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  1. What a shame! Sailed all 4 of the older sisters and since Oasis Class are the best in the fleet, I really wanted to sail on her. Wish I could do a new ship rather than having to repeat ships, if only Odyssey was an Oasis Class (did they need 5 Quantum Class ships? They were always a polarising class). I will say that the design looks cool.
  2. Found this on CC: 16/05 25/05 03/06 13/09 22/09 01/10 11/10 21/10 02/11 These dates are the dates that Odyssey is registered in Piraeus. Pretty much confirms that Summer 2021 in the Eastern Med is in the cards. I guess that's why Explorer was placed on that run for 2021 as a test run for whether or not there was demand for Odyssey (Jewel had operated that run for 4 years but carries considerably less guests).
  3. Now that the cat is out of the bag and some people are booked, who do we want to be the Cruise Director for Odyssey when she comes out next year? If he doesn't mind leaving Port Canaveral, I would vote for Marc Walker. Bing Bong!
  4. Looking like it will be Explorer with possibly an outside chance of Odyssey.
  5. Why is Johnny Rockets being removed with no additional specialty restaurants? Hoping this doesn't happen on Explorer as well.
  6. Looks like a lot of ships. Glad to see Indy back at Southampton by the looks of things.
  7. It will take them 10 days at most to get to Cadiz.
  8. Yes - both are due for their 5 year update, as were Navigator, Mariner and Indy when they were amplified. They always kill both birds with ne stone.
  9. Nope - I think VY is next month whereas EX is from March - May 2020.
  10. Voyager is out of service for 5 weeks while Explorer is out of service for 9 weeks so that indicates that she will get more than Voyager.
  11. Fish and Ships seems a bit of an odd choice - I think only Indy got that and that was for the British market. I would probably agree with the others though.
  12. Now that the info about Freedom is out, the next ship to focus on is Explorer. I am considering sail her from Civitavecchia next year and this refurb might persuade me... A few seem to think that it will be the same as Navigator, but Navigator was specifically redesigned for the 3/4 day market. Whilst I can see slides and some new pool bars being introduced, I can't imagine them completely revamping the pool deck like they did on Navigator since Explorer will spend half of the year in Europe. She's in drydock for a while, even longer than Nav was so I'm hoping that her amplification is extensive and much more so than Voyager's non-existent amplification. Any thoughts?
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