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  1. 7 days on a balcony in Alaska - most incredible views I've ever experienced - ocean, glaciers, whales, puffins, murres, snow-capped mountains, flow planes, bears, moose and dahl sheep... halibut fish & chips in Ketchikan, huge crab legs in Juneau
  2. Other people's opinion of me are none of my business!
  3. We deferred our deposit for the rescheduled Alaska cruise and was told by @michelle that the FCC can't be used for deposit. We were paying deposit today so hopefully the cruise will show up soon. Remember, when you get the FCC the taxes and fees go back on the credit card you used when you booked the canceled cruise. You don't get 125% on that $$. Was also told that because 4/8 was the date given for people to choose refund for FCC that that's when the next batch of refunds and FCC will be processed, i.e. after 4/8.
  4. Almost enough to make you give up drinking? From a guy that hasn't had a (alcoholic) drink in 28 years 🙂
  5. Looks like the standard handle which is not easy to open. Not sure how old the "boy" is:
  6. We re-booked our May Alaska cruise in July. We've never done GTY before but the difference in cost was over $3K for 4 of us in 2 balcony cabins. We would not have been able to go in July if we picked our balcony. What I did was look at available cabins when we booked using the RCCL website. Then used cruisedeckplans.com so see which of the available balcony cabins were an issue. I came up with 2 - one with a obstructed view, the other with only half a balcony - while alot of the remaining balconies look fine. My wife is concerned because 90% of the time on the ship last time we did Alaska was spent on the balcony. So hoping for the best IF, big IF, we actually sail in July.
  7. Just booked our first casino cruise. We chose Enchantment of the Seas, 7-night, 11/28 sailing from San Juan to Southern Caribbean (Tortola, St. Kitts, Martinique, Barbados and St. Lucia). My wife prefers the smaller ships and we've not been to any of these ports before. We did upgrade from interior to balcony for $674 ($337 each).
  8. Not allowing me to use it for the 12/27 Southern Caribbean o Freedom because it includes New Year's 😞
  9. @michelle Just sent you mine 🙂
  10. So on another thread I mentioned that I was able to re-book our Alaska cruise from 5/15 to 7/17. I was able to cancel our flights to/from cruise and American is offering a one-time change. So I call AA to arrange flights and the young lady insisted that I wait since i can only change our flights once. Since the new flights are a little cheaper then the original flights AND I like to dot i's and cross t's as early as possible I was a little concerned. There are limited 1-stop flights from Philly to ANC so I want to make sure I get on a particular flight but understand her warning that if I change I will lose my free change opportunity should the cruises get canceled again.
  11. @michelle told us that RCCL contacted her that our 5/15 Northbound Vancouver to Seward was canceled and to expect an email at some point from RCCL regarding FCC. it still shows active in cruise planner. Michelle also booked us on the 7/17 Southbound which is NOT showing in the planner.
  12. Don’t forget the suitcase to haul it all in. 🥴
  13. We booked a boat “expedition” out of Seward on 7/17. We just re-booked our May cruise for the southbound starting July 17th. The boat we chartered can take 6 people. We have 4 and room for 2 more. Captain is giving me a little deal since business is way down. When I talked to him yesterday it was the first business he booked in more than 2 weeks. The charter is 8-2 so will have plenty of time to get from charter to the Radiance. If you are on the southbound leaving Seward on 7/17 or the northbound arriving early on 7/17 and have 1 or 2 that would like to join us, send me a message.
  14. Just got the email from Casino Royale. Free cruise for two in an interior room. Any ship, any length, any CARIBBEAN itinerary. My wife is on the computer looking now! sorry - September-December 2020 sailings.
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