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  1. interesting, my April 13th sailing on Brilliance does not show "cancelled" yet on the app, but at least I know what's coming down the pike now. Thanks for posting your letter!
  2. my issue is that the CDC at the moment considers cruise ship travel a "level 3" caution. avoid non-essential travel & a 14 day self-quarantine upon your return. As such, my company requires us to self-quarantine if we travel to a level 3 area. I'm not going to voluntarily take a 5-night cruise and then voluntarily sit on my duff for 2 weeks when I get back. I'm already bored to tears at home 😆 they will probably put the screws to the CDC soon to either roll back the level 3, or else extend the cancellations. If Trump says "OK cruises are good to go now" and the CDC keeps cruises at a level 3, then we have a problem.
  3. I have a solo on Brilliance booked for April 13th, and I plan on going unless Royal or the government forces my hand. DiamondPlus ain't gonna happen on its own 😆
  4. Welcome to the boards! You need to call Costco Travel to initiate the process. Also ... RE: the FCC, you may need to ask Royal to confirm that you can use it with a new Costco cruise booking, but you *should* be able to. I had a similar issue several years ago with a cancelled sailing on Empress that Royal whacked 10 days before departure. We are airline employees, and usually book via ID90 travel (or another interline agency where the rates are highly discounted for us). The cancellation got us an FCC of around $200, and originally I was told it had to be redeemed through Royal. I called again, and explained that the ID90 rates we get are better than the rack rate usually available, so if we HAD to book directly next time, it really wasn't much compensation if I could just book a cheaper rate with ID90 without the voucher. Royal agreed, and clarified that I could use the FCC with another ID90 travel agency booking. So if they tell you no, ask again, and reference my story 😛
  5. interesting, on Jewel last week they ADDED Doha in lieu of the Khasab / Muscat stops. I wonder what changed in Doha all of a sudden. great ... I'd still relish 16 days on a boat though!
  6. we are currently on Jewel in the Persian Gulf. originally had 2 stops in Oman (Khasab / Muscat) on days 3 and 4. Royal elected to cancel the Oman stops on their own after we had gotten underway. Royal's explanation is that Oman has open borders with Iran (trade/immigration etc) which is something I hadn't even considered. As Iran has a huge spike in cases & their public health sector ain't so hot right now...this was probably a good decision. They subbed 1 day in Doha Qatar in lieu of the 2 Omani ports, which we did yesterday. so we lost a port and gained a sea day. stated compensation was an onboard credit in the amount of 1 day of the equivalent cruise fare. if the credit is more than our seapass account balance, the remaining will be refunded to our credit card. I didnt ask about port taxes refund too, but will check today. I'd assume 2 ports in Oman cost more than 1 day in port in Doha, but I don't really know what the breakdown is.
  7. data point: we were assigned our balcony GTY 12 days out for our upcoming Dubai sailing on Jewel
  8. certainly a stellar alternative! and you'll have quite the story to tell. enjoy...
  9. wow ... just wow. so glad we cancelled 2 weeks ago and booked Jewel to Dubai instead. we would have been on the flight to Singapore right now too.
  10. We ended up cancelling the Quantum sailing as I alluded to up-thread. I found a 7-nighter on Jewel out of Dubai the following week that worked for us. Instead of waiting for my fare voucher to show up, from the cancelled Quantum sailing, Royal allowed me to immediately roll those funds into my new Jewel sailing since I already told them what I wanted to do. That was nice of them. Not like I wouldn't be cruising at some point this year anyways, but a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush as the saying goes. Also got a refund of the DL flights to Singapore so thats, $1550 back in my pocket. Our new flights AMS-DXB were only $550. Not bad for 2 weeks out. My only disappointment is earning 7 cruise nights instead of 9 this time. All the more reason to book another one!
  11. Is that like being eternally on a cruise? I'd be fine with that.
  12. Delta came back with basically waving the change fees, but an add-collect (fare difference) of $159 pp to change the tickets to return from SIN instead of HKG. And of course, I'd submit that receipt to Royal for re-imbursement. I would be fine with this. Otherwise, if we elected to cancel it straight-up, I'd have the $1550 value of the plane ticket to use for a year. I called Royal and confirmed that if we do cancel voluntarily, we would receive a voucher in the amount of the cruise fare in approximately 14 days from via the travel agency. The voucher is valid for 1 year (the email concerning this sailing doesn't mention this timeline, but RC confirmed "1 year" over the phone). Given all of this, my current plan is to wait a week or so, see if the waivers get extended or the pot sweetened, and then cancel the cruise & the plane tickets. I just don't feel like the stars are lining up this time. MY S/O has a colleague who's Chinese wife is in HKG right now, and they won't let her leave. Yesterday a Costa Cruise was quarantined on arrival back at her home port. If anything happens in 3 weeks with the current situation further deteriorating, and we get held up in Singapore or barred from boarding return flights because we've been to Singapore / Thailand / Vietnam ... I think Royal has mitigated the situation ... I'll say "sufficiently." This is more about me not wanting to insert myself into a questionable environment when I can use the funds elsewhere within a year. Too many "hanging chads" right now on this sailing, in this part of the world. Good luck to all those who are pressing on!
  13. thanks for that. Waiting for a Delta RES to call me back now. Will see what they come up with.
  14. just got the email. It's alledged that Royal has "worked with airline partners" to waive change fees for re-scheduling your return travel out of SIN instead of HKG. If you booked airfare on your own, Royal will cover up to $400 for international itinerary changes / change fees. My next stop is to call Delta and see what the ticket changes are going to cost. S/O still wants to go. At this point, I'm ready to bail and just do something else. I have 3 weeks off and don't want the stress of dealing with any of this anymore. I can use the funds towards a future sailing. The problem is- we are not connecting through China in either direction. Seoul both ways. And HKG is not part of the Delta Coronavirus waiver. So it'll take an act of congress to get a refund from Delta since my air itinerary isn't technically impacted by this waiver. The cruise was $450 pp including tax. The plane tickets were $1550 pp 😲 So my gut says Royal will pay the change fees and we'll probably still end up going.
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