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  1. CONFIRMED! #WonderOfTheSeas (海洋奇迹号) will set sail on her maiden voyage from her homeport in Shanghai on 23 March 2022 for a high seas voyage. Royal Caribbean International China will unveil Wonder in a live broadcast on 20 April 2021, with voyages expected to open for booking shortly after. Source: Singapore Cruise Society
  2. https://www.cruisetradenews.com/global-travel-taskforce-unveils-report-setting-out-plan-to-restart-travel/
  3. This morning the UK government confirmed that international cruising out of the UK will be treated exactly the same as all international travel as so will therefore be allowed to resume at the same time as international travel which could be as early as May 17th. They will make an announcement on exactly when international travel can resume on April 12th and so international cruising will be allowed resume from whatever date they announce then. They will be adopting a traffic light system, whereby each country will have different requirements based on their vaccine rollout, covid numbers, etc
  4. I agree with you completely. I feel that if the UK government introduce some form of covid passport, which could vaccinated, a negative pcr test or positive for the virus within the last 6 months then I think it would make sense for Royal and other cruise lines for that matter to use those rather than having their own separate requirements. A cruise ship should be no different then a hotel or theme park and I guarantee they won’t be saying you have to be fully vaccinated for those things. Especially how like you said, they will just be for Brits sailing to British ports and likely still wearin
  5. I hope you are right, I would hate to have to cancel both my cruises because In have only had one dose of vaccine. I think at least in the UK Royal may have to change that as a requirement because right now they are saying that people aged 18-30 may not be offered a first dose until end of July, then they will be forced to wait 11-12 weeks for second dose. That’s a very large proportion of their demographic who can’t take these cruises under those restrictions, I think they may be forced to make a change.
  6. I had the same thought about faking the cards. I personally also think vaccine passports are a good idea however I do believe that they shouldn’t be introduced until the vast majority of people have been offered a vaccine. I’m in the UK so will be different in the US but there’s a chance I won’t be offered a first dose until the end of July and in the UK they are saying three months between doses so that basically means I cannot cruise at all this summer. Despite that I’ve booked two of the anthem cruises out of Southampton and am just praying I’m somehow vaccinated in time. I just don’t see h
  7. The thing with Europe is that firstly the EU have had a shockingly poor vaccine rollout thus far, especially when compared to the likes of Israel, the UK and the US. Also a lot of European countries where cruise ships would stop at (Germany, France, Italy) are experiencing third waves and are going back into lockdowns so I think the cruises in Europe this summer will probably be what we’ve seen already which is more targeted restart plans for certain countries, for example Israel cruises for Israelis, UK cruises for Brits.
  8. The majority of cruise ships Royal has announced to be sailing this summer, as of right now are saying that they require guests to be vaccinated. Does anyone have any idea how Royal Caribbean will verify you have been vaccinated?
  9. Royal Caribbean will have at least 6 cruise ships definitely sailing this summer. I am very interested to see how many people have booked the different cruise options available for this summer.
  10. BOOKED! Booked a second cruise on Anthem, was going to book a b2b, however the dates and prices didnt work so I have also booked 23rd August 2021 as well. Can’t wait to cruise on the beautiful Anthem of the Seas!
  11. BOOKED! 1st August 6 night British Isles on Anthem of the Seas. I am PRAYING I am vaccinated in time. Seems like the vaccine rollout is stuttering here in the UK so maybe they’ll change the requirements of two vaccine doses.
  12. @em.down.the.rabbit.hole @Mike.s Another thing thats interesting is that when booking a Jewel sailing it comes with a warning saying you must be vaccinated to sail on that cruise however no such warning appears when booking one of the Anthem sailings. Wonder if this means anything.
  13. Yeah I saw that, I think I’m more interested in the bigger ship of Anthem though, although Jewel is tempting.
  14. Good luck! I need to ring to book to, I have several FCCs I am using so think it’ll be easier if I just ring and book! Which cruises are you booking?
  15. Group 12 There’s a chance I might be in group 6 though, I’m seeing my GP this week as I may have underlying health issues which would make me eligible for a vaccine now. The issue is that as they say 12 weeks between doses it makes it harder to get both doses in time. Which group are you in?
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