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  1. For any Baltimore cruisers out there, Tanya has been promoted to CD.
  2. Thanks for the review. It's great to hear of a CD who is creative and hosts their own unique activities.
  3. For Mike Szwajkowski fans, Mitch said that Mike will be on Symphony next year! Presumably rotating with Abe.
  4. Marc Walker is on Mariner next year. Joining March 18th so the Royal Caribbean Blog group cruisers might have him for that sailing. I wonder who is for Symphony in July.
  5. Mike has already been confirmed for a Oasis Class next year. Cecy is moving to Mariner in December.
  6. Mike is on GR until February 14th then presumably heads for vacation. He said on CC that he is expecting to go to an Oasis Class next year. He's already been on OA before so thinks it will be HM or SY. Fingers crossed it will be the one that I choose.
  7. A 15 year old will be with us, but I am in the under 25 club as well.
  8. Been on the Indy and loved it. My main worry about Liberty is that the overall product on Freedom Class just won't match the experiences we've had on the 4 Oasis sisters.
  9. It's me again. So I've been able to realistically narrow down the viable ships for next year. The options are: Liberty from Texas, Allure from FLL, Harmony from Canaveral or Symphony from Miami. There are other ships in the fleet that I would like to sail, but these are realistically the ships with the best fitting amenities, departure ports and itineraries. I haven't sailed Freedom Class since 2012 and have been exclusively Oasis and Quantum Class since 2014. I have reservations about each and positives about each. Haven't sailed Liberty ever before, Symphony was this year, Harmony was also recent (2016/17). Allure wasn't as recent (2015), but still have sailed her. Which one should I decide on?
  10. Can definitely confirm that Tim has left as his LinkedIn is no longer showing Royal Caribbean. His departure has me scratching my head a bit. Hoping it was nothing serious and wishing him and his family the best going forward. He was the youngest CD in the fleet. They need to hire someone young next to put a Millennial twist on things.
  11. Joe01

    How is it cruising solo?

    Just started reading and saw the bit about solo cabins. Do both AN and ID have them?
  12. Thinking of taking a solo cruise on Independence or Anthem in 2020 out of Southampton. Had enough of family cruises and want to do my own. How is the experience on a solo cruise? I'm quite young if that makes any difference.
  13. Another English guy. Heard lots of great reviews about him as CD.