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  1. Welp there goes my 12/17/20 cruise on Brilliance out of Tampa. I just went ahead and requested a full refund, not a huge fan of the restrictions put on lift & shift as I would have rather kicked the can down the road a few months not an entire year. Figure since we already have our airfare to Tampa we might just make a little winter beach trip and visit some friends down there.
  2. Still have my fingers crossed for my 12/17 cruise out of Tampa (Brilliance of the Seas) - RCL still has it for sale on their site. The 60 day timeline to submit plans and get approval I guess could cause some confusion among folks not working for the cruise lines. For all we know they may have been working behind the scenes this whole time and have already done everything and requested necessary approvals to sail. Here is to hoping for the best!
  3. So in my random cruise line internet browsing I came upon cruise mapper that lets you see boats location and track in real time (interesting site.....imagine more interesting when cruises are happening). I noticed quite a few boats from different lines just randomly cruising around in the Caribbean - for example Symphony of the Seas has just gone back and forth and round and round just north of where the other RC fleet is sitting idle. Are the boats like cars where you need to drive them around on occasion to keep things moving per say and its more problematic to just leave the
  4. Sorry for delay getting back here - work gets crazy during the week. Thank you all for the excellent recommendations and advice!! The cruise compass was awesome to kind of get a feel for what to expect. RC a couple days ago already discounted a bunch of the "extras" so the drink package went from $65 to $49 so I went ahead and nabbed it at that price, was not sure if we could do $65/drinks per day so it was kind of mehhhh at that price, but $49 is potentially doable even factoring in the day in Cozumel. At worst we may break even but now don't have the $460 expense to deal wi
  5. Hey all - first time posting here as I have never been on a cruise in my life. My parents went on a RC cruise out of Galveston this past Feb/Mar and they talked it up enough for me to take the leap into trying my first ever cruise. I have had an irrational fear of drowning and boats since a near capsize boating experience as a kid when we got caught out in a storm on a lake in Minnesota while we were fishing - this was 30 years ago but I still remember it like it was yesterday, but I digress. Anyways after my parents raving about their first cruise on RC (and subsequently bookin
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