hello Everyone, Thank you so much for your great tips!! On our first day I will go to AO registration and have all my questions ready for them!! I LOVE that RC is so willing to go the extra mile for all its guests. Even though this is our first cruise and we haven't even sailed yet I think this is the start of a loyal RC family! @Matt Thank you for the great suggestions!! I love this forum!! I've been doing all my cruise research here from videos, blogs, message boards, sample menus, especially the cruise compass... I feel we are preparing so well thanks to royalcaribbeanblog.com THANK YOU for all the tips, hacks, reviews!! WE ARE LOVING IT!!! We're already talking about our next cruise, possibly Autism of the Seas on a RC ship or Symphony. @Terri Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with me. I think that's a great idea and I will be sure to follow suit. If we get accepted to AO, we only plan on using them for 1 or 2 times, 1-3 hours max, enough time for the husband and I to catch a show and a drink at the bar or a date night at a specialty restaurant kid free!! It's so good to know these things in advance. Much appreciated!!
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