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  1. @Mario you may be surprise at the quality of the WAN connection, newer ships have a very stable, low(er) latency connection see here. The way I understand it there is literally a satellite in geosync orbit over the Caribbean dedicated to Royal's ships. I personally know of a current charter cruise where Oasis and Symphony are using two-way videos links to connect conference sessions. Granted that's high-end gear with full cooperation of Royal's IT teams but, you get the point. This does depend on the specific ship, not all are yet equipped with this tech. Good point on the DHCP lease.
  2. I'm not all caught up in the morality of the application there but I'm excited about the technical discussion. First I'm sure the ship has many, many subnets and vlans and all that sort of fun stuff. Depending on how new/old/recently renovated the ship the more advanced the systems. IMO I doubt security would even care if you were just trying this on the network, maybe if you were trying to access internal systems, payment processing, employee networks etc. But lets be honest, IT security is nearly always an afterthought and never funded very well until a business gets caught in an a
  3. Closer to your sailing they will show up for free reservations in the cruise planner. Usually 60ish days out. For a good general idea of what to expect you can look up past cruise compasses of a similar sailing.
  4. Just closing the loop on this: we are 3 days out from our cruise and they just posted all the other premium restaurants in the planner, and as @AshleyDillo mentioned they are charging a premium for some extras on valentines day. For $75/pp the Cruise Planner description is: Booked it, YOLO.
  5. I had the UDP on Nav in January and got Izumi in port and Playmakers as we were leaving Coco Cay.
  6. Yeah. We knew we wanted to do Hooked twice so it was a pretty good deal for us. But, it was SO. MUCH. FOOD. I couldn’t imagine eating like that for an entire week long cruise.
  7. We got it on Black Friday for $74/person
  8. "Inflated pricing" that sounds great...
  9. Well.... we are 11 days out from this cruise and still no CP150, Jamies or Sabor. I'm guessing my best bet at this time is to get to CP150 as soon as I board to get a reservation?
  10. Just to close this out; we had a great time on Navigator with the UDP. We hit chops on embarkation day and had no problems using the $35/pp credit at Izumi when it was open for lunch while docked in Nassau or at Playmakers when leaving Coco Cay. Also hit Johnny Rockets for a chicken finger snack and our favorite Hooked for dinner twice.
  11. Lots of good practical tips here. My favorite packing tip is more theoretical: "Leave half the stuff, bring twice the money."
  12. I got the same price for Navigator in January. Absolutely crazy considering it’s $94 for exactly the same thing in February on a 7-night On Harmony
  13. Will do @twangster. Looks like chops is open on embarkation day and Izumi is open when in Nassau, at least it was back in September. So in your experience with the UDP, if the restaurant is open they accept the package and don't charge extra?
  14. Well... did a little more googling and found this on the RC website:
  15. We picked up the UDP for our short 3-night on Navigator in January. The wording on the website says it also includes lunch on sea-days but this cruise has no sea-days. Does anyone know if I will be able to use the package on embarkation day at Chops Grille and at Izumi for lunch while docked in Nassau? We are also planning to use it for an early snack at Johnny Rockets or playmakers and have later reservations at Chops, Jamies and Hooked but scanning through the forums I see people get various results, does anyone have experience with the current polices on Navigator?
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