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  1. Looking forward to taking this class cruise ship. (Grandeur) My wife really enjoyed the bigger, more to do ships but not this guy. I just wanted to relax and watch the waves and relax again. I really am hoping they have a karaoke lounge and a more relaxed casino. Thank you.
  2. I found it very useful that I could book my RC cruise through United Airlines. Paid for my solo bday cruise for this coming July 18th out of Galveston by using my miles. SWEEET!!
  3. Just got off Adventure of the Seas on April 17th from my 20 yr anniversary cruise. I decided to book another for my 45th birthday on July 19th. The only one available during that day out of Galveston was Grandeur of the Seas. Since the family has to work, I will be going solo. Any comments on the ship? Tips or activities recommended? Thanks James
  4. I highly recommend getting the deluxe drink package and prepay gratuities. Have FUN and RELAX!!
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