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LAX Port Transportation

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2 hours ago, Allen2 said:

What are the transfer options from LAX to the Port (and back)?  Best options?  Will be overnighting night prior to cruise at airport-area hotel.

Found this on the web. From Nov '21 so prices may not be real accurate.


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If you stay in a hotel at LAX then its about a 35 min taxi or uber ride to the port, depending on traffic. LA traffic is horrendous so give yourself plenty of time. If you're getting in at least a day early I recommend a hotel in the San Pedro area close to the port or staying Downtown Long Beach. DLB has plenty of hotels and lots of fun stuff to do prior to the cruise. On Ocean Blvd/Pine Ave there's The Aquarium, The Pike, lots of restaurants, Queen Mary, nightlife, all within walking distance of the hotels. There's a Hilton,  Hyatt (next to LB Convention Center) and The Westin in addition to some others. It's also a short taxi or uber ride to the port of LA (San Pedro) its just opposite of the bridge so very close and you don't have to deal with LA traffic possibly delaying your arrival time. But I understand if you're flying the night before and don't have enough time or not interested in exploring than getting an uber or taxi to the port from an airport area hotel is the best way to go. If you give yourself a few hours, beat the LA traffic and you're early to the port, check out the USS Iowa thats in the same port (literally next to the ship) or grab a bite in one of local restaurants. 😀

Flying into Long Beach Airport is actually so much easier and stress free than flying into LAX just a future side note. However, airlines are limited. 

Sailed on Navigator a few months ago and lived in the Southbay my whole life so feel free to ask any ?'s and I'll do my best to help. 


Have a fun cruise!

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I second Long Beach, I've done the Westin there twice, and took a public bus to San Pedro for $1.25.  Then walked 15 minutes to the port.  Easy Peasy.  

The whole LAX arrival / ground transport process is a nightmare followed by a $60 uber ride.  blah.  You can technically do it on public transport from LAX, but its time-consuming and involves transfers.  You can book a car service from LAX but its alot more expensive than the Uber.  Be warned that Ubers aren't super prevalent in San Pedro in the mornings when the ship returns to port.  Both times we had a little bit of a wait trying to catch one, so I'd befriend some other LAX-bound Uber-riders and maybe try and share one.  And don't book a flight home too early from LAX.

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