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  1. Do you mean 7/15/2021? We were on that one too. Has there been an official announcement that it won't sail?
  2. You won't regret it! We bought a place in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania in October 2019 thinking it would be a weekend place with a couple weeks in the summer. Instead I have spent abut 75% of the time since March at our mountain house! And now retiring in August so will be able to continue to spend a lot of time here. Even bought a 20' pontoon boat for the 28 square mile lake nearby so now I do my own cruises! I am having the best pandemic ever!
  3. So originally booked Alaska in May 2020. RC canceled us and we took FCC of almost $3K for my wife and I and refunds for the kids. We had booked airfare for 4 to Alaska which was a little over $3K and have a credit that expires 12/31/2021. We then booked Western Mediterranean for July 2021 for 6 of us figuring the FCC and airfare credit would be put to good use. Airfare Philly to ROme is $1,600 on American Airlines which is not affordable at all. Since I don't know if we'll even be able to cruise in July I told the family that the July cruise is probably out. So I booked a
  4. 2018 we did a cruise out of Tampa for a New Year's eve cruise. We were 24 hours late leaving Tampa due to fog so skipped Grand Cayman. Highlight was when captain pulled the ship up close to Cozumel and we could see the fireworks all along the coast while the captain laid on the horn.......... Like others, we have a relatively large family so being away Christmas day is not likely to happen.....
  5. I just booked Hotel Casablanca for 11/5-11/7/21 so we'll have the whole day Saturday and most of Sunday to explore before the 8:00 PM sailing. Hotel is is in old San Juan and .4 miles walking or 1 mile by car to cruise port. $159 - $250 night depending on room. Never been to San Juan and went by Trip Advisor. Open to opinions - can always cancel and go elsewhere....
  6. We made reservations for a cruise out of San Juan with an 8:30 PM Departure time. We may or may not board in time for lunch on. Thinking about getting The Key and wondering if the lunch can be used on another day because of the late sail time? If not, what's the latest time you can actually arrive for lunch?
  7. And my wife's parents live in Glen Ellyn for awhile - not far from you!
  8. Screw the cruise lines! Buy your own! Have the best pandemic ever here. We bought a place in the Pocono mountains last October thinking we'd be here mostly weekend and vacation week here and there. I've been working from the Poconos since 3/17 and will be until at least January! We're close to a large lake so we got our own cruiser!
  9. We did Brilliance out of Tampa in December 2018. We like this class of ship. As others mentioned, the cruise compasses that have been uploaded will have the info. We actually got fogged in in Tampa so left the dock 24 hours late and skipped Grand Cayman and only did Cozumel. My wife and daughter swam with dolphins and didn't like it a little bit. My son and I went to a place that had 13 zip lines that ended with a zip in to the water and then paddled and swam through caves. I would do that again!
  10. They got back to me via email and it's 100% refund since we're more than 90 days out. They also said that the free cruise offer expires in December so can't book later. BUT they said I have another offer for beginning of 2021. Calling now!
  11. We were at Disney the last week of February before cruising the first week in March (yea - we were on CocoCay on 3/1). The lines for Star Wars rides were hours if you didn't have fast pass......
  12. So thought it was going to be great back in March when I got the email for the "free" Club Royale cruise offer for September-December 2020. We booked one for the first week of December and I upgraded for a total of a little over $841 with taxes. My job got outsourced last week and I start with the new company on 10/12 and vacation accrual starts over so won't have the vacation time. On top of that, my wife works in a school and is being told she'll have to quarantine for 2 weeks when we get back and she doesn't have the time either. I sent an email to Club Royale indicating that we
  13. New color scheme looks pretty cool: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=286196722496177
  14. Chill Island is the left cove. Cabanas to the left chairs under trees to the right.
  15. There are two excursions involving the train. One is just the train ride (Currently $124) and the other is the train followed by a catamaran ride ($179). Has anyone done the catamaran? Is it worthwhile?
  16. I'm an amateur/avid birder and tried to hook up with a woman in Nassau that used to take folks birding. She was not available when I was there in February but here's what she sent me and I did see a few lifers in Nassau. I've listed the birds that you could see, with some suggestions of where you could go.: White-cheeked Pintail Least Grebe Smooth-billed Ani Mangrove Cuckoo Bahama Woodstar Limpkin Neotropic Cormorant Cuban Pewee La Sagra's Flycatcher Loggerhead Kingbird Thick-billed Vireo Bahama Mockingbird Red-legged Thrush Western Spindalis Painte
  17. We were blessed that my 81yo other with emphysema and in a nursing home had the virus and never had more than a fever. She is doing great now. My wife and son both had it - were in bed for a couple days and then fine. In 59 years I got one flu shot and got the flu. Will never get another...... I won't sail if I have to wear a mask.... with all the eating and drinking (non-alcohol) I'd need one with a motion detector that would remove it as a water bottle, glass, straw, fork or spoon approached.
  18. When do you sail? We were on CocoCay in March and were really chilly in our Chill Island cabana. So much so that I would never plop down money for a cabana again. If there is a cool ocean breeze you may be really cold. It was 20 degrees warmer at the pool just because you were out of the wind. Warmer months are probably a lot different.
  19. I get The Key on shorter sailings. We have a 7-day Western Caribbean on Enchantment the end of November. Departure isn't until 8:30 PM. What time is boarding? I'm assuming we get dinner? I would probably spend the day in San Juan and not use the Chops lunch on embarkation day. Voom is $18 for 2; Key is $17. Not thinking it's worth it this go round on Enchantment
  20. That’s what I figured. But I called 3 or 4 times over the 9 months. They could see the transaction but could not apply it? Oh well - I’ll call from now on....
  21. Just booked Western Mediterranean next July! Using FCC from Canceled Alaska this year. And now all 4 kids want to go. There is always a silver lining to every problem!
  22. This seems really odd.... Last July we booked an Alaska cruise for 5/15/20. I purchased $500 of OBC using credit card points. I kept waiting and waiting for it to appear in the cruise planner. I called a few times and they kept saying it would get applied later. When the trip was canceled it had still never shown up in the planner. When I called for OBC status they said I could apply it to another reservation. So we booked the free casino cruise a couple weeks ago. Having a new reservation number I called to get the OBC reward added and within 48 hours it shows up in the cruise plann
  23. We had 5/15 on Radiance. Re-booked for 7/17 but never paid deposit. Can't do August or September so canceled 7/17 and going to use FCC for Western Mediterranean next July. And all 4 kids want to go now. Only 2 were going to Alaska.... I will get back to Alaska, just not this year.
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