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  1. Great to you have you following the blog. Not sure yet about Costa Maya or Roatan. TBH, we rarely find anything to do in the Caribbean ports (we don't like beaches much) but I'll try and provide some info.
  2. 2 weeks until we are onboard. It's getting real now. Finally got a hotel booked in Orlando. Fingers crossed that we enjoy it there. Shame that I'm not in the USA during DWTS season though (don't ask my opinion on Bobby Bones winning unless you have an hour to spare).
  3. Just had a graduation prom. Final ever event with my school. Anyone else get really emotional at the end of a life chapter?
  4. Thanks! I definitely agree that cruising is the best way to celebrate. Not so sure about Disney - it looks fun but expensive and my folks aren't really roller coaster types. One of them is feeling humiliated at the prospect of even going to Orlando so that may be an uphill climb. Have fun on Majesty!
  5. I'll make sure to send the Compasses. Might just post them during the cruise - I've now got my hands on a device that allows me to import photos from the camera to laptop, so can post photos/compasses live from the ship.
  6. Happy Friday Harmonizers! (hopefully I don't get sued for that). 20 days until Orlando and 23 days until embarkation. Thanks all for the sunburn prevention tips. Will try to do what I can.
  7. Many of the Oasis Class are doing 7NT sailings including CocoCay. I do agree though that it is slight overkill.
  8. Brilliance has Key West on the itinerary so that helps her compete with the larger ships. I was more meaning that NE or MJ would never compete on a 2/3/4 day run. Not to mention that BR is larger and has more bells and whistles than Empress and Majesty.
  9. Another thing with the 3/4/5 day cruises means that we are unlikely to get Indy back in Europe. Wondering what we will get in Europe for 2021.
  10. Yeah, I get that they are a business and that these short runs make money, but is it really what people want? I'm frustrated that all of the amped ships are going to itineraries that only Americans can sail. As a non-American, it feels that my options are getting gradually more limited.
  11. I don't think that a small ship would be able to compete in the short cruise market when they have Mariner, Indy and Navigator. That's clearly what people are going for. Majesty and Empress are likely going. The Nov 14th sailing was already scheduled when she was going to the UK. There is also a 7 nighter on Nov 9th after the TA this year.
  12. So they are doing 3/4/5 day cruises? Yay...😣 Surely they could have been a bit more creative with itineraries, especially with 2 large ships covering that market? Basically excludes anyone from outside the USA that may have planned to sail her in the Caribbean (I'd seen some on CC suggesting UK travellers to fly to Florida for ID). No Indy for me, back to the drawing board.
  13. I don't think that either could compete with Mariner, Navigator and Independence doing Perfect Day sailings out of Florida.
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