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We are scheduled to go on the Oasis on April 5th from Miami.  My husband and I decided last night that we are going REGARDLESS.


1. We booked this cruise last April 2019 and reserved a beautiful Crown Loft Suite.  The price a year ago was much more affordable for us than it would be now.  Even if we used the FCC, we would still not be able to book a comparable cruise for the price we received back in 2019.  If we want the same amenities on a later sailing, it would end up costing us more.

2. This is our son's Spring Break and he is 17 years old.  How much more time we will get to spend with him before he's off doing his own life things and not wanting to spend his entire Spring Break cruising the Caribbean with mom and dad?  So here we have the "I don't care if we are quarantined for two weeks"....as long as I am with my family, it's all good.  I tend to make the best out of crappy situations so I know we would probably have a pretty good time.  LOL!

3. We are fortunate to not be flying to Miami.  Instead, we are driving from North Carolina.

4. We don't do buffets.  EVER.  (My rule)

5. We are all under the age of 50 and healthy so I think if we were exposed to the virus, it would not be life threatening.  Of course, we would respect the quarantine if we were exposed.  I would never put innocent, healthy people at risk.

I hope you are able to make your decision with what is right for you and your family.  The last time we were on the Oasis was in 2012 so I am very excited to see the new make over.

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