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  1. Hmmm... Short cruise, UK, Easter holiday, brand new ship, straight after almost a year of cruising suspension and general world misery in a pandemic. VERY tempted to go for this 3 nighter (or even the 5 nighter).
  2. Isn't Liberty heading to the short cruises once they can get Galveston ready for an Oasis Class? I can't see her staying in Texas after that though they may have changed their plans to put her in Miami and she'll go somewhere with cruises of more than 4 nights.
  3. So all 3 of the Freedom Class ships are being stuck on 3 and 4 nighters from Florida? I was hoping to sail one of them again in the not too distant future, nearly 9 years since I was last on Indy.
  4. FABULOUS news!! Miss Rona can't defeat us after all, back to cruising we go. Any cheap flights from Scotland-Singapore?
  5. Purely from a Europe perspective, it seems like they are ditching the 12 nighters so I'm going to guess that this is COVID related and ties in with the idea that they'll do short cruises first. Sucks for me - I wanted to go and see Jewel when she ported in Greenock for the day, it's been 11 years since I sailed her and she was my first ship.
  6. I have a soft spot for the Inverclyde and Ayrshire part of the country plus it's near Glasgow which works for me. I haven't spent much time in Greenock but it has 8 rail stations so there are plenty of ways out even if you don't drive!
  7. I hope that Europe gets better ships in 2022 - the 2021 selection is dire and as I'm not 100% sure if going to the States next year will be allowed, it might mean another no-cruise year. Don't like Quantum Class (and we now have two of them in this side of the world) and I've done Harmony enough times for now (as much as I love her, I'd rather try some other ships for now). Please bring over either Symphony and/or an amped Oasis/Freedom/Voyager for Summer 2022.
  8. Seems likely although I was surprised that they selected Rome and Eastern Med for Odyssey as they've never really put a new ship in that region before and the route has only been served by Jewel for the past few years which is half the size of Odyssey. If it's profitable then I see her continuing to spend summers out there.
  9. Same! I love the idea of doing Oasis from NJ (it's what I would have done this year). Great ship especially post revamp and we much prefer sailing from NJ than Florida coming from Scotland. Shame about this year as I reckon she would have been a definite 'hit' with the NJ market.
  10. We're now in September and they should eventually be announcing deployment in the next few months. I don't feel confident predicting anything given recent events but I imagine that the worst will be long gone by then and cruising will probably be resumed as normal. Where do we think they will send the ships? I wonder if Allure will do summer in Europe before coming to Galveston in Nov 2022, I believe that the terminal is supposed to finish in Sept so it would work. They need to have 1 Oasis class doing summer in Barcelona and she seems like the most likely. Harmony & Symphon
  11. It's the exact same in the UK - our media is crazy, full of scaremongering headlines and our government also fudged the death figures - those who had tested positive for COVID at any point and had died of other things (including as a result of being run over by a car) were listed as COVID death figures. The US isn't alone in that regard, however fact remains that deaths are much lower over here - I live in Scotland where we've had 2 deaths in the last 6 weeks.
  12. How about basing one up in Glasgow, Scotland, since the Azamara ships are now parked there? Imagine boarding right next to IKEA. What a way to start a vacation!
  13. Enchantment is actually one of the few ships in the fleet that has never done Europe (except for Radiance & Majesty), I wonder if that could change... Maybe an extra ship for the UK - doing Northern Europe cruises from either Harwich or Southampton while Anthem does Med & Canaries? Or could take over a former Pullmantur route from Spain.
  14. Just saw this on the first page: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/08/26/royal-caribbean-will-keep-grandeur-of-the-seas-the-fleet Yay! Hopefully they can keep her and her sisters around for a bit longer. Now begs the question - where will she go? Enchantment seems committed to Baltimore now and I doubt that they would want to lose the extra capacity by putting Grandeur back there. Maybe she'll head to Europe?
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