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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen, I arrived home around 1 am on Monday, December 17th and slept nearly the morning away. (Needless to say, I was extremely grateful that I had booked this day off work LOL.) Still catching up with IRL work and other commitments, but I am planning to finish this review 🙂 Thank you for your patience! Christine
  2. Rushed a bit to finish aforementioned breakfast, but I managed to meet up with Mr. Grey of Thenford Grey Tours for my Grand Island Tour of St. Kitts. Mr. Grey was our guide of our group of 20 and he was very funny, very knowledgeable, with a passion for his home country and meeting visitors. He pointed several historical landmarks en route to our first destination, Romney Manor. Quiet day in port with just Adventure and another ship from a luxury line tendered in the distance.
  3. It is now Day Six, a.k.a I grabbed a quick breakfast at Cafe Promenade before heading off the ship to St. Kitts.
  4. I wrapped up Day Five with a show by ventriloquist Kevin Johnson, Holiday Harmonies on the Promenade with some of the RC singers, and the Dancing under the Stars party on the pool deck.
  5. Dinner again in the MDR was excellent, with a performance of O Sole Mio by the waitstaff during dessert 👍
  6. We made the obligatory stop at an extremely crowded Maho Beach before driving quickly through Simpson Bay Marina on our route back to port. Agreed with those who thought it was a little bit of a tourist trap, but it’s worth seeing once. Overall, this was a terrific tour and I will definitely consider Bernard’s Tours for my next visit to St Maarten. At the terminal, I bought, drank $2 bottle of Corona at a duty free ship before returning to the ship. We sailed to our next destination under a wonderful sunset. I will finish off Day Five and hopefully Day Six tomorrow 🙂
  7. Next, a brief photo stop at Orient hilltop before our lunch stop in Marigot. I had a very yummy lunch of pancetta, cheese, and pesto panini and pastry. 😍 (Sadly, the bakery was sold out of macaroons 😥) I had time to admire the yachts before meeting up with our group.
  8. We made another photo stop at Oyster Pond prior to reaching the iguana farm.
  9. I then met up with Bernard himself for my SXM Island Tour I through Bernard’s Tours. Our driver was David Taylor, a very funny, informative guide. All through the tour, he pointed out landmarks, interesting facts about the country. We crossed the Dutch - French border into the French side and made a photo stop at a lookout point, visit with sea urchins.
  10. It is now Day Five a.k.a. I grabbed a quick breakfast at Cafe Promenade prior to making my way off the ship and met Kareem 🙂 Besides Adventure, Harmony, Marella Explorer, MSC Seaside, and another ship I couldn’t quite get close to catch the name of.
  11. Wrapped up Day Four by attending a concert of Adele songs by the very talented Amy Jo Slater.
  12. Then it was off to Studio B for the fantastic skating show, Cool Art Hot Ice. (So happy to see a Canadian amongst the skaters!) I actually took quite a few pictures of the skating show, so I will break it up and show you the highlights.
  13. Time to play catch up yet again.. sorry gang, but I hope to get some work done over the next two days while we are at sea. 🙂 Back to Day Four.. I was actually 15 minutes late for MDR dinner coming back from San Juan, but actually was able to get my order in.
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