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  1. 1. No 2. No 3. Maybe but I fail to see how it would work and be enforced.
  2. Heck yes! Doesn't hurt that those are two of my favourites, definitely the best of the Caribbean ports.
  3. In all honesty, my guess is as good as yours when it comes to Kirkwall. Never been to the Orkney Islands and for a Scot, I've actually barely visited the North much at all. If you're ever in the Central Belt of Scotland (i.e. Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas), ask away.
  4. Booked for Oasis July 4th, scheduled to visit Montreal for a bit before that. I wonder what the chances are at this point. Would definitely be upset to miss this one, but safety comes first. On a much bigger note, the constant worry and uncertainty is really beginning to stress me out, and I'm far from the worst affected. It really sucks that there still isn't any light at the end of the tunnel - I don't ever remember the world being as downcast as it has been throughout the past few days. I think that many people's mental health will be far worse affected than their physical health over the next few months, particularly if there are any lockdowns (thankfully not yet in the UK). If I get the virus, I am pretty much 100% confident that I'll be fine given my age and health but the constant doom and gloom may impact me and many others mentally.
  5. Things could easily change by May but I read on CC that there was a possibility of EX heading to Southampton.
  6. Looks like I'll be heading to Oasis for the July 4th sailing. I'm personally very excited as the ship seems to be looking great after her refurb. It was between Adventure & Oasis and I imagine that AD is probably showing her age a bit (might be an option for next year in the Baltic though...) Anyone sailed on Oasis since her amplification? What did you think of her?
  7. Looking like I'll be on Oasis July 4th. Guessing that Dennis is on vacation then, I wonder who will be there. Seems that it will be someone I've not had before...
  8. I've found out that he was filling in on Oasis for a month and then moved to Allure. Dennis Charles is taking over on Oasis today.
  9. Looks as if you'll be in luck then. Not surprised that he's staying there.
  10. Per CC, Michele is the new CD on Oasis, he started on Sunday. Bobby headed to Allure then Odyssey next.
  11. Oh yikes. Awful. Sounds like there isn;'t much hope for the people missing sadly. I do have to wonder why they sold tours to this place. Did they know that it would be very risky? I hope that everyone else is safe.
  12. Got to disagree with you there, I'm thrilled that they've kept the original decor. Nicer, brighter colours. HM & SY feel a bit too dark for me with their decors.
  13. Anthem & Indy is the ideal combo. Best of both worlds - some are traditionalists and prefer Indy and others prefer the newer, more out of the box Anthem. Explorer could easily fill Indy's slot no problem as they are very similar (and EX is being revamped) but ideally, Indy should come back home.
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