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  1. Check out trubahamian.com. We did this food tour a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it! 6 stops with food or drink at each and learn about Nassau and the culture while walking from place to place. Highly recommend!!
  2. In a suitcase under the bed works for me. It would take some time and "rumbling" to get to it AND they would have to know it was there to begin with.
  3. It means one device at any given time. If you have a phone and a laptop only one device can be connected to the WiFi at any given time. You connect to the WiFi using the access code you will receive when you get to your cabin. If you want to disconnect one device and connect another you need to open a web browser on the connected device and go to "logoff.com" in order to allow another device to connect. Just disconnecting from the WiFi won't work.
  4. I forwarded email to my TA as well letting her know that I did send directly to Club Royale who handles the MyVegas vouchers. In your case, forward the email with the vouceher code to the TA and they can contact Club Royale. The key is that you need to use the voucher code within 14 days of receiving it and apply it to a cruise within 30 days of booking. You do not need to have the voucher before or at the time you book. Like I mentioned - I booked the cruise, then cashed the points for the voucher and then sent the email to Club Royale (not ROyal). In your case you send the voucher to the TA and they send it or call Club Royale. To be honest, there is no reason to have the TA do it - they don't gain anything nor do you from involving them IF you use it for OBC. If you are suing it for upgrades or something else then definitely consult with the TA before you book the cruise and let them know what you are thinking about. I've only used it for OBC so far....
  5. I got one of these portable safes. You can wrap the cord around the chair to secure it and then cover with a towel. They can still steal the whole chair but will be a little harder. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005K6JQXQ
  6. Agree with avoiding the hokey panning we did in Skagway. I did a search on "real gold panning in Alaska" and got lots of hits including this video:
  7. We booked another cruise at NextCruise on Sunday 3/10/19. I left NextCruise and went into either MyVegas or MyKonami app on my phone and used 50,000 points to get a voucher for $100 OBC. I received the email immediately with the voucher code. I forwarded that email to clubroyale@rccl.com with my name and reservation number. I got home the evening of Monday 3/11 and went into the cruise planner and my $100 OBC was there already. Easy-peasy....
  8. We're 110 days out and noting in cruise planner yet for Entertainment and Activities except the standard cupcake, ship tour, etc.
  9. Nor for 2/28/20 on Mariner.....
  10. We were on Brilliance over New Years and had a great time. It was our second cruise (the other being on the Radiance, the same class of ship). We're late 50's and as others have said there were not a lot of kids. The Park Café was more of a "corner café" where you could get sandwiches, pizza, sweet treats, etc. along with the basic drinks. In both it is in/near the Solarium. On cruising days we spent a lot of time on the balcony relaxing. I would visit the casino, my wife would go to the pool, we would get together for Bingo, trivia, etc. Having only been on smaller ships (Enchantment two weeks ago) I can't say whether its better or worse. Only that we've had a great time on all 3 and have 2 more booked. As for smoking - I, too, am an ex-smoker though I can deal with it. The main places on these ships is the casino and a spot by the pool. Because of the amount of smoking going on in the casino I know you can smell it outside the casino but not certain how far. I have not had an issue with it in our cabin (deck 8 on one cruise, deck 9 on the other).
  11. Check the app store for your phone. There are some pretty sophisticated apps out there that give you additional functionality with your phone. ProCam is one for the iPhone
  12. We were in Nassau for the first time 2 weeks ago. I wasn't keen on any of the RC excursions and we ended up doing the TruBahamian food tour. It is certainly food (and drink) but also a walking tour where we learned all about the culture. We were also able to enter the grounds of the governors mansion (armed guard at the driveway) for a beautiful view overlooking the harbor. I highly recommend this tour (as do most people on TripAdvisor)!! https://www.trubahamianfoodtours.com/
  13. And from this you can see how different the prices are - anywhere from $5 to $80+ Thrill Waterpark Half Day Pass $44.00 Thrill Waterpark Cabana And Full Day Pass $549.00 Thrill Waterpark Full Day Pass $54.00 Up, Up & Away Helium Balloon Ride $49.00 Oasis Lagoon Cabanas $449.00 Chill Island Cabanas $449.00 Perfect Day CocoCay Zipline $89.00 Floating Beach Mat $18.00 CocoCay All Day Snorkeling at your Leisure $37.00 CocoCay Wave Jet Tour - Driver $104.00 Parasail Adventure Tour $99.00 Stingray City Bahamas $59.00 Swimming Pigs Tour $109.00 Kayak Adventure $43.00 Kayak Adventure and Snorkel Combo $72.00 Right Choice Glass Bottom Boat Tour $42.00 Reef Snorkeling and Sandbar Getaway $54.00 Certified Scuba Dive Without Equipment $57.00 Certified Scuba Dive With Equipment $68.00 South Beach Cabanas $39.00
  14. We have CCC next February and it's $449. When others were saying how expensive CCC was I as wondering how expensive it could be. Now wondering if we should switch trips and use NextCruise deposit elsewhere. We are still within the 30-day window....
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