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  1. Stoked! Was never ever visiting China for a cruise so was thinking Wonder wasn't going to be in the cards for quite some time. Now I'm tempted to go on her for a week next summer in the Med, would make a great cruising comeback!
  2. Will everyone over 18 have been offered both jabs in the UK by the time Anthem starts sailing? I'm not getting my first jab for another two weeks - how is this fair?? Why has age discrimination suddenly became acceptable in this society?
  3. Yes but my point is that the younger generation have been disproportionality affected given the risks to them so it is completely unfair to say that they suddenly can't do anything.
  4. They do realise in a lot of countries that you can't get offered a vaccine yet if in lower risk age groups? Surely that's grounds for age discrimination, especially given that the whole purpose of vaccination is to stop people in the vulnerable categories from really becoming unwell from COVID? I understand cruise ships have it harder and effectively have to be "Zero COVID" zones but it really rubs me the wrong way that the younger generations who have sacrificed so much in the past year are having to stay put whilst the older generations who they basically put life on hold for can go cruising in the Caribbean.
  5. Borders are reserved so it's the UK government in Westminster. Some powers are devolved to the governments in Scotland, NI, Wales however those governments have no say on what goes on outside their country whereas the UK government's reserved powers are UK wide.
  6. Never been to GC but I did the Coz, Roatan, CM on Harmony 2 years ago, far better than Falmouth which is the worst port in the Caribbean. I don't know why Royal would choose to send cruises there than the ports around Mexico.
  7. Barbados seemed like a last minute option when they decided to keep Grandeur and had nowhere for her to go. Seems to have actually sold well so maybe another ship will be there. Probably selling well with UK guests looking for winter sun, plenty of direct flights from the UK to Barbados, much more so than with some of the US ports.
  8. Surely Anthem can't go from Southampton to the Greek Isles & Israel and back within 2 weeks?
  9. Barbados season a one off then? Interesting that Canaveral is getting a 4th ship (though this one is likely seasonal). Not too surprised, Harmony is very popular from there so there is demand plus it's near Orlando which attracts many.
  10. Independence was always docked with port side looking over Southampton. Maybe that has changed with Anthem. She was starboard in NJ. The only interesting thing I remember about the view there was the IKEA.
  11. That was just the taster cruise season because the ship was finished early, not a regular deployment. I could be behind 2 of the FR class on short cruises but all 3 basically means I can't sail one again which does annoy me considerably.
  12. Sounds like an awesome trip! Northern Europe really is one of the best ones to do, land or cruise. The Jewel itinerary goes to both Glasgow & Edinburgh, great cities.
  13. Optimistic for 2022 sailings. Maybe Q3/Q4 of this year. Not sure what will happen with this year's Europe season, especially given the way our useless govt in the UK are acting. If int'l travel is allowed later in the summer, I'll keep my eye out for cheap deals on any ship. At the moment, I have my eye on Voyager in 2022 as I want to do some travelling in Scandinavia and the prices look pretty good.
  14. Very, very disappointed that all 3 Freedom Class are on 3/4 nighters from FL. Officially never getting to sail one ever again... Obvious that the company only cares about Americans, the rest of us get the left overs.
  15. Found this, has all of the upcoming short cruises in 22/23 from FL/TX (apologies if already posted): https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/press-release/1496/royal-caribbean-debuts-showstopping-short-caribbean-sailings/?fbclid=IwAR1buNR04e-bnPGcsfsZpI4Vg6tiof-L30fpbjIy8uNCxCMNX8hxF5xLbdg
  16. Obviously some rules are necessary but it's silly rules like this where I draw the line, I will not sign up to be on a floating dictatorship. If even the most ardent of cruisers don't want to go, how on earth will they be able to get the average member of the public onboard? Fairly pessimistic about Royal's future if these rules last long.
  17. The rule which I find most concerning is the one about 1m social distancing from those in your own bubble whilst around the ship. So I can share a room with someone yet can’t stand next to them whilst walking into the Promenade? What plank made up this rule?
  18. I'd get more freedom this summer by staying at home and not paying a dime. Hell, I actually did have more freedom in the UK pre lockdown than what RCI are proposing. Sorry but definite pass.
  19. What happens in the USA shouldn't affect what goes on in Europe next summer. We've had a spike recently but more because it's winter, the cold weather and flu season will die out soon. By April, the vast chunk of the vulnerable in the UK should have been vaccinated so hopefully that's a ticket for the Odyssey to start with the taster sailings from Southampton. I see sailings going on in Europe in the summer, maybe not all at once.
  20. Honestly not got a favourite but I'm probably team Oasis Class as well. I was meant to do the revamped Oasis last July and had I been on her, I think she'd have maybe became my new favourite - better than HM & SY with the upgrades. Plus, she still has the original Oasis decor which I prefer to the Quantum decor that is on Q Class & 2nd gen O class.
  21. Absolutely no way that they will allow anyone 18 or over into teen activities, I'd be very doubtful that you can sneak in. It seems bizarre to me that they are so rigid with age difference (an 18/19 year old has more in common with a 17 year old than a 23 year old) but I suppose they have to prevent potentially dodgy folks sneaking into teen clubs. Not really sure on what activities are available for 19 year olds but I do feel that the 18-29 age group are kinda forgotten about by cruise lines. Luckily you're going on Symphony (amazing ship) so there should be plenty of things to do on the ship anyway.
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