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  1. I am curious though as to why the majority of the good CD's are English, American or Canadian.
  2. I totally agree that effort is the way. Just don't expect me to say to an audience full of guests that I originate in Glasgow.
  3. I totally agree. I can't understand them myself half the time!
  4. I am very appreciative of History (studied it for 6 years at school), but I am talking about the country today. Anyways - the "proud to be Scottish" thing is a bit off-topic. What I meant was that I feel that the English are more capable as CD's than the Scottish. Several of Royal's best are English, whereas I only know of 2 Scottish CD's and one is a total dud. I am partial to an English accent though. Let's get back on topic.
  5. Trust me - I wouldn't smoke if my life depended on it! Relatives smoking have caused my family enough health problems. I don't think that an accent makes a person good or bad, but I have a complicated relationship with where I come from, and am quite English anyway. Plus, having seen both Scottish and English CD's in action, the English have it nailed, whilst the Scottish failed miserably at it. Just saying. Good for you if you are proud of being Scottish. Me? Not so much! I wouldn't judge a country based on inventors who lived 150 years ago.
  6. If you look at the above video, my favourite thing is when Tim Connor comes on at 9:28 as he introduces the show with his fantastic South of England accent.
  7. I'm more than being from Glasgow! I could make some jokes on it, but that is probably it. Plus, having seen 1 Scottish CD in action, I'm not convinced that the Scots are as talented as the English are at Cruise Directing. I don't see what you like in a Scottish accent, because believe me, going deeper into the suburbs of Glasgow, people do not have very nice accents. Edinburgh ones are better, I suppose.
  8. The reason I say that is because I love the accent, but also that many English CD's seems to be great - both Graham Seymour and Richard Spacey are British, and when I started looking at CC in 2013, they were Royal's two most popular. I also love Joff Eaton as CD, heard wonderful things about Tim Connor, Chris Hopkins was great in his CD stint, Marc Walker is fantastic. Ironically, the only Scottish CD that I have seen is Bobby Brown, who I thought was a bit of a dud, hence my evaluation that the English make the best CD's. Abe Hughes is still my favorite though.
  9. Am I the only one who thinks that a CD with an English accent is the best one? Certainly trading in my Scottish one for an English one if I become CD.
  10. Tim Connor sure does seem awesome. I wish that I had booked Allure in 2016 when he was there rather than Anthem with John Blair.
  11. Those are just the ones that I have sailed with. He's early 30's. Joined in 2007 and made CD in 2014, although he left Royal for a bit in that timeframe as well.
  12. I just think that they are driven and it is something that they want to achieve. Those ones get there within about 5 years. On the other hand, I have seen Cruise Director's Staff and Activities Managers who have remained in the job for 8-10 years and probably are comfortable where they are and don't really desire to become CD. If the talent and desire is there, they will get there.
  13. To demonstrate how quickly people can make CD, here are the CD's I have sailed with: Joff Eaton - worked for 2 other companies prior to RCI but was CD relatively young. John Blair - Not sure, he's been around for decades. Leigh Xuereb - I think he joined RCI in the early to mid 2000's. We had him in 2012 and he was only doing a fill in but was due to get a permanent promotion soon. Casey Pelter - Joined RCI in 2000, CD in 2007. Jimmy Rhodes - Joined RCI in 1999, CD in 2003. Jerome Sueur - Joined RCI in 2011, CD in 2013. Bobby Brown - Joined RCI in 1995, CD in 1998. Abe Hughes - Joined RCI in 2003, CD in 2006. Michele Scarpato (My CD for SY in July) - Joined RCI in 2012, CD in 2016. Only 1 CD that I have seen who has taken longer than 8 years to get CD.
  14. Abe Hughes got CD after 3.5 years with Royal and was mid-20's at the time. He is one of their very best. Quite the opposite in fact - I've seen several move up within 8 years of employment with RCI, many in 5. The CD on your Freedom cruise, Drew Devine, joined Royal Caribbean in 2001 and was Cruise Director in 2005. It's a massive undertaking, and you are right that there is a great deal of management involved, but I have rarely seen a CD that has taken 15 years to get to the position from joining. Can actually think of none.
  15. I seriously wish that Royal would publish the schedule of CD's for the full year. That way, I would be able to choose an October cruise based on where the best CD's are, so that I can spend some time observing them and training myself for it. I don't know what cruise/itinerary to pick, and in this situation, the CD would be the ultimate deciding factor.