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  1. Just curious on people’s thoughts on not canceling their up coming cruises! Still plan on going next Sunday... I hope anyways! Stay safe Ryan
  2. Good morning cruisers! My wife and I are going on Oasis of the Seas next Sunday (March 22). I was just curious how many of you still plan on going! Also if you have been Oasis, do you have any tips or tricks for the new remodel! Ryan
  3. Good afternoon cruisers! My wife and I are going on a 8 day cruise out of Fort Lauderdale this Friday. One of our stops is in St.Kitts and it is our first time there. We are wondering if anyone had any advice on if we should do an excursion or just walk around on our own! Do they have shopping or other things to do? Or is an excursion the way to go! Have a good day! Ryan
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