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  1. Ovation producing high amounts of revenue is likely due to being in Asia where guests tend to spend more than in Europe. Europe is pretty frugal in spending. However, if Royal made no money in Europe, then why do they send ships here full stop? Brexit doesn't mean much since they've actually increased capacity in Southampton by replacing Voyager Class with Anthem. If they didn't feel that the UK market was going to make them any money, then they wouldn't have put Anthem in Southampton for the full season. Oasis Class has consistently been popular in Europe as well. I don't think Jewel/Serenade doing Panama Canal says much as Radiance Class to Odyssey is a major jump in capacity. If they were going to test if it was viable, it might be worth sending a Freedom Class on a Panama Canal transit.
  2. While we are on the topic of 2021 deployment, where is Europe in all of this? We've had Anthem, Harmony and Symphony in their inaugural seasons and don't see them again for 5 years until they do dry-dock. Europe hasn't had a new ship consistently since Independence debuted in 2008 and the offering this year in particular is pitiful. Would love if we would get a new ship that serves us each year. I don't like flying and don't want to fly to the States so often.
  3. Ovation is likely headed to Singapore for drydock, just like Quantum is this year. Probably back to Alaska afterwards. As for Odyssey, will she even be able to go through the Canal? If not, then Alaska on her won't be happening. I disagree that Odyssey or any Quantum Class will do the California, it isn't logical to go all in with the new flagship if the market is basically an unknown quantity. Would be disastrous for them if it tanks, which is possible as if they couldn't support Mariner, how could they support Odyssey? Would be a better idea to test the market with a smaller ship first and build up. Just like Explorer has been a bit of a "test" ship since she left Bayonne - testing Alaska as to whether or not it can support Ovation and testing Port Canaveral to see if Oasis would be feasible.
  4. Explorer would possibly be further down the list if I sailed her now - they ruined her in the 2015 drydock.
  5. 1. Symphony 2. Allure 3. Harmony 4. Oasis 5. Independence 6. Explorer 7. Jewel 8. Anthem 9. Serenade 10. Enchantment Obviously a big ship guy. Love Oasis Class, been ages since I last did Freedom Class (the itineraries suck).
  6. I thought Anthem would be back to Southampton for Summer 2021? I wonder what the UK would be getting. I think having Anthem/Indy for the Southampton summer was the best of both worlds for the UK market (Voyager Class with Indy made no sense), and having Anthem and Oasis rotating seasons in Bayonne also seems like a good idea, giving the NY/NJ market something different.
  7. Please look at the above update - the info is up-to-date, moreso than either of the CC lists. Anyone interested in taking this list on at some point in the future? It's a lot of work trying to get the info and I'm wanting to expand my horizons beyond cruise forums (nothing against the site at all). After all, YOLO.
  8. UPDATE as of April 18th, 2019: Ship Cruise Director Activities Manager Adventure Drew Devine Cian MacCormaic Allure Mitch Merucci Flavio Maeda Anthem Dennis Charles Hannah Yates Brilliance Enzo Matijaca TT Algan Empress Elvis Pinto Eric Lopez Enchantment Susan Adams Saini Gupta Explorer Graham Seymour Aysy Sadrislamova Freedom Patricio Honores Alexander Schmidt Grandeur John Blair Katrina Blair Harmony Marc Walker Daniel Dornas Independence Dan Whitney Alison Hasler Jewel Andrea Olivieri Marvin Wilson Liberty Jeff Arpin Kim (last name?) Mariner Ricky Matthews Alex Green Majesty Tanya Yates Tongue Mickey Martin Navigator Hugo Arenas Unknown Oasis Mike Hunnerup Unknown Ovation Chris Brown Christopher Turdo Quantum Paul Rutter Unknown Radiance Cuddy Cudworth Emma McIntosh Rhapsody Bill Brunkhorst Gemma (last name?) Serenade Carly Boileau Elizabeth Hackett Spectrum Gordon Whatman/Bobby Brown Unknown Symphony Mike Szwajkowski Katy McCullagh Vision Cecy del Razo Paolo (last name?) Voyager Unknown Unknown
  9. A lot of the buildings in Paris look the same so that makes the incident yesterday at the Norte Dame even sadder given the unique and wonderful piece of architecture that it is. Hoping it gets rebuilt. As for YOLO destinations, I can't quite say that anywhere I've been yet falls into that category, especially given my desire to work on ships meaning that I may revisit many places. I think that if I went to Australia, then that may change.
  10. Probably very similar to what Indy got, except for "Fish n Ships" which is probably intended for the UK market and wouldn't have any purpose on Freedom. I'm guessing that the rest of the Voyager and Freedom Class refurbs will be more similar to Mariner/Indy than Navigator - I think they rebuilt Navigator for the 3/4 day cruises and is very much marketed for that.
  11. Mariner - Assata left for vacation last week. Anyone know who is the current CD?
  12. Got a B2B on Harmony booked for 6/30 & 7/7, so not sure whether or not that counts as 2 cruises. Nothing booked after that, just hopeful for a Freedom Class cruise soon (if only there was one in Florida or Barcelona).
  13. Great to hear. Not sailed with him so haven't got an opinion. I just know that the Brits can be picky about CD's other than Joff based on reviews.
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